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  1. Hi, I push and hold the nozzle back a short way , to hold the plate back and clear of the shims, as I'm putting the cover back on, then once a couple of the cover screws are in place, you can release the nozzle.. You need 4 hands!
  2. We went to the Airsoft festival there recently- absolutely brilliant, for the festival the site was huge, so lots of patrolling looking for enemy, even with 2000 odd players. Can't comment on how it normally is though
  3. Hi, I'd second that advice, I have a specna M4, with a few basic mods, hop up, rubber, nozzle, cylinder. I was struggling to get to a good FPS level- with the stock spring I was way under but with a 95 spring I was over!! The chrono guy advised firing off a load of rounds and it stabilized just under the limit 👍
  4. G-Shock every time, indestructible and clean up like new after an event. I've used then for 25yrs- and only had three!! One of which I lost! Buy the more expensive ones and they look great- my current one is the same as HAMI's above.....
  5. I've done a few drills with my son- found the proper drills on YouTube, then tried to replicate them using things in the garden! He's much better than me!! PXL_20210906_152514525.mp4
  6. My son is Rory...he usually has a grey ubacs and grey plate carrier on.
  7. Hi, Welcome, we are down your way also in Sussex. Myself and my son usually play at drivers wood, but not been doing it that long, seem to be quite a few good sites within reach.
  8. My AEG.... Specna core, then made a few upgrades which I'm not sure made any difference!: Shs metal hop up Shs nozzle and cylinder Maple leaf hop up rubber Eotech replica
  9. I always use bios,. Figure they must be slightly better for the environment- after all, we all love being out in the woods so makes sense to me that we would all want to preserve nature.... Our sport is under fire ( pun intended) about RIF's etc....we ought to avoid anything that people can use to criticize us.......when friends find out that I take my son airsofting, after criticizing the use of guns and shooting people, the next thing they move onto us the pellets everywhere!!
  10. Just to rule it out- if you connect everything up but don't fire, is there any heating? Could be a wiring short, or wire rubbed through and touching on something rather than a mechanical problem?
  11. Hi mate, welcome. I play with my 12yr old who got us into it- it's great dad and son time! It's also great exercise- I'd never get him running around for a day in the woods otherwise. It's good for teaching them about self discipline- the honesty of calling your hits and bring respectful to others. Also dealing with people who don't call their hits! Good life skills. I'm also a rather slow target!!
  12. MP5 won't fire? Procedure: sling it behind, draw Glock and engage threat, When behind cover, working parts to the rear, swear at it, throw away and get G36!!! (Sorry couldent help it)!!!
  13. Thanks guys, It's about a year old, not too much use. Ok so, I guess a course if action might be to open up the gearbox, check and rebuild it. Then for the contacts, are we talking about the trigger contact points? I could try and 'adjust' them fractionally further apart?
  14. Hi all, New issue with my AEG, it's a specna M4, with standard V2 gearbox. When the selector/safety is set to semi auto / single shot, gently pulling the trigger results in full auto firing. If you pull the trigger quickly back all the way, then you get a single shot. All a bit strange, but really annoying! Being smooth results in a burst of fire!! Any help appreciated!
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