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  1. Where abouts in Southampton are they only surplus place I know of is in Bargate St just between Bargate and West Quay
  2. Firstly what make is it, try it with no hop, then slowly increase it, does just do this on semi, full auto or both, does sound same with no mag in, clean the inner barrel, if your able to take apart check hop rubber is not spilt, check air nossle for cracks
  3. It's a all down to personal choice really on what you type of weapon you want as they all come in different sizes, styles and weight, where you intend to play woodland or CQB. I have several G&G rifles combat machines and top tech, only real difference is the body work being metal, the wild hog I have has the ETU 3 shot burst, but unless your battery is at full power it will cut out because it thinks there's a problem, Look at some of the mid range brands out there G&G, Ares, CYMA, Jing Gong, for example an APS full metal, blow back M4, 340/50 FPS, quick change spring gear box from a well know Polish store for only £140, where as at the high end a TM Shock recoil M4 full metal, blow back, only compatible with TM mags and asking £90 to get it to 340 FPS that's on top a £400 price tag, from a UK store Its all about choices you want to make ie budget, style, weight, game play, what ever you choose make it what you want and not everyone else tells you.
  4. I have an ICS 556 I've not up graded anything, but have come across two issues with it firstly it doesn't like feeding on half a mag, ICS own brand mags that is, secondly it didn't like a 11.1 v LiPo battety in it, fired a few shots on semi was fine switched to full auto also fine, back to semi and it was firing 2/3/4 rnds at a time then a single, back to full auto fired fine, back again to semi and same thing happened stopped straight away, swapped battery out for a 7.4 LiPo and she fired ok in both semi and full auto each time I switched which was about 7/8 times. Not sure if this any help you just my experience of same weapon but not upgraded
  5. Have you tried using an ICS, G&G or Jing Gong pin Link for fire support https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/ics-551552-front-pin
  6. ill be the same this weekend I've not been for about 9 months, but looking forward to getting back into Ito it
  7. Hi all Just looked on combatsouth website too see if they are open this weekend which they are ( not been for a while ) and noticed that they have an ad up for a bootsale on the 29th April see link below for details, bit of a bummer for me as this my day to work so won't be able to get a here in time https://www.combatsouth.co.uk/collections/woodland/products/combat-south-airsoft-car-boot
  8. First check fuse, secondly remove motor plate and check to see if both wires are connected, reason I say this as I had a brand new gun out on skirmish for 20 mins and it died, took to onsite tech first two he did checked battery, then the wires on motor and that's what it was
  9. Why not just change the spring, seeing as the APS Bore comes with the silver edge gearbox which has the quick release spring system, I'd put original hop back in and change to a lower Spring http://www.aps-concept.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=723
  10. I've had a couple of SRC weapons and the only thing to be cautious of is the front hand gaurd as its slightly smaller/bigger can't remember which if your going to change that apart from that all ok, still have my first metal receiver 9" free float RIS rail, full stock, only the receiver is SRC
  11. Also when you put it back in, put the smooth side in first, this make it a lot easier, also if you have trouble removing it one side flip it over and try from other side
  12. If you post a few pics of said rail etc maybe a few of us fellow softens may come up with a solution to your problem before you splash out on a shiny new gun, or may fix it and still get new gun
  13. I have both G&G combat machine and CAA (asg) M4's, the G&G has a metal buffer tube the CAA doesn't, neither is the bolt dust cover, mag release, hence why it's the sportline I guess, the gearbox was by kings arms, the hand gaurd and the butt stock are by CAA which are a nice solid polymer, the receiver is also polymer and has CAA trades on it, I was lucky enough to have the extra parts to replace the plastic parts, the CAA also comes as a full metal version as well. Straight out of box I would go for the combat machine as it comes with metal buffer tube and mag release, if want to go down route of changing buffer and mag release, cheap enough if you shop about, then you don't are worry about a nice looking stock and handguard.
  14. I Went go together easily enough, the reciever and gearbox are both APS, the rest is a Heinz 57 of parts, only real hard part was putting in the centre pin through lower receiver and gearbox, keymod rail went on easy to, didn't have to really line it up so to speak, the stock is of my own design and imagination
  15. My custom gun from this To this Sorry for double pics