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    Having trouble sourcing elsewhere, I've managed to crack mine and it'd be great to get the old girl working again without cable ties. To clarify looking for just the lower receiver from a KU901/KU905 or any equivalent that is compatible.


  2. Please deliver to; MY UKARA 122636477373 MR ILUVDEMGUNS/ENJOY A POLICE RAID 123 BOMB STREET Mr postman spider sense is tingling.
  3. What are you trying to 'get around'. Would it not make more sense to have your relative put the money in your bank? Unless you're trying to swindle your nanna out of her pension. Pretty sure you're not living in North Korea, call them on your break. Obviously.
  4. Short answer no. Long answer, no. Even a trusted brand can be passing on not so great re wrapped cells, depends on quality control but ultimately you shouldn't just assume a battery is new or safe because the seller told you so. Battery safety is one of those things you should educate yourself on, it's over looked a lot but can be the difference between a well performing rif and one that's got half dozen cells going into thermal runaway. I've seen it happen to a poor sod mid game. Any battery pack can be pushed to breaking point fairly easily when not looked after. It's advised to not discharge a lipo below 3.2v per cell to keep the battery healthy, 2.9-3v or lower and permanent damage is being done. Invest in a lipo alarm for a few quid and a charging bag for piece of mind. Most are fine but it's always good to check before you pop it in your new toy. Even the 'best' cells can short out and cause damage.
  5. My first cm16 got the treatment. Always preferred it on rifles.
  6. Enough with the gay jokes already Tackle, we get it your uncomfortable in your current relationship, lying to yourself every day. Move on bud.
  7. They done a poor job of promoting their mate then considering they pointed out the flaws. Maybe he didn't pay them enough.
  8. I had flashbacks to another post on here, again just another stranger danger moment. Stay safe kiddos. 🚩
  9. Not enough manufacturers of rifs and accessories/gear having decent Web domains, I like looking through glossy well presented sites as it's basically a shop window, but half the companies out here either don't bother at all or just leave all their advertising to YouTube experts. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU CLAIM YOUR PRODUCT CAN DO NOT WHAT SOME WEB CAM HERO THINKS
  10. All they need to do is modify and bring back X-fire for airsoft use. Then all the melty commands can test their metal against each other with an insanely brilliant production value.
  11. When the outer barrel retention screw fell out my M4 mid game, followed by the whole front end of my gun. I said a little bit more than oh crap! Managed to find a fix whilst at the field so didn't completly ruin my day, but definitely something I now look out for.
  12. I love/hate the look of augs but I finally decided to take the plunge on one by a brand I like, I know the sheer sight of one makes some people start to heave so just warning you.... Boom, my freshly ordered KU 901 army armament. Apologies in advance to those eating.
  13. Waaas up guys I saw DesertFoxAirsofts video on it and was really underwhelmed not just at the click bait but the gun itself. They had the same feeding issue. You'd have thought Nobby himself would have made sure the review ssp1 at least were good to show off. Apparently not. Get your money back whatever way you can and wait for the first few batches to sell through before you buy.
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