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  1. I currently use a Wolverine Storm reg which is tournament locked at every skirmish, tbh it rarely gets cut now as i have it set for the rif i use. To change my psi as my tank is on my back like most hpa players. i would need to remove plate carrier, cut the cable tie with scissors or knife and then use the required allen key to adjust the psi and then cable tie it back up and put plate carrier back on. Can't honestly see being able to get away that at a skirmish without being seen and asked what I'm doing. Alternatively my scorpion evo spring can be removed and replaced in under 30 seconds. My old ICS M4 i could have just replace the whole upper gearbox by removing one pin, maybe 20 seconds again. The point I'm trying to get across is you can't worry about one type of energy and not the rest. If people want regulators capped or permanently locked then you will also need to remove the possibility of changing springs. Neither is going to happen and to be fair neither should happen. The government don't have the first clue on how to manage and police airsoft, even though it doesn't need it so i wouldn't worry to much. Stick to your site/legal fps rules no matter what you are using and everything will be fine.
  2. yes exactly right https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/ics-uk1-outer-barrel-set-105-inch https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/ics-uk1-handguard-l230 If you also get this you can completely switch between the long and carbine version, can use separate upper gearbox also if you so wish https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/ics-uk1-transform-metal-upper-receiver-set Obviously would also require a shorter inner barrel. But if you also got a new hopup unit you would have 2 complete upper recievers depending how you wanna play. I was planning on doing this and making a 3rd for the cxp captain size before selling it to you.
  3. For HPA equipment your better off using Powair6 in France or skirmshop in Holland. There is also High Pressure Airsoft in the UK which have begun recently and are looking good for equipment as they are now the UK supplier of Amped Airsoft.
  4. hence my calculations. your total VAT charge and duty if needs paying is based on the total amount. This includes delivery costs and even if you get some sort of insurance on the delivery. Everything is taken into account and the the percentages are calculated.
  5. At a quick calculation, please alter if necessary. 5 X VFC midcaps = $72.25 (based on the $17 midcaps, if you bought the $22 ones then of course total will be higher) 1 X Odin Speedloader = $39.99 1 X BB's = $10 (estimated as i don't know which ones you purchased) Delivery to UK $45.71 Total Payable = $167.95 Using Google Dollars to Pound conversion calculator; Total Payable = £131.11 (estimated of course as Google is not always upto date, UK Customs change currency conversion regularly, sometimes every hour) 20% VAT = £26 Handling Charge = £12 Total Extra = £38 Looks to be about right to be honest.
  6. Airsofters do abide by the restrictions, criminals don't and don't care what system you put in place. There is no proof of this, the VCRA defences are untried. And my Citizenship entitles me to medical care, yet they still make me get on their database, even when I carry proof of my citizenship. Really your going with that, VCRA defenses are untried. What do you think airsofters have been doing for the last 10 years along with retailers. I couldn't buy a RIF until i could prove a legal defense against prosecution. I showed photographs of me playing, i gave my sites telephone number, they checked and i bought my RIF. Again being an airsofter is the only defense you need, i know many people how are not on UKARA database and freely buy RIF's all day long. There currently is no requirement to attend an airsoft skirmish. I play my 3 games, buy my RIF and never return, no law broken. There is no law of ownership or attendance apart from initial 3 games in no less than 2 months. Also why would a card/membership of any kind help. I'm at a skirmish site paying for my game day, there's my defense, nothing else is required and to be honest i can't see anyone signing up to that. What your asking for is player registration across the board, never gonna happen. I'll finish off as i seem to be in the minority for some reason. I still can't understand why you want things to become more complicated, more rules, more registration. Remember RIF ownership is not illegal, anyone can own a RIF. Airsoft survived long before the VCRA and will survive long after we are all gone. The very nature of what your asking for i honestly can't see you getting off the ground, for one simple reason. NO ONE IS REQUIRED BY LAW TO BE ON THIS OR ANY OTHER DATABASE, IN THIS REGARD ATTENDING SKIRMISHES IS ALL THAT IS REQUIRED. People accept UKARA because it's free, easy and makes purchasing RIF's in person and online new or used easy, but again it is not required. As explained i can just go into a shop a buy a RIF showing photographs, site membership, Facebook and even giving site owner telephone number and within the law that is proving my defense against prosecution, a little more complicated but the end result is the same, this can also be used for 2nd hand sales in person. If that fails, i ask my wife to do it as she works in TV/Movies, so again are you going to get the entire populace that work in that industry to sign up even when it's not required now. If that fails I'll just ask my site owner to buy it and I'll buy it off him as i play airsoft at his site so again defense is covered. I applaud your efforts but just can't see it happening.
