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  1. Someone please ban nogueiraphnog, spam spam .... and he doesn't even offer a UKARA license 

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    2. sp00n
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      Done. The mighty ban hammer has fallen on another spammer.

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      Just report and move on. There's no quicker way to get a mod as it'll show up in their inbox etc. Anything else is just drawing attention to them.

  2. So this past month has been trash (my cat needing a £705 operation, had to sell my gsx650f motorbike) I was feeling down popped into my mates shop, was not going to buy/order anything (went in for a chat ... honest).... then this just kinda got ordered/happened/alien abduction kinda thing Oooh my god is she one heavy sexy beast
  3. If your using semi, it will get hot as active braking generates a lot of heat quickly (I don't recall if g&g fets have active braking or not) edit :- I should add my ares vz58c gets hot if I am spamming semi on it's 11.1v lipo (in one particular game the grip ended up being too hot to hold, with gloves on, but this did take 2 to 3 hi caps worth of bb's... it was a glorious game )
  4. Unfortunately there is no definitive answer, some guns are better then others, early releases of certain models had issues ..... g&g mosfets did get a bad reputation (but they may be fixed now) best advice i can give is, look at as many reviews as you can, have a chat with people who have the gun, and don't let your heart rule your head. in that price range check out/test other manufacturers offerings
  5. True story, When I first got my we double g18c, me and some mates where derp'ing around with it during a break, in the play area (as you do). mate 1 then takes the mick out of mate 2, mate 2 is inspecting said pistol, whom then shoots the first In the crotch area. Now normally this would not be that much of an issue, as it was not particularly aimed, but this being a double g18c and at very close range, manages to get first mate in both plumbs at the same time. yes it was funny, no it was not clever, jewlery protection is optional
  6. Norgie and some thermal long johns if I am sniping etc i tend to find wearing a fleece just causes me to over heat
  7. You could always look at a British army osprey vest, they do some larger sizes, are reasonabley cheap
  8. First clean your barrel/bucking then use a heavier weight bb, say 0.25 upto a max of 0.28-0.3's (they get a lot more expensive, and the benifits are minimal on 350fps) then an upgrade your hop rubber (I personally like g&g green or a tm rubber) then look into hop units/barrels etc etc why this order ... simplicity and cheapness
  9. Yeah that's true, thanks mate just need to do cpr on my bank balance now
  10. She is getting better, she is not meowing as much as normal, but she dose have a cone on atm ... just waiting on lab results now
  11. @Div82 If only I had not just had to spend £705 on my cat at vets .... I really wanted one, almost ordered one ... then cat gets cancer
  12. Quick test, (with gun fully unloaded) invert gun, put some tissue over the magwell, fire gun if tissue moves I would have a look at the spacer/adjuster on outside at the rear of the gearbox
  13. Tag rounds are abit in a legal grey area, as they use "spin stabilisation of the projectile", which would place it in the section 5 category. personally I think they are too dangerous too use in a game
  14. Best advice I can give is to go to a field play a few games, talk to a few people and see if they will let you have a hold off there gun etc there is no best, there are lots and lots off good guns, but no gun is the best for everyone also so if you have not got a defense yet it could prove to be a stumbling block
  15. No one has mentioned ares! i know what your thinking, ares of old was/had rubbish internals, but they have changed in a massive way. there amoeba range (and the vz58 range) is brilliant, and well worth the money, there electronic trigger is simply amazing out of the box performance.