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  1. Been eyeing up those armoured snoods for a while. Good to know that there's AFUKers with them! Please let me know your thoughts after a game day!
  2. Why do ladies play half price? I'm going to write to my MP about this!
  3. What size as well? Or are they magic clothes that will change size to suit any human form?
  4. Some bits and bobs from @ak2m4. Gears and motor for the M4. Spring and motor for the PDR-C. Time to see what rocket innards are like!
  5. So my silly expensive Japanese carry handle came today 😎 Love it! 🥰 But now I need to find a much more appropriate red-dot. Something smaller. Bloody more money! 😂
  6. Well, being an experienced and savvy Airsofter, with knowledge of most retailers, I got them from...Amazon 😂🤦‍♂️ https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07N7M1C12/ref=ppx_yo_mob_b_track_package_o0_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The 9-Slot rails fit in there perfectly.
  7. I've recently fitted M-lok rails to the PDR-C. When you remove the fake cocking handles, the slots that are left behind are perfect M-lok size!
  8. Super Mega Tactical Airsoft News are giving away a Specna Arms RIF on Facebook!


    Gotta be in it to win it!



    1. Musica


      comment on an old post from last week? tag 2 people and share it? 😣brain hurts social media overload.



    2. L3wisD


      Aye, few hoops to jump through (seems to be par for the course for giveaways these days :( ).


      The other post to comment on was from 3 days back:


  9. L3wisD

    HP guns

    Sounds like you need a Tippmann M4. HPA. It has great recoil (which you can make heavier with mods) It's loud and aggressive sounding. Can be stripped - sort of - like a real weapon. Takes any AEG magazine. Makes you smile every time you pull the trigger..
  10. ... no sir It's a Laylax aftermarket part. It's the final piece of the puzzle before it goes off to Negative airsoft for fixing and then @GearTech for painting! It's going to be the coolest gun in the UK 😎
  11. I've also just been incredibly irresponsible, and just bought a Carry handle. (I'd like to blame @rocketdogbert in advance for being my enabler 😄 ) ...an expensive carry handle. I've wanted this certain Carry handle for my PDR-C ever since seeing a gun in the owners group on Facebook that belongs to a chap in Denmark called Danger Dan. This is his gun with it on: Looks amazing. Really suits the PDR and finishes it off a treat. So... £93 later (!!!) I should have one arriving on Tuesday. I've paid less than that for actual guns! 😕
  12. Decided to upgrade my gloves ahead of Autumn/winter. Decided to try some of the Armoured Claw Gloves from Gunfire. Matt Skunk recently posted about them and they look great, so why not Got a pair of their "Shooter" Cold Weather gloves in black: And a pair of the "Shield Flex" in Olive Drab & Black: https://gunfire.com/pl/products/rekawice-taktyczne-armored-claw-shield-flex-tm-oliwkowe-1152213948.html I'll report back with my findings once I've got my hands on (or rather, IN) them!
  13. I think you're alright @GAMBLE, don't worry about it. Crack on being you We're all grown up children playing hide and seek with toy guns anyway, so a few smileys shouldn't upset anyone. 🔫😎👍
  14. Hey ❗ guys 👉, There isn't ❎ technically 📈📊 a rule 👮 About emoji use 🤔🧐😅 But hopefully he might consider changing his ways🤞if it bothers you 😂😡😤 🤣🥳 @GAMBLE, maybe just ease up on them a little? If it comes to it, we can always have a discussion about a very diplomatic vote about emoji use with Proffrink.
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