  7. There's a small flaw in your design model. By the letter of the law i do not need to be on your database, ukara, bac or any other such database. The very nature of being an airsofter allows me to buy RIF'S. Because of this why would anyone bother changing, most people i speak to be it players, stores or site owners want less restrictions not more, that's what you should be concentrating on in my opinion. In regards to used sales, exactly the same way it is now, unless you have absolutely everyone who owns a RIF, no disrespect but good luck with that you have no way of tracking sales or people selling RIF'S. This is not an attack on your idea just a bit of realism. For example I'm an active airsofter and also on the ukara database. If you check forum i currently have an M4 up for sale. Now i will check for a defense in one way or another because I'm honest but if i didn't and sold it to Joe non defense public and i was on your database, there is no way you would know this and so negate any such new database exactly as it is now. Again I applaud what your attempting but personally i think you will struggle. Another example and no way of stopping it or tracking it. My wife makes costumes for stage/tv and film and can freely buy RIF'S all she wants, in fact bought my Scorpion Evo for me for my birthday. She is not on any know airsoft database as she has no reason to.
  8. What do you think would happen if they had been hacked. Those dastardly criminals would be able to buy RIF'S and have them sent to your house. Bring it on let them do it lol, could do with a new gun
  9. Speaking on this matter. What is everyone doing to check details for private/2nd hand sales. Is it just as described an email to ukara or is there a faster method at the moment. I'm after selling one of my guns and curious what people are doing. Thanks in advance
  10. on and off, wanted advise on getting back into it. used to live down south before moving back home in the north east and so was looking for fields, never actually went to northern alliance, settled on nsc in newcastle. i think i posted that when i registered to this site, so was basically just introducing myself, i didn't realise my choice of words or lack of would be an issue. plus why am i even explaining myself, you don't wanna believe me, fine, i won't sleep any less tonight.
  11. 5 years give or take, maybe I've just been lucky or the other players have so to speak. But still you wouldn't consider getting insurance, it's just not needed.
  12. Because you are making out UKARA defense is somehow ripping people off and retailers are making money off it but your £30 a year defense is vastly superior which it just isn't. I do not like anyone attacking or criticizing airsoft, full stop. And you cannot compare personal liability insurance to your house insurance, building or content, they are not even close to being similar insurance policies.
  13. I don't need to watch youtube videos, i skirmish twice a week. Cqb indoors on a wednesday with 40 players max and on a sunday in a 60 acre woodland site with about 60 other people. Never have i seen or heard anyone have an injury worse than a dislocated finger and that was once. No one has insurance, no one blames anyone else, first rule is basically you wanna be an asshole there is the door. In the time i have been skirmishing i have seen one argument and that was just about hit taking. I think you are taking airsoft far to seriously for what it is, a bit of weekend warriors having a bit of fun shooting each other with plastic. If you truly believe you need insurance it is definitely not for you. Stick to reenactment it is obviously more dangerous firing blank weapons, who knew.
  14. What are you taking a chance on, a bruised hip from a bb hit, a sprained ankle, what do you think happens. The only serious injury you could ever incure is loss of sight. that's the reason we were eye protection. You will never sustain an injury serious enough that you have to pay for your own insurance. I've got more chance of being injured or killed on the journey to and from a skirmish than i ever will playing airsoft. It might be needed for reenactment but not for airsoft. You are not gonna get sued from someone not calling hits, that's a ridiculous claim. If you can't trust your fellow airsofters then why even go. Unfortunately you are fighting a losing battle, apart from some minor niggles people have with fps limits and bang rules for example, everyone likes the way things are as it works through policing ourselves.
  15. Yeh first gun i ever got and never really used it as the scorpion is so good but i've decided to breath some life into it, upgrades, multiple uppers or different sizes and looks.
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