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  1. I've won so many things this way. Thank god we haven't got a joint account, or I'd have been rumbled a long time ago
  2. Didn't fancy modelling it with your sausage fingers?
  3. Getting me hot under the collar with all this policy and procedure talk
  4. I've played paintball at holmbush a few years ago. Had a Good day.
  5. Thank you very much for such a detailed review. I will definitely be visits once I'm up and running. Thanks again
  6. It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one. It was the mundane normal ness of the dream that got me.
  7. Being very new to airsoft, I find that I am spending all my spare time(who am I kidding? every waking minute I can!) reading as much info as I can. Watching all sorts of videos from reviews, guides to epic looking Milsim events. I find myself dreaming about all things airsoft. The crazy thing is that the dreams are becoming quite mundane, I woke this morning from a dream where I'm stood in a airsoft shop talking through various Rifs with the owner. Going over what the possible upgrades could be etc. Does anyone else find airsoft appearing in their dream world? Is it just me and the sheer amount of info I'm trying to take on board at once? if not Whats the weirdest airsoft related dream you've had? Sorry if this is in the wrong place.
  8. Oh no is that not what I should be doing? I was gonna replace the standard spring that comes with it, with a spare trampoline Spring I've had rusting in the garden since last summer. What could I use this spring for now then?
  9. Some fantastic info there already. It's great to hear different opinions. Looks like I'll be busy with some web hunting today.
  10. Hi I'm new to airsoft and thought it might be useful to hear about people's favourite gun they own or have owned and why it is the weapon of choice for you. I'm hoping this will give me loads of different guns to look at, what the internals are etc. See if there is a common theme amongst them. Be specific with upgrades you've done. Maybe even say what sort of game types you play. I sense an excel spreadsheet coming on lol
  11. Thanks for the welcome Jedi, I have been making my way around posts relating to different things. The search function definitely does come in handy. No one wants to be asked the same questions over and over.
  12. Thank you very much for the advice. I know to well the perils of incorrect foot wear. Went paintballing(sorry for swearing) lol. a while back got a horrible sprain from a fox hole and not looking where I was going. Lesson well and truly taken on board. Thanks for the heads up about ACE Combat and battle lakes. I hadn't heard of either of those.
  13. Hi all my name is Alex or Wongo to a few close friends. I hail from sunny Bexhill on sea in East Sussex. I am married and a Father of 5. I am a virgin air-softer as I am still waiting to go to my local airsoft site(1066 airsoft) but have already thrown hours and hours into watching videos of game play, beginners guides and trawling various website ogling guns, gear and the like. I am trying to get as much information as possible before taking the plunge. This forum has helped massively so far with this even though I've only been lurking. So today I have decided to join what seems like a great community. I look forward to airsoft taking over my life. Any advice anyone can throw my way with be gratefully received hope to see you around Wongo
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