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  1. Its called 'The Samaritan' and I would love this. Hell make it a 40mm grenade launcher and we'd be laughing. That or the Lawgiver Mk II would be my choices as well. Or anything in John Wick.
  2. Just got back, bailed halfway through today because it was pissing down but damn we (Delta) were getting rolled hard by the others. I haven't checked but I imagine a comfortable win. Good fun though, band on Friday night were great!
  3. That is the plan. I'm a crap shot and a large target so 'Operation Human Shield' is going on tour.
  4. I'm going with my mates this year, they went last year and had a great time so I'm looking forward to it. Afraid we're Delta lol.
  5. There are including the one I linked above but the raised on sale is significantly cheaper for the same gun. The length for me is a 90% aesthetic and 10% ergonomic but not so much a good deal isn't a good deal. Plus as suggested I could add a suppressor if I wanted. The little CYMA I have is pretty spot on for CQB as it goes, right FPS and nice short barrel.
  6. Hah you've talked the sense into me and I've gone for it. Leaves me a bit of budget to play with around accessories.
  7. I looked and tempting but it's the short version and I am looking for a slightly longer RIF. Edit: But it probably is a more sensible choice, does anyone know what the range is like out of the box compared to the cheap Cyma M4s and the Raider-L?
  8. Hi all, Sorry if I am retreading old ground but I was looking for a bit of advice. I'm approaching the point of upgrading my two-tone CYMA cm.516 to a true RIF and I've reached a bit of an impasse. I have a short list of three guns and would like to tap into the experience that this fine forum has to guide me. My criteria are. Budget ~£150 M4 platform (I'm already invested in mags etc) Upper rail (I'm useless with iron sights and use an Eotech clone) Better range/acccuracy out the box than the cm.516 UK seller and buy new My short list and my thoughts 1) G&G CM16 Raider-L https://swasairsoft.co.uk/airsoft-guns/gg-combat-machine-aeg-cm16-raider-l-2 Pros - Cheapest of the short-list, proven and recommended starter gun by the wise head's of this forum, I've used and liked the carbine as a rental at a recent CQB site we visited on my friend's stag do, should be able to use my existing batteries and mags Cons - Will need a riser for the sight so that will push price up a bit, fiddlier hop adjustment 2) G&G Raider 2.0 https://swasairsoft.co.uk/airsoft-guns/gg-combat-machine-aeg-raider-20-2 Pros - Update of above, rotary-style hop up looks easier to adjust, length may be more manoeuvrable, like using the 1st gen carbine as I say above, should be able to use my existing batteries and mags Cons - Not sure if the internals are much different other than the hop up for the price difference. 3) Specna Arms Core M4 (proobably https://swasairsoft.co.uk/airsoft-guns/specna-arms-sa-c09-core-m4a1-2 on aesthetics of maybe https://swasairsoft.co.uk/airsoft-guns/specna-arms-sa-c011-core-m4a1-black-aeg-2) Pros - Spoken of very highly here and reading around elsewhere, rotary style hop up, looks damn cool in floating rail version Cons - Most expensive on list, no sling points, less sure my existing batteries will work I will confess to leaning to 2 or 3 but that might just be the lure of the new. I'm also looking for budget mid cap mag options. I probably have room in my budget after this to either change my MiMH batteries for LiPOs or LiFEs OR get some mid caps and honestly the latter sounds more fun. I'm probably looking at about £40-50 budget inc speed loader for this bit, struggling to find anything that will be delivered by the bank holiday weekend (want them for the airsoft festival at Ground Zero new gun or no new gun). Thanks guys.
  9. Aye, sorry should have been more specific! Edit: Just checked the classifieds and that looks like a great package and not in a let's say distinctive custom colour scheme.
  10. That looks like a suspiciously good deal. If I had UKARA I would be in like Flynn mind.
  11. I'm an absolute newbie and in a military first sale I ended up grabbing an ALICE belt and harness which I've been putting MOLLE pouches on (double M4 mag pouch, radio and dump pouch). Super comfortable but the pouches slide. I've minimised it with strategic positioning of the harness but not sure I'd want to stick with this in the longer run. Only just found a reasonably priced source for ALICE clips which I'm hoping will help with the sliding but one advantage of the 'system' is there is basically no stitching on the belt itself so the mag pouches, which I think are Viper or another cheap brand, are the only point of failure from that perspective. They're ok so far and much cheaper to replace. But I am as I said a newb and I'm only running lightweight hicaps.
  12. I'm a fellow newbie and I have that CYMA for very much the reason you are looking (I've been playing irregularly for a year and a bit but can't usually make the days my mates hit their base site so I've not played anywhere twice and no UKARA). It's not bad, feels similar to most of the rentals at places I've tried (not as good as the Valken Battle Machine I used at? Bassett's Pole mind) with 0.25g BBs in it. And that is the other thing I like, actually. I can run heavier BBs which is a game changer (thanks forums for the tip) and a cheap red dot sight which I find much easier than iron sites. Not really an option on a rental. I feel outranged a lot, though. I don't think I have the hop up dialed in quite right which is part of it. I also face a lot is snipers and, well, nowt I can do about that. I'm starting to look for an upgrade as I'm almost consistent enough to qualify for UKARA (probably around July). Range and accuracy are probably my main focus points as I usually fire in semi anyway. Not sure what I want, don't know how much of a step up the G&G Raider/Raider 2.0 is there.
  13. I went up to Matlock Combat Games on Saturday with friends who are regulars, really enjoyed it. Large site, well organised, actively marshalled and lunch with the price. £25 non-member walk on. Black Dagger near Chesterfield is fun as well. Small site and honestly a snipers paradise but friendly and fun. Bassett's Pole paintball do airsoft as well now. Very slick and professionally run, less friendly than the above. Combat Ready Airsoft aka Crafty's in Derby I've tried to go to but they were full. Friends who made it in and have been before have had generally pretty poor experiences (lots of cheating, ineffective marshalling) to the point of leaving on several occasions. Word from other players has been pretty bad too so I'm avoiding, your mileage may vary of course.
  14. Aye looks good, seen a couple of matches on Youtube and it seems like good fun.
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