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  1. My AM 013 accepts various high caps, Classic army Valken DBoys We All of which work fine with no feed issues at all for me. A friend uses the nuprol mid caps in his , dunno about the high caps though.
  2. I'll be getting some money which will be thrown at a new gun lol. Otherwise the usual deodorant packs and aftershave lol
  3. Lol It came free when I got my We glock17. Still can't see why the spring popped off as nothing seems to be broke lol.
  4. My Nuprol glock 17 holster decided to break last game , the spring for the release button decided to pop out.
  5. This I can confirm as I have the WE m16 lol it stripped it gears second game and has quite a low fps out of the box.
  6. As many have said it is best to get some games in before dropping a lot of money on gear and guns If you play as well you would be able to buy RIFs instead of two tones guns, they look better and hold their value better if you choose to sell them at any point. Gun wise though ASG EVO is compact and light and is a popular choice of gun. Ares amoeba range , again light and compact and is popular
  7. The self check option was taken down some time ago, doesn't look like its coming back anytime soon. Only way to check is through a retailer
  8. Are you sure they didn't mean heavy bbs ? As long as you buy decent quality you shouldn't have a issue with breakages. However some guns do feed/shoot better with a slightly heavier weight bb
  9. A couple of small viper plate carriers, been wanting to setup a couple of smaller kits for CQB sites like the Gaol. Tan to match my Marpat kit and green for when I run plain cargo trousers and hoody.
  10. When do those tiny autistic traits that most people have become just normal human traits? I get what your saying but there is a difference between enjoying the collecting side of the hobby to actual autism, if you feel compelled to have it to the point it effects your behavior etc (think horder mentality here) then yes that may well be a trait for autism but not if your just enjoying it as part of the hobby. (people collect all kinds of things not just airsoft guns, girlfriends for example are obsessed with getting new handbags , shoes etc when their current one is perfectly fine Lol )
  11. Most of the sites I've played at insist on short bursts of fire, usually trigger pull of a few seconds however a support gun with bipod deployed can shoot unrestricted. So thereally are places where the support role has benefits but much like sniping you need to learn the role for it to be effective.
  12. Have as many as you want/ can afford / store. I have about 13 guns total lol. Some have just been impulse buys because I like them, others because I thought they might work well for certain games and a couple are guns I lend to people. I always take 2 to a game day and usually swap around at lunch for variety lol
  13. Was pretty good for my Taiwan gun package in July, no issues, ended up rescheduling the delivery for the next day due to not being able to stay in for it originally and it arrived the following day as requested.
  14. A decent sports bag with wheels so you don't have to carry it all the way lol. Failing that I've got some large back packs that can fit everything in including a M4 lol
  15. I saw someone with a m4 that had the fake diamonds all over it, that looked awful lol