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  1. flash sale of all my us/uk gear as changing to soviet loadout looking for recommendations in camo and gear 


  2. hey tony i sent a email back to your question pal feel free to ring me asap 


  3. The guy from gear tech is awesome I been dealing with him for Bout 2 years and most probably he biggest customer for specna the company are fecking amazing and their customised work is amazing best company I ever dealt with
  4. i got 2 x rigs that can be added 2 1 is green and other is in tan booth can take full plates and you can add shoulder protectors and neck protector at you own leisure other option is osprey mk4 which take plates have high and lo neck collars and upper arm protectors downside is they are mtp i have a few in stock atm
  5. sniping and dmr are great roles but reference gbb pistols in north where we play if it cold you vent gas to easily i prefer electric/co2/none blow back if temp is blow 3C
  6. leaving sport due to medical issuemass clearout pm me if after guns and gear 


  7. ups all the way for imports easier to deal with
  8. i have had load in past from geartech and airshooters no probs apart from old address wasn't updated both geartech and airshooters are awesome couldn't fault them in any way what so ever and cheap yes as they get direct on trade prices from gun-fire
  9. i want to enquire about adding my team to the roster of airsoft teams if possible


  10. www.componentshop.co.uk chaepest i come across tbh

  11. anyone afterer sig p226 with mags holster etc 


  12. Had nowt but problem after problem from wolf armouries ref external parts and extras for my loadouts bought a gun for my mates bday present and estimated fps was 320-360 was firing at 387 was not happy. Phone to sort out a downgrade and sent it to them and it took 3 weeks to downgrade wtf so chased it up every other day and then they told i had to pay additional postage for them to send it back to me on top of me sending to them as rif was to hot to start with when i specifically requested it to be site legal and then charging me to send it back avoid this company like the plagued they are god awful. In retrospective thoughts next time i use more local company or if i have to order online i will do more research as wolf armouries seem to like taking tour money but trying to look after customers they dont give a flying f*ck
  13. leaving sport any one after a straight pull bolt sniper known 

    as a Kingsarms blaser r93 lrs1 ultra grade (boxed)

    Tm glock 18(issue with selector)

    Jg mp5sd(new and boxed)

  14. going to a good one down south as in milsim vent end of may

    1. Robert James

      Robert James

      Where abouts?

    2. Katana


      Yeah I'm in the south east, where's this?

  15. http://www.bullseyecountrysport.co.uk/fields-tactical-combat-vest-fully-loaded-olive-green-10052-p.asp
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