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    Genuine Emags converted to fit WE m4 gbbr magazines. you just take the outer off and these fit straight on, put the small spring in the bottom, place the locking plate on top and slide the base plate on. Simple. I have 5 for sale. £85 posted


    Bath - GB

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    For sale Invisiblesight IR peq2 these were G&P, but converted by the company. tested and fully working IR laser and IR illuminator One of the filter rubbers is a bit perished but doesn’t show. £85 posted


    Bath - GB

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    For sale as above ky custom lower with markings machined diemaco style buffer tube w/ hao lock ring machine steel barrel to correct length (so you can cqb it ) w/ army code 6” extension with removable sleeve and realistic stamp army code iron sight g&p stock, knights style grip and rail covers warlord tactical diemaco sling mount and stock pad lower ris has locking mechanism similar to upper to use the r/s end cap stowaway pistol grip (end cap lost, this happens on real grips too unfortunately) sa80 sling and WE steel m4 birdcage fh old acog ( bad sight picture but zeroed in)with red dot and dummy peq 2 will be thrown in has had a couple of receiver mods done ( see above charging handle) Internally this has a white lfs disc resulting in an fps of around 280 with .25 using WE 2.0 gas has full length Ra tech inner barrel and yellow maple leaf autobot hop rubber fitted. has also had the bolt release shimmed for reliable stop on empty. This was built for milsim and has only been fielded 2 times so internally it’s like new. Rustic paint job for coolness. comes with 8 gas tight mags. looking for £480 collection ideally cus posting this is probably gonna cost £35



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    Repro Ak Zhukov stock for gbb fitted to a ghk but never skirmished great condition £30 posted.


    - GB

  5. SBoardley

    Ak parts

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    5ku b30, b31 w/ aeg and gbb installation tab, b22 sight mount vertical grip azura dynamics charging handle extension 74 FH king arms steel Noveske KFH genuine Ak sling £80 posted


    - GB

  6. SBoardley

    Ghk AKM

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    For sale as above. Tnt inner barrel and hop combo Comes with : zenitco repro fore end, sight mount & vertical grip magpul repro stock and pistol grip 2 different muzzle devices 4 gas tight mags ( always stored with gas) £530 posted paypal g&s only. mags will be emptied for posting.


    - GB

  7. Mag in, auto selected….bad drills bra.
  8. Oh my god. Do you ever shut up? I was referring to cannon as “ bud” I certainly wouldn’t refer to you so endearingly. I call something like boring sex starved woke ass hole or something.
  9. I asked a simple question and offered a simple suggestion bud. I asked a simple question and offered a simple suggestion bud. @Cannonfodder
  10. Um… I convert emags and pmags for tm ngrs and WE m4’s so technically….
  11. Do you hear your own words when you speak out loud?
  12. So you are not ukapu then. Just a soapbox troll.
  13. Your perception mate. There’s only one person on this thread that’s been ranting and judging and demanding answers. @TacticalWaifuare you actually a member of ukapu? If you are surely there are internal mechanisms for you to use?
  14. I’d say you’re in danger of becoming a cliche.
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