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  1. You can buy a mount and attach it yourself
  2. If it's a blow back gearbox it will have to be a G&G one because of the system they use on top on box, I've tried myself, no blow back will be ok
  3. When you say fully disassemble, I take it you mean removing stock, hand guard, pistol grip, as well as taking receivers apart, four simples steps, as above, remove front pin, to separate receiver halfs, hand guard is removed by un screwing the four Allen screws/bolts, to remove stock tube, first remove stock look down tube locate screw to undo, next up is grip locate the two small screws o bottom undo, remove wires then motor, look down grip to see two screws undo the carefully pull wires through holes, job do, reassembly is reverse
  4. Found another site http://wolfarmouries.co.uk/browse-products/airsoft-guns/rifles.html?manufacturer=60
  5. Was earlier this year, I emailed them to see if sig was the plastic or metal version to my surprise it was metal type email came back about few days after try emailing rather than txt
  6. I brought an ICS sig 551 full metal from them a hell of lot cheaper than the more well known retailers,
  7. Try elite airsoft sure I've seen some on there
  8. Ask to borrow a batttery from someone, just see if it is just a knackered battery
  9. Yeah can be painted easily if you take them a part
  10. Try combatsouth there located in Wickham
  11. So I'm trawling through the interweb looking for a CA Scar, when I stumble across a WE Scar H which already have on Patrol Base website, so I click on Assualt riffles and come across 2 ASG Brens, price at wait for it £139.99 yes that's right the long barrel and at £149.99 the shorter barrelled version, as I'm always on the look out for airsoft bargains, I could kick myself in the nutz with a pair of toe capped boots on for missing these gems ( sold out ), so,its back to looking for a scar
  12. Working fine on my iPad
  13. Have you tried some of the EU countries no VAT, no import fees and possible free shipping just an idea
  14. Try cleaning barrel, maybe some shite stuck in there, as said before turn hop off, different make of bb
  15. Cyma, JG and G&G MP5 mags all fit one another, the only make you'll have a problem with SRC MP5 as they only like SRC mags the SRC mags will fit all the others, I have 2 G&G, an ASG (cyma/JG) MP5K and an SRC MP5's so first thing I do is check mag compatibility, hope this helps a little