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  1. Generally rental packages I have seen include the basics so Gun, full mask, 1/2 high cap mags , some camo overalls and a bottle of ammo. Some of the paint ball site's I have been to supply a belt which fits the bottle of ammo in but tbh most rentals I see get along fine with the spare mag in their pocket and a bottle of ammo at spawn point. As for clothing, for first games this really doesn't matter, just make sure you are comfortable and happy to get them dirty. I'd personally have something long sleeved and some cargo trousers for the pockets but I've seen people turn up in skinny jeans and they got along fine. Gloves are good and make grabbing things(stops splinters , thorns , nettles etc etc) and holding the gun more comfortable in general and Boots are important to help protect ankles if you trip etc
  2. Find your local site and book a rental package, best way is just to get stuck in and renting is the easiest way to start. If your renting then all you need to do is turn up wearing clothes you don't mind getting dirty and boots the rest you will pick up from just playing and talking to othera
  3. Photos taken at the Ridge by the marshalls
  4. Can't recommend the Gaol enough. Being a jail it is quite a unique site. I have played the Wednesday evening games a lot and I have to say the darkness add's to the tension and really gets the blood pumping ! The Wednesday games are a lot smaller numbers but Justin mixes the games up a lot which is good and keeps it fresh, if you have not been it's defiantly one to add to the list !
  5. I received my delivery from Taiwan gun last Friday and didn't have a single issue with UPS, what happened with yours ? Combat UK had a stall at the RIFT Ridge site on Sunday and I noticed they were quite expensive I thought it might have been a mark up for being on site but obviously not lol certainly didn't tempt me to buy anything especially since my friend ordered a box of ammo for his m249 and they forgot to bring it on the day which is bad news for a high ROF support gun.. lol Try ammo drop, the guy who runs it also runs the skirmish site I'm a member of and I can honestly say I can't fault his service so far , I've also put a TM AK into repair with him and he has a very reasonably priced service for tech work as well.
  6. Plenty of people go alone, it doesn't take long to get to know people so you've got people to talk to. But in game it really doesn't make much odds anyway
  7. Cm M14 Dboys Scar L Small mock suppressor Angled grip Holo sight M14 scope mount A molle belt Have a 3x magnifier on the way as well
  8. A good mix is always best but I always like the attack/defend games myself because it forces players to specific areas for plenty of action. Bomb dump doing conquest mode was fun as you could choose to attack the next flag or defend a flag you have already taken
  9. I picked up a similar china made vest years ago and it's still going fine although must admit I don't use it much anymore. They do the job but I found the cross draw holster a little flappy on mine which annoyed me lol, and the utility and radio pouch arent much use for me (neither fit anything worth it and just waste space) How much are you looking to play ? What gun you looking at ? (You will probably struggle to get AK mags in that vest for example) If your able to send it back I'd personally go for a molle plate carrier or similar for the adaptability you can add whatever pouches you need one thing I do find the assault vest good for i's the fact it's quite well vetilated so it's more comfy to wear in summer as they are lighter as well
  10. Chargers are one if the things I wouldnt skimp on, mainly due to the fact that lipo batteries need to be balanced properly and rubbish chargers can bugger the batteries over time and also break themselves so you end up rebuying it all and spending the same amount as you would if you picked up a pricey but decent charger. The charger you linked will do the job if you want to save a little cash in the short term but I'd factor in replacing it down the line.
  11. Batteries are fine the charger however I would get something better as I've seen no end of posts on Facebook of people moaning about them not working properly IMAX B6ac all the way
  12. That is a lot of stuff and not small items either, hope you get some info to trace it. its a shame that not all sites use the car park as a safe zone theres no question that your kit is safe when it's locked in your car and no lumping kit around either lol
  13. There are plenty of good reliable shops to buy from and they are listed in the places to buy sub category. Most will warn against The BB gun shops due to them selling a lot of cheap rubbish. As for reliability as with most manufacturers there's always a few dodgy products that get through and as you say due to the technical nature of AEGS etc there is plenty to go wrong inside if not put together properly. I've got a couple of guns that worked flawlessly for years with out doing anything to them even after dropping one on its barrel it still works as it should. So it's part luck part how you take care of your toys
  14. Good options but I don't need to as we already have different colours.
  15. Green is the only 1 I haven't seen someone using yet, black/tan is what I've seen most of and I've only spotted 1 grey one