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  1. Spoke to HMRC. Very helpful actually. There should be no charges on items from any country in regards to Customs Duty if the item is less £135 including cost of shipping etc, so charge for me should be £0 Import is charged on everything over over £15 in value if its commercial, including items bought online. This is at 20% like all VAT. So approximately £10 for my item. The £11.25 handling fee is a Parcelforce scam, that has little if anything to do with HMRC. The root cause of this problem, is the item declaration was filled in to the wrong value by the Retailer in Taiwan using the online system they have, over 350 dollars declared value... For anyone who has any issues in future, you have to pay for the item to be released, but you can then claim back incorrect charges etc, so long as you have evidence of what you paid, and then you have to fill in a BOR286 from from the HMRC Website (Customs Duty and/or import VAT relating to imports by post) which will appeal the incorrect charges and begin the refund process. Educational day all in all.
  2. Its a long shot, but hoping someone can help. I have purchased a Haephestus Buffer kit for my G28, from Taiwan, it has arrived at customs, and I have been charged, which I fully expected. I paid 67 US$ for this, approx. £50 using paypal, this includes shipping. My charges are as follows: £4.98 Customs Duty?? (Thought this was only calculated over £135...) £11.25 Clearance Fee courtesy of Parcel Force (Rip off in its own right, but ask another day, got to pay it) and the clincher... £59.65 in Import Vat... what the hell, this is more than 100% markup... is this right? Total cost £75.88 Anyone?
  3. As lewis mentioned about another thread, which I was the OP for, thought I would mention that Tri-Fibre cases in Leicester do custom cases, and I have been in touch with them in regards to have a full custom solution, looking to visit them in the new year, but the implied that they had done loads of gun cases etc, and have plenty of examples on website. Might be worth a shout. Mark,
  4. Hope you all had a good christmas As we all know, Holland its Dutch residents have permitted airsoft in the last few years, and they have just as many rules as we do in some regards but its progress none the less. I have a friend who plays and lives over there, near Amsterdam, and am looking to travel sometime in 2018 for a weekend of airsoft madness over there. What i can't see though is any advice for travel & regulation I would have to follow. Can any body help? Tried the EAA but the link they have is for a Dutch Form to fill in, which is way over my head, but loosely think it regards firearms and an exemption, but the information its looking for seems to be mostly related to real steel. Thanks in advance, Mark
  5. I know we said PTS EPM Mags, does this included the TM Recoil Specific PTS EPM Mags?
  6. I am kind of expecting that, seems bizarre that they are the only place with stock out there. But that said, I was surprised by some random small company in Tokyo and again in Hong Kong when I managed to find an receive SAI Detonator Slides for my HK45 and Metal Slides for my HK45 Tactical.
  7. The most truthful statement you will read today, I only wanted one gun... Kind of in line with Marc's comments, most people would even let you have a bit of a blast with their side arms of choice to get a feel for it, at least that's my experiences from my regular CQB site.
  8. Damn this crippling addiction to the shinny's...

    1. Immortal


      Damn my bank balance for slowing this crippling addiction to the shinny's... :D

    2. elys1ur


      Try it with joint current accounts, its my money and I still have to hide :) usually in a field with a bunch of other guys also hiding from respective partners, and shooting at each other to pass the time.

    3. Immortal
  9. Him and his business are exceptionally busy, but his work is the proverbial dogs bollocks. But I would thoroughly recommend Sam Liggat at Kingdom of Airsoft in Dundee, he is currently working on my pride and joy G28 and inspired a huge amount of confidence as someone who without doubt knows what he is doing, and I will be going to him for work on my TM HK416 Devgru at some point in the future. Worth a shot, just bear in mind that due to volume of work and emails etc. he receives, you won't always get an instantaneous response.
  10. NPAS to me is always a good shout, best upgrade I made, as I can set mine up to comfortably sit with in 10 to 20fps of site limit allowing for temperature changes during the day, otherwise you always take the risk of a safe gun becoming a hot gun and that usually includes a free insta-site ban. My G28 GBBR is currently away being fitted for an R-HOP and strip down checking seals etc, which should help, and it was comfortably over lifting .3's with the hop wound all the way off. One upgrade at a time though, so you get an idea of the effect of each one, as certain combinations may take you over, and others may not make as much of an improvement as you think, but you wouldn't know which one was responsible if you dump a few upgrades in at the same time. Chrono is worth getting, a decent one can be found for between £50 to £60 on amazon, and they don't exactly go out of date. Another way to change the FPS in your GBBR is try different gases. During the warmer normal months, I exclusively use Abbey red gas, which has the added benefit of UPL as opposed to silicone and then during winter if the FPS drops a little too much, I swap over to Abbey Vertex Predator. I won't use any other brand outside of Abbey in any of my guns.
  11. I have two HK45s from TM, a standard tactical one in tan with suppressor, which I use for CQB days, and love, consistent, easily gets two mags out of each fill and feels well built. I also own a standard normal HK45 all in black, which I have since fitted Detonator SAI Metal Slides to for a bit of bling and durability, and love that, find myself always going for my sidearm indoors, it gets some abuse. Uses a little more gas with a metal slide but still getting to mags, did have to smooth the frame down a bit to ensure a smooth action and it seems to fit just find in the viper universal holster, except for when I go over window ledges and stuff where it doesn't always retain. Personally I like the Hi cappas out there but never understood what all the raving was about, nicely made bits of kit, and seem to perform well when I have borrowed the odd one, I prefer the more modern stuff. Overall from my experience with TM GBB pistols they have all been good definitely worth getting the correct speedloader adaptor though for magazines.
  12. Morning all, Been looking at upgrades for my VFC G28, sharing a platform with the HK417, mags are the same and have seen some A Plus Ramjet Valves for the magazines, what are the benefits of these? Do they replace the standard assembly in the top of the magazine the push button type arrangement?
  13. Having struggled to get upgrade parts for my VFC G28, I think I managed to finally find stock with a company called scopeandlaser.com anyone had any experiences with them being abroad and anything I need to watch for?
  14. A Haephastus buffer kit for my G28 would be nice
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