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  1. Looking at some budget parts this week with some new graphics 🙂
  2. Missed last week due to a bought of Covid and ongoing house rennovation. The house is still in a state of half destroyed but I did manage to put this little 4.3 Vs 5.1 comparison together.
  3. Also depends on who is marshalling on the day. There is one guy I can think of who'd see you had a camera and purposefully chirp a rule about not recording, there's another - maybe 2 who would ask the group as a whole. I play a lot at the indoor and have never been asked and it's never been mentioned, in fact I get asked to try and catch their own players lol
  4. Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor I've never had a problem with, I've never had a problem indoors and I'm friendly enough that they'd "politely ask me not to" before they blanket banned it. Outdoor I know they can be a pit pernickity about, they usually ask if anyone has objections to anyone recording and even the slightest mutter they prefer you not to.
  5. Looks light it jus needs some mini spade terminals to connect however the only setup I've personally seen and handled built like that was a G&G one where it also went through an ETU, however you don't have a data cable for the ETU to trigger so probably just some wiring converter to go from those mini spades up to deans or mini tamiya.
  6. There are a lot of sites locally. Phoenix as mentioned (although I find it ok), Skirmish Mansfield, Division22, Hells (dust is meh, depends who and if anyone is dragging their feet), Skirmish CQB at Kirkby, Skirmish Lutterworth (short drive). Anzio, Matlock Combat Games. **New site opening at Dale Abbey on the road from Spondon to West Hallam - Killzone Airsoft** that opens Sept 4th. Nice little local group though if you want in on some airsoft banter and kit p0rn https://chat.whatsapp.com/JvQYD3HK9vRDbptDmc2SYc
  7. This is utter madness. It's 50:50 so you should probably respect that whilst your child is with their other parent, that parent has control over they think your son should or should not be looking at or watching. If you had banned or preferenced against something, I'm fairly sure you'd be extremely unimpressed if your Ex was trying to negate your rules and undermine you. Sorry if this is a harsh truth but you're coming across as a real ass by doing this and trying to hide it behind "your sons interests". This feels nothing more than trying to 1up your Ex.
  8. Thoughts on fitment of Guarder frames
  9. Didn't realise there was an Al-Quaeda video filter available now.
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    2. Steveocee


      First time there, didn't really know what to expect to be honest. Was ok once I moved onto M4 but day was a little marred by the gamesmanship.

    3. Stratton Oakmont

      Stratton Oakmont

      I’d give Stormforce a try, better for sniping. There are Rhododendron bushes as at the fob but better spaced out and due to the lie of the land you can look down on some from a vantage point. Lots more open play, they play a morning and an afternoon game with multiple in game objectives.

      Honestly, I’ve been to both and I only go to Stormforce these days.


    4. THE FNG

      THE FNG

      Have to agree on playmanship; I've been about 4 or 5 times and everytime theres been some really questionable hit taking & rule bending. 

  10. Apparently all HPA users are cheating little gits who chrono low then crank up the PSI's. I just don't understand it. I always chrono on site chrono with my shooting weight so that I know I'm under and then stick site BB's in to make them happy. My indoor pistols I build them so that they hit about 1J with a .25 at 80psi so I can set and forget. It's aged attitudes doing this.
  11. Overly complicated solution to this. Site employs a chrono zip tie system with varying colours: 0.2 - Blue 0.25 - Red 0.3 - Green If it has a tag, it's passed. When random spot checked, gun is re-chrono'd with correct weight, hey presto. Player can use limit they are tested to or lighter. For those about to argue the player could be using a heavier BB. Shoot a couple of BB's through with players own mag and then a few of the colour weighted tags. If the results are similar then player is honest about weight, if results of site BB are higher then player is lying about weight. That to be honest would be right up Anzio's street as they like to heavily convolute the already convoluted and it'd give him 10 more mins of safety brief.
  12. Certainly was. What's crazy is the first time I played there, I had a VSR GSPEC and it did 499/500/500 and they let me through fine, tagged it and didn't mention anything. A tear later took my SRS and it went through at 465 and the guy told me I'm only just acceptable..... I kind of "like" that they're wise enough to use a heavier BB to account for some creep but going heavier than the person is using is stupid.
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