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  1. I think the number of trainees would severly decrease if they trained with live rounds at each other.
  2. Surfin a bomb and a jump shot! Loving the indoor life.
  3. Looking at how my loadout has changed in a year. Incredible to think the channels has been running longer than a year!
  4. The trigger is indeed a Sniper1 trigger which was part of a set from ASPUK. I know as I too bought one lol. They sold the set as a base upgrade kit for £300 for VSR's. Included a crappy barrel, ok hop arm, rebranded ASP trigger, rebranded ASP piston and to be honest an ok cylinder. I would say, unfortuantely a "good" VSR which is really well upgraded including TDC etc etc would struggle to reach £450-£500 so for a mid level (ish) upgraded one which already has issues I think you'd struggle to exceed £250, that's a harsh come down from the pricing you have but my VSR which I went through this mill with and then went on and upgraded more on the other side of this, even that struggled ot hit £350 as you're into SSG10 money and they're new with a reasonable spec.
  5. The M4 (V2) is a kind of standard. The issue you have is the manufacturing, all manufacturers use a different tolerance so often you get a part that isn't quite right or it's super tight, it's the result of manufacturer A being a bit sloppy and B being a bit too tight. Perfect example, TM Hi Capas, the aftermarket CNC alu slides are often more precise than the TM frames they're designed to fit to so you end up hand racking them for hours to get the perfect fit. That's airsoft and the V2 platform has such a wide plethora of parts you will always find somethign that doesn't fit and usually 15 that do. I'm sure theres a joke about workmanship in there which would be very borderline.... Obviously not if YOU built it though 😁
  6. Hi. The SRS can easily lift .48's with the standard SBA 60 bucking and nub. Personally I run a 70 and that too has no issues lifting, I just like the slightly tougher rubber as I feel it's more consistent. If you haven't already swapped your inner barrel, swithing stock out for a PDI in same length and bore size is a very good idea also.
  7. @Alimcd mate they look amazing! So different. They suit it so well 😍
  8. Pi$$ off guys, I come here to read about morons asking too much and then getting offended when they find themselves in here. I don't want to see people being nice and decent to each other.
  9. Reminiscing of my last day out. SRS made it like shooting fish in a barrel. Even the cheeky shot's you shouldn't try were landing.

  10. I would say the TAC41 and SRS fall into the same category tbh, both a bit more than a cheap sniper, one is a bullpup and the other is a traditional rifle kind of setup. Either way even for an occasional user, if you occasionally use it, you don't want to be doing all the research on parts ot pull it apart to fire about right. The TAC and SRS both fire brilliantly on stock form with just an easy spring upgrade.
  11. Or maybe £2.50? Not sure what the Skeggy market going rate is at the moment for a bright blue springer.
  12. Back to the desk working on the STTI Mk23 Mag - V.Fast, free and easy mod for FPSzzz
  13. @Tyrantjay @Just Joe @Breedon Guys I've got a Whatsapp group "East Mids Airsoft", all based around the M1 corridor (and some slightly further afield). Great bunch of guys in there numbering about 30+. Got a couple of site marshalls in there, a store owner and a load of players of varying ages. PM me your mobile number and I'd be happy to add you. Good for buying/selling as theres no restrictions and great if you want to see where other people are playing if you don't wanna go on your 1s.
  14. Wild idea. Put the ML barrel, and all hop innards into the stock hop chamber. The ML chambers in 1911/2011 land are a poor replacement for stock at best.
  15. I read the title and thought you were being a cheap twonk trying to reuse the BBs 😂
  16. Why limit at tac41? Any reason not to look at SRS?
  17. Dwell at 30 with a 300mm barrel is far far too low. I'm running mine at 45 with a 208mm 6.05 for comparison. Barrel length won't affect your range or grouping. Sounds like you're undervolumed if anything but yeah if you're halfway up the hop scale before it hops, your rubber is too hard.
  18. I hope you win the paypal case (although I fear you won't).
  19. In my jack build I use a PDI W-hold 50. It just works well and will happily flick anything from 2's up to 36's (and likely heavier, I just haven't tried heavier yet). PDI barrels you have to be a bit careful as the cutout isn't huge but any of the "old guard" such as a W hold, G&G green, Prommy purp should do the job really well for you. Make sure the barrel is clean and that your dwell is set about right.
  20. Loving the latest mate, what an awesome build and it is so fast!
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