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  1. Latest editions bring my armory up to 13 guns lol.
  2. Bit of a blast from the past as I haven't seen much on him for a long while but I was a bit surprised today when I saw a post on Facebook of someone actually recommending them! I'm shocked that he is still trading let alone getting Recommendations lol, I wonder if with Facebook taking over as the source of info for beginners he's taken advantage of the fact his isn't well know on it and going for a bit more of people's money. I guess there is a chance he has chaneed and is actually selling stuff but that's probably a long shot. Anyone else heard much in recent years ?
  3. I just wish I had a garden I could shoot in let alone enough land to think about playing games on lol.
  4. Oh and a decent firing range so you can adjust sights, test accuracy/ range etc
  5. Cheapest option is going to be makeshift defences from whatever you can get your hands on really, keep it movable so you can mix it up. If you have a decent budget and basic building tools/know how then build a small town with basic fence panels as wall's etc. You could certainly make a nice cqb area doing that. One thing to be aware of if its near the general public then you may get issues, also the chance of vandalism to take into account if your near any towns etc as for some reason kids and young adults love to burn and smash things.
  6. I use a fast helmet and while it does keep the heat in and catch on branches (especially the vent holes) the amont of times its deflected hits or stopped me from knocking myself out on things at the Gaol. I also like the ease of mounting my mesh mask to it so it's easy to remove from my face etc
  7. Bit of tavel but search The Gaol Events in Oakham, you won't be disappointed There's alsi a fairly new one opened in Leicester can't remember the name though
  8. For winter I add a thermal top underneath my camo and a water proof jacket, i can add water proof over trousers that will keep me completely dry crawling in snow or rain/wet terrain. I've not noticed my batteries dieing any quicker in the cold but I always carry a spare in my vest . I also bring spare clothes to change into at the end so don't have to drive home cold and wet lol but spare socks are always a good shout incase your's get wet as that is never good.
  9. I've used various but at the moment I've got mechanix mpack gloves, if you want grip try mechanix grip original they were really good grip wise. Before them I used cheap ebay clones of Oakley gloves
  10. I did see ash had spoke about using a 9mm real steel but I think it's fair to say the original thread is talking about airsoft like you said, crossed wires. I did say it was personal preference, everyone has different ideas on what looks good and what doesn't. Most things in airsoft comes down to looks more than actual function. Hence why I spoke about me not really liking the look but thought i would throw in the fact I've never struggled to grip anything but then I've always used gloves so maybe that's why
  11. WE glock 18 .. are we not discussing airsoft now ? Lol. I can understand a real fire arm may benefit from extra grip with the recoil etc but airsoft doesn't have anything close to that so can't see the need
  12. Personal preference I have yet to see a stipple job I like the look of, to me they more often than not make it look a bit tacky. Grip wise I've used a Glock 17 gen 4, g18 gen 3 , m9 and I've yet to struggle to grip them even after rain or my glove being covered in wet mud.
  13. No wonder the forums have gone down hill you sound like a broken record and a rubbish one at that. As for the P90 I've looked at some reviews a while ago and the options on them are pretty poor but i believe the only decent one out of the box is the Tokyo Marui. The cyma P90 isn't one of their best guns and isn't worth £160 its made of cheap plastic and doesnt shoot that well. try taiwangun I believe they are about £80 there which isn't a bad deal. Don't know anything about the JG. There are a lot of reviews on YouTube etc kicking about have a search there, just try and avoid the little squeaky voiced kids
  14. Generally rental packages I have seen include the basics so Gun, full mask, 1/2 high cap mags , some camo overalls and a bottle of ammo. Some of the paint ball site's I have been to supply a belt which fits the bottle of ammo in but tbh most rentals I see get along fine with the spare mag in their pocket and a bottle of ammo at spawn point. As for clothing, for first games this really doesn't matter, just make sure you are comfortable and happy to get them dirty. I'd personally have something long sleeved and some cargo trousers for the pockets but I've seen people turn up in skinny jeans and they got along fine. Gloves are good and make grabbing things(stops splinters , thorns , nettles etc etc) and holding the gun more comfortable in general and Boots are important to help protect ankles if you trip etc
  15. Find your local site and book a rental package, best way is just to get stuck in and renting is the easiest way to start. If your renting then all you need to do is turn up wearing clothes you don't mind getting dirty and boots the rest you will pick up from just playing and talking to othera