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  1. Field-tested my new Bolle X800I's today, they held up really well. Fantastic eye-pro 👍🏻
  2. Picked up some more of my first kit the last couple of days: - Bolle X800I's - Lower mesh mask - Warrior Assault Systems 901 Chest rig - Mechanix gloves in Multicam I'm tempted to buy a pair of Alta Industries knee pads next, contour or flex, as my knee pads are proper naff really.
  3. Would you do a straight swap for a Nimbus 2000 mate?
  4. I picked up a Warrior Assault Systems 901 chest rig on ebay a few days ago and it's a great bit of kit, lightweight and highly modular. They come in all sorts of different colours on uktactical.com.
  5. If anybody wants a spray-painted CM16 and M9 for brand new shop price, there's a nice lad just joined up yesterday to sell his on here guys: He's also selling a shirt, belt and a hat etc for a mere £300 😊 "Dirt cheap"
  6. I have little experience other than a lot of research - but both the Krytac Trident Mk2 and VFC Avalon are supposedly excellent AEG's that would fit your budget quite well. I'm planning on getting the Krytac myself. Anyway, I'll let people who know what they're talking about chime in lol.
  7. Hey Robbeh, what made you choose Combat Airsoft over Combat Action Games closer to Norwich? I'm going to try CAG out at the weekend but curious what you think of the different sites.
  8. Does anybody know why Bolle X800I's are £63 literally everywhere apart from Patrolbase.co.uk selling them cheap for £48? Are they sneakily a different model or something?
  9. Thanks for introducing me to these guys. I find airsoft edits generally a bit dull honestly, but their short montages are pretty exciting!
  10. Hey Milton, have you been to the CAG shop or Hoopers Surplus yet? What gun are you going to get Robbeh? I'm no where near UKARA yet but still curious!
  11. I don't know how these classifieds work haha - but I'll have it please!
  12. Hopefully see you there then Ghost. I picked up an MTP shirt and trousers set from Hoopers Surplus today so I might blend in as a regular so keep an eye out 😉 You should come on Sunday and we can play our first games together haha. Noob on either team then, balance!
  13. Nothing majorly exciting, but it's my first airsoft purchase none the less - MTP shirt and trousers 😁
  14. Hey guys, Pops was taken on here so I'm Pop apparently. New to airsoft - I'm actually yet to play my first game but I'm coming along to Combat Action Games next Sunday and can't wait! I'm based in Norwich so I've got CAG, Battlestations in Snetterton and GMA Tuddenham isn't too far either so I will probably dot between those three fields. Hopefully see one or two of you from here on Sunday! 👍
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