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  1. Been there, done that , handed back the hi viz. This is the worst thing that can happen to a marshal IMO
  2. Yeah. But publicity for his INSTA innit!
  3. Not trying to start (another) argument, but I was looking at the nuance between 47 & 74 gas blocks the other day. What I noticed is that the Tm akm gas block looks , well … wrong? They seem to have straightened it. Traditional 47 has a curved front to the 45 degree sweep, as opposed to the 90 degree 74. Anyone else noticed this?
  4. oh I see duh! could this simply be the motor needing adjustment?
  5. Forgive me for sounding confused, but are you sure you’ve put everything back correctly? I mean, pretty sure on an ak, semi is all the way down, auto is the middle position……
  6. Dude that’s so lazy…..I love it!
  7. Suppose you’re gonna say that’s your cam870 and l119 too? 😉
  8. And of course you get 3 spare correct magazines in the price. hmmm starting to convince my self I need this…..
  9. Ak 101. although early model 74 look strikingly similar to the akm, in that they both have fixed stock and wooden furniture; apart from chambering different rounds, the main visual ‘tell’ is the gas block: Ak47 have a distinctive curve whereas the 74 has more of a vertical stature. this being the pmc akm, I would quite easily see someone buying this and selling the five 74 mags and the furniture and gas tube for say £275. And setting it back in pic mode, leaving them with a perfectly respectably upgrade rif for £325. don’t sound like too bad a deal when you break it down? Yeah yeah why don’t I but it? Ghk baby….
  10. This set up works nicely for me…. Zenitco b22 I believe.
  11. Dunno about that…. Had one years ago: gearbox was very “twangy “, trigger was mushy, annoyingly the bolt cover used to flop around letting debris get in. Took it apart to fiddle with it and ultimately put it in the bin. Very disappointed. Cheap and nasty rif.
  12. Any rif can be upgraded. Had a cyma which could hit a person at 75yards with good success rates. but as OP asked, out of the box TM hands down.
  13. Best out of the box rif I ever owned was the TM m14. Decent length inner barrel and great hop set up. Do it. Dooo iiit!
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