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  1. My few bits arrived
  2. Ztac bowman head set Motorola PTT 40mm grenade pouch for trmr MTP trouser and top to match my team mates for games. Cheap mounted torch Mechanix mpact gloves
  3. Was you there for the battle sim on Sunday ? Myself and 3 others went, was certainly enjoyable but seemed to go a bit wrong after lunch lol
  4. paint ball guns are basically what your looking at, all the bits you need without the fancy outer shell that makes it look like a gun. Most airsoft guns even when not based on a real counterpart is going to be designed very much the same as any other rifle
  5. Can't see damp flour working ? Be clumped together and moisture in a grenade probably won't work.
  6. Paint ? This is airsoft you want to make a mess go play paintball, alot wear mesh and non full seal glasses , paint flying about doesn't sound good to me. As for noise big bangs add atmosphere but aren't really needed to play, you also need to think about they fact most don't wear hearing protection so you could be causing damage to a persons hearing
  7. Exactly your paying more for extra noise, the mk5s will give you what you need to get the job done. Don't get me wrong loud bangs add to the experience of the game but is it worth the cost ? For me it wouldn't be. If you have players not taking the kill then that is probably due to the players honesty not the grenades noise level
  8. Why are you so worried about making more noise ? The kill radius is quite small and a mk5 will be heard within this radius, you don't need the team to hear it from across the site lol.
  9. Was unintentional but it does look good matching lol. I also have the ares am013 in dark earth so my entire loadout matches lol
  10. Went to collect the CZ P09 I ordered from JD airsoft and end up leaving with a Ares Striker as well.
  11. The 209s give a small flash, certainly enough to see, especially in a dark building. You say lost his vision I assume you mean it was abit blotchy for a while as I have yet to see a grenade blind me completely (play at the Gaol so have had a fair few grenades land next to me in that time) 20171225_175837.mp4 Video is me testing a trmr on 209s and shows the flash
  12. JG M733, CM glock 18, i picked them up second hand off this forum around 2010 I think, no idea how long the previous owner had it for though.
  13. Most of the general airsoft pages on FB are awful, however the owners groups seem to fair better, tends to be less posts but the comments don't seem to attract the same idiots that the general groups do. Hope this group has plenty of admins/mods to keep on top of it all as no doubt the same idiots will join and post their idea of "banter" lol
  14. The gold is actually quite a nice colour in the flesh , but considering the price I thought why not get 3, I do plan on getting the multi Base for one of them at some point