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  1. Industrial FRL's don't have to deal with an input pressure of 800psi, which is what most bottle output at. There are some bottles that you can change the pressure to below 200 or 300psi iirc
  2. I just recieved a tnt aps-x 380mm hop up system kit for my kc-02/asg stc, from milspec
  3. My WE L86 gbbr
  4. Kc02 mp5 mag conversion kit 5 off 65rd mp5 mags (still in transit )
  5. Pet hate :- when your tracking an order and you see it was moving nicely until the 27th .... and has not moved since :angry:

    1. warlord


      Even worse when you see it go backwards :o

    2. sp00n


      Kinda feels like it is going backwards :lol:

  6. So since Photobucket is now charging 


    where is everyone using for picture hosting these days??

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lozart


      Photobucket. I've had a Pro account for years ;)

    3. PT247


      ahh that is why all my photos vanished.

    4. L3wisD


      +1 for Imgur.


      The website is easy to use and the app even more so.

  7. One thing no one has mentioned thus far is fps, typically a dmr (locked to semi) has up to 450fps, where as a support weapon falls under the aeg banner of 350fps (full auto). (Site rules allowing) I highly doubt any site will allow you to reconfigure your gun to this degree during a game etc.
  8. Silly question but I take it you have contacted the site owners just to make sure they have put it somewhere safe?
  9. Ares amoeba series The electronic triggers are excellent, I absolutely love my vz58 (has the mag well adapter so I can use m4 mags). Had zero issues with mine, fantastic range, amazing trigger response.
  10. I wouldn't bother with the grease on the slide, my personal view is to use oil for 2 reasons 1 grease + dust/dirt = grinding paste (if not regularly cleaned) 2 oil only lasts a game day or so (if it's dusty lit less etc), this would mean you having to clean and reapply more frequently i only use grease on items that are not easily accessible or difficult to access
  11. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): yesAny other comments: great seller, excellent communications, took loads of pics, item was exactly as described in great condition, well packaged
  12. What's weird is a lot off people didn't bed there's in and had good results. I would be tempted to try it first, if it's not very good, stick 100 bb's through it then try it again etc
  13. That's only with tha FE70 hop rubber, as it massively over hops everything when new. However seen as the FE70 is no longer in production, I doubt you have one off them. most other hop rubbers take very little to bed in edit :- any bb weight will do if you want to try and bed the stock hop rubber in
  14. Ooops meant gas tube lol
  15. Wonder if it was a real steel buffer tube?