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  1. Stretch has noticed you've been missing, Borg. I won a Marui USP in a raffle.. highlight of lockdown 😎
  2. A Flyye double Pistol mag pouch, with kydex innards. They are MUCH greener than the rest of my green kit. My word 🤣
  3. The buckle is metal yeah, feels really good. You'll have to set an in-stock reminder for one, but they are here: https://www.weapon762.com/belt-and-suspenders/2050-tmc-175-inch-shuto-tactical-belt-metal-buckle-version.html?search_query=Shooter+belt&results=16#/8-size-l/9-color-black Alternatively, they're on eBay, direct from China.
  4. But I thought with the Titan you can recalibrate the selector switch because it's optical? Why wouldn't you do that before advertising it? It's a two minute job 😕
  5. I've played Bunker Airsoft in Bargoed before, run by a lovely bloke called Paul. They've got two sites now actually, Bunker which is the woodland site (which, like some kind of optical illusion is always uphill! 😄 ) and Bunker CQB which is a cool looking place in an old warehouse, but I've not played there.
  6. Arrived today! Very impressive, 5 days from Spain! For a €20 belt I'm thoroughly impressed. Made very well, and will more than stand up to the rigours of Airsofting (not that I move with much pace anyway! 😁) I've got a game tomorrow, so we'll see how it gets on. Got an evening of molle threading ahead of me now!
  7. Just realised we never talked business about this. Still interested? 😁
  8. Gutted I missed out on an old fashioned Asmo / Albi meet up. Just like old Mall Rat times 🥰
  9. On the subject of YouTube Airsofters, I really like CamMan, I'd like to meet him. He seems down to earth and nice and his videos are good and show honest play (actually showing when he gets hot, which is a rarity for these famous types) Bodgeups is cool too. Great sniper and good bloke - I've chatted to him lots of Facebook but never met.
  10. @Nathana94 this is peculiar timing! Specna have just released a magazine compatibility chart. Hopefully it helps you find something that will feed. http://specnaarms.com/en/magazine-compatibility-chart/
  11. I'll be sure to let you know. It should be here in a few days. I'm not expecting it to be an FRV/Ronin beater for that money, but I'm mildly optimistic about it being fine for Airsofting a few times a month anyway.
  12. Yes! When's it for sale lol
  13. @BoneyT - I feel for you guys, I do. I can't spare anything proper, but I've got a Viper LA Special forces vest I could spare, and maybe a very basic black plate carrier (if I can find it). The one in my profile picture as it happens.
  14. Well, €20 for something I'm not sure I'll like yet, vs a proper £70 investment. If I like it and it falls to pieces I'll plump for the FRV.
  15. Chuffed with this one - and it's something I've actually paid for this time! Weapon 762 got a very limited amount of TMC Shuto belts in stock today. And I nabbed one before they sold out again - been watching these for a while and they never stay in stock. JUST as I was about to spend £70 on an FRV belt too.
  16. Remember a while ago on here I mentioned being PM'd by a Chinese manufacturer. Well, turns out they wanted to send me (and presumably anyone else who responded to him) a free plate carrier. Took him up on it, thinking "yeah right, that'll never turn up" Bugger me though, it arrived today! 😂 It's a Big Foot branded carrier. GTPC is the model. It's not half bad actually. Needs a set of phony plates to stiffen it up, but the quality isn't bad at all. The cummerbund has 3 elastic mag pouches on each side so you can carry lots. And the quick release mechanism on the sides is easy to use and quick to take on and off. Lesson to be learned: Always take up the offers for freebies 😂
  17. Got bored. Had Paint Pens 😎 Makes the gun looks much nicer I reckon. I think I'll leave the trades on the slide alone, what do we reckon?
  18. It makes my wrist hurt just looking at it.. ..not like that you dirty minded lot.
  19. Mags for the new USP and some magazine bottoms. And courtesy haribo because it's from Dave's Custom Airsoft 🥰
  20. This is certainly true for the "One" series of M4s. The Edge and Core M4 range - I'm not entirely sure because they won't even tell the brand ambassadors. But we suspect Dytac. The G36s are Ares.
  21. L3wisD


    "Spell my name correctly even though there's multiple versions of the correct spelling, and I've not publicly divulged which variation is the one I go by, because I've only used one of the multiple common nicknames for my actual name!!" See also: •Sean / Shaun •Stewart / Stuart •Laurence / Lawrence
  22. This isn't a dig at this particular member, the gun looks lovely. More a dig at when people say "fully upgraded"
  23. The Acetech lighter has a diameter of only 30mm. With a length of 101mm. I used to use one all the time at the mall. It's really bright, doesn't skip any BBs and battery lasts a good old while: https://www.acetk.com/products/5a2fcbeadcb23e784a000001
  24. @Rutt_Dj - Just seen this on ebay. But someone is selling an entire NGRS stock with the lipo wiring. Zero bids so far, with three days to go. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tokyo-Marui-TM-Recoil-Shock-NGRS-VLTOR-Airsoft-M4-Stock-LiPo-Battery-Mod/143636610142?hash=item217168bc5e%3Ag%3AOioAAOSww0Be7kLU&LH_Auction=1 It's a VLTOR style stock though, so not sure how it'd look on a 416
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