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  1. You didn't mention a budget, how about an actual eotech? You can sometimes find the older models for about £200-£00 second hand.
  2. Most G&P guns come in plain brown boxes from the factory and a silver sticker on the end. As stated, the 7.2V tag means nothing, I don't know why they have them on all of their guns. I'd wager that the majority of G&P users around the world actually use 11.1V lipos nowadays.
  3. If you really need cooling, this could be an option: https://www.qoreperformance.com/products/iceplate
  4. Airbana has been down for a long time.
  5. Your transmissions are more likely quiet because there's an impedance mismatch between the mic and radio.
  6. You're right, my bad, wrong standard. But there must a standard for complying with the DPA right?
  7. Spam-tastic as well.
  8. Unless 'not meeting the requirements' also meant not PCI compliant.
  9. Mostly the mall recently, but I have also fielded this helmet at Blue Fox 2 and briefly at Bunker 51. Compatibility with other head gear could definitely be an issue. You can also get neck bands that could help solve that. But I just run a pair of ballistic glasses, I know it's risky, but I'm a sweaty mofo, if I felt I needed lower face protection I could attached something onto the rails.
  10. The example of Special Airsoft Supplies shows that there are cockroaches like this and no matter what they don't seem to go away.
  11. That's a hell of a markup compared to the other colours!
  12. I hope that included a LOT of other bits and pieces.
  13. For more Longmoor dates also try Ