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  1. Mine charge in about an hour, should be some sort of indication on the charger to tell you when it is fully charged
  2. I've just purchased a G&P M4 MK18 I've got a couple of LiPo 7.4v batteries and a LiPo smart charger What are your thoughts and what do you guys use??
  3. Standard rails all came with the gun, grips seem comfy on it Can wait to test it out on the field!!!!!!!
  4. So after a lot of back and forth I decided the best thing to do was to actually visit a retailer and make my decision. I was adamant I wanted a G&G scar but holding it and having it in my hands it just didn't feel right for me (great gun but just not for me) After much deliberating I decided to go with the norm G & P M4 MK18 MOD 1
  5. Defiantly the one for you!!!! A friend of mine new to airsoft purchased this and he still uses it now and then...and that was over a year ago
  6. Ok, ok I'm getting the G&G scar........ It is what I wanted
  7. Buying airsoft weapons is not like buying shoes. I'm not spending £30 quid, I'm spending a good £300+ so I need it to be right. I'm listening to people's opinions as it's the first time I've purchased a airsoft weapon So people's experience and views are very important in this case, after all this is what the forum is for!! And I do appreciate you finding one for me
  8. So after being put off by the G&G scar I'm really struggling on my options. Sorry to keep posting by I need to purchase what's right. So the question I hast is If you had upto £300 to spend on a rifle (non GBB) what would you chose a pond why
  9. Trying to find a supplier but having no luck Every site I check seems to be out of stock Help would be appreciated
  10. Every where seems to be sold out Struggling to find any!!!!
  11. FN SCAR TAN LONG GK16-L DST Am really considering purchase this, just wanted people's feedback on it and if any one owns one how happy they are with it. All feedback welcomed and appreciated
  12. Hi guys, in Chris. I'm fairly new to airsoft and enjoying very much so far. I have just got my UKARA and now comes the decision on what rifle/carbine to purchase. I've been looking at The SCAR by G&G Feedback would be welcomed Thanks
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