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  1. i have had a problem with my ares striker i have replaced the buck in the hop unit and when i shot it afterwards its didnt seem to shoot right so i took it apart again had a look at the hop up and them put it back together. i then shot it a few times and it shot normal then it got jammed and when i cock the gun it wont shoot when i press the trigger its just rock solid. thanks any help would be great. as well if i cock the gun and it wont shoot if i pump the bolt fast and then shoot it will fire.
  2. Does anyone know any good buckings that i could put in my striker so it will lift the heavier bbs?
  3. the trigger adjustment i think. And im happy i found a sniper two.
  4. it was more common sense and me just being stupid
  5. i fixed the problem no need for help any more
  6. When i pull the bolt back on my stiker then bring it forward into place it should be ready to shoot but sometimes it wont shoot until a click noise happens in or around the cylinder. does anyone know why or how to fix? thanks
  7. ikarma70 Can you explain in really simple terms what you did with the hop up/ hopbucking because i may do it to my striker but i am not the best with gun internals. thanks
  8. i have 2 airsoft guns its not my first time. i have and aeg and a gas pistol i just wanted to get a sniper as well. you make it seem like i have never played airsoft before. i just dont have amazing knowledge of whats going on in my guns.
  9. PT247 does it have to be vsr clone could it be for example a Well MB01 and what is the best retailer for upgrade parts.
  10. Thanks and as well what are you thoughts on the Ares striker, would it compete well if i put a m150 or m140 spring in it
  11. say if i bought a clone and upgraded it would it compete well with other snipers and i have little knowledge of upgrading snipers is it easy enough to do?
  12. i was thinking of getting an ares striker are they a good starter sniper and do they have advantage over aegs ?
  13. Noah

    How do i delete my account. thanks.

    1. L3wisD


      Don't go mate,


      We give harsh criticism and we're a cynical bunch, but it's often always good advice that's given.


      For example, your current iteration of your "What Sniper?" Thread actually has valuable advice in it.

    2. Noah
  14. well i didnt post it on facebook so. lol
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