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  1. Cal0303

    Newbie to airsoft guns

    Hello Brillo and welcome, If you're just wanting to do some target practice in the garden then it is down to yourself really on what option you'd like to take, whether or not to just purchase as standard a somewhat accurate RIF or if you'd do that, as well as learn on how to tinker with an airsoft rifle to improve its performance if you feel somewhat comfortable with the proceddings. As mentioned above aswell would have to be two-tone unless your willing to play airsoft to gain your UKARA, more info on that is in the stickies but I'd recommend giving it a shot Best Regards, Cal
  2. Cal0303

    Just saying Hi

    Welcome Back, wishing you a many happy pew pew moments
  3. Cal0303

    Which Tokyo Marui?

    Thank you for the input both of you, much appreciated I understand whichever one I purchase will be a great choice because 'Tokyo Marui'
  4. Cal0303

    Which Tokyo Marui?

    Yes sorry I corrected my post now, I meant the HK416 my bad and thank you for your opinion, I'm aware of the mag size difference. Internals are pretty much all the same between the lot as far as I'm aware?
  5. Cal0303

    Which Tokyo Marui?

    Hello all, Looking for some advice on the subject, I'm looking into purchasing a TM next gen but stuck between either the HK416 series and the SCAR series, What are peoples opinions? I'm opting for TM due to the quality, realiabilty and part realism of what the next gen series offers, I'm not to interested in GAS I play all year round in all weather, however if you could suggest anything else feel free. Many thanks, Cal
  6. Cal0303

    Places to play Airsoft?

    Yeah I cant wait either, about time a CQB site opened in Birmingham. For updates just follow the site, they seem to have been putting up updates quite often on their Facebook page
  7. Cal0303

    Places to play Airsoft?

    https://www.facebook.com/Gunman-Airsoft-Midlands-190426617674907/ Here is there page, if you scroll down the feed it mentions about the new site and video on the blank canvas.
  8. Cal0303

    Places to play Airsoft?

    Depends where abouts your based in the West Mids, the airsoft map is a good start to finding sites. There is the Grange located in Balsall Common, my preffered site and also opening a CQB site in Birmingham. But there is also First and only located Kiddiminster way with a few sites there. Those are the ones I have visited anyway.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm going to be attending a skirmish at Gunman Midlands this Saturday and was wondering if anyone will be attending? I'm a newbie, haven't played airsoft in several years but I used to play here when I was younger:P
  10. Cal0303

    New to Airsoft

    Ahh okay then fair enough well good luck with that mate!
  11. Cal0303

    New to Airsoft

    Hahaa awww unfortunately airsoft rifles don't have that much range so you'll have to move a little;) Have you got a helmet for a motorbike and some gear? If so I could always take you pillion to a site further a field?
  12. Cal0303

    New to Airsoft

    The Grange is good, your not having to run everywhere unless your that type of player. Nice wide spread out fields but with good coverage and obstacles to take cover, with varied elevation points and switches to CQB to when you enter the compounds.
  13. Cal0303

    New to Airsoft

    Ahh okay, I'll see if anyone has any decent videos on youtube to see if its any good but single shot isn't to bad, stops people going crazy. Have you looked at anywhere you'd like?
  14. Cal0303

    New to Airsoft

    Ahh okay then well is it to dark?
  15. Cal0303

    New to Airsoft

    Ahh well the one this weekend is at the Outpost, but The grange is a very good site. May have changed a little since I was last there.