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  1. Loads here mate: https://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/1488/s/tokyo-marui-ak-74rds-magazine-black-for-ak-next-generation-recoil-shock-series/ And here: https://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/5505/s/tokyo-marui-g36-spare-magazine-50rnd-for-g36-standard-next-gen-aeg-series/ And here: https://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/2876/s/tokyo-marui-hk417-spare-magazine-70rnd-black-for-hk417-next-generation-recoil-shock-series/
  2. Here's an actual list of great AEGs. 23 to be precise! https://tinyurl.com/y3nztgny
  3. I mean, let's cut to the chase... If you want to spend a good size chunk of money on a gun and have the best stock AEG on the market.. get a Marui NGRS. They're all the same inside so pick the one you like the look of most. MK18: SOPMOD: CQB-R: SOCOM: 416 Delta: 416 Devgru: 416-C: And there's some others.. SCARs, G36, AKs etc Drop the cash and leave it alone. If you're going to open it up and replace all the innards, get something else.
  4. It's a shame to hear about the full-auto not working correctly, and the tricky rail replacement.. but, the parts you're disappointed about being unpainted are shown as such on the Patrolbase website... Don't forget, by-and-large, these guns manage to fit into the Combat Machine price bracket If they manage this by skimping on the Black Humbrol on some small parts, then I don't see that being an issue. Good luck with the replacement though, hopefully you find something you like.
  5. Tonnes of photos in our classifieds section could also be submitted here: https://www.reddit.com/r/SneakyBackgroundFeet/ Why don't people take 5-seconds to crop them out?! 😒
  6. You should find it a lot better than one of their FilmSim games. The marshalling team for the standard skirmish days are the guys who used to run the Ambush Adventures days until the tail end of last year (Matt & Paul, if you know them) Quality guys and up for a laugh. There's a good emphasis on fun games, where everything is kept moving at a good pace so you're shooting lots. Top tips: •Take bakewells for the marshals •If you take a P90 you'll have a rubber chicken giving you grief
  7. L3wisD

    Division 2

    Loving this - though I was a HUGE Division 1 fan. I've had to Two-tone my M4 as I don't have UKARA in the game yet... PSN Username is L3wisD if anyone else is a PlayStation agent.
  8. Hi Guys. I'm not going to be about much. Father-in-law has passed away so I'm needed elsewhere.


    See you all in a bit.

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    2. Shootin Aces

      Shootin Aces

      Very sorry to hear this man :( hope you are all keeping well 

    3. Druid799


      Condolences bud . 

    4. CaptainDumbass


      "Weird flex but ok"
      Only messing man, sometimes in shit situations abit of humour helps. Real sorry to hear that mate hope you're good.

  9. Don't fix their mistakes. If you've paid for an upgraded gun and you've taken home a lemon, take it back and make them accountable.
  10. Accurate depiction of Moderators VS Spammers:



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    2. StayOnTarget


      Soz Boz 😜 but is it truly poop?  I went on a bit of a search(as you do) some people have done amazing builds,it looks like a kit witha TM Thompson is a good standard to aim for but some have used a CYMA one too.Alien legacy was where I spent my time in the Airsoft topic section thingy bit

      Out of interest are you watching the fan made shorts that have started to pop up on YouTube to celebrate the 40th anniversary?


      Stay Frosty 🖖

    3. Druid799




    4. StayOnTarget


      God I know it even sounds fuckin good too,I was thinking of a GBB version  with a kit of tinternet.....oh god I must resist😢

  11. Do the deans mod and leave it alone until it breaks. ...in 9-10 years
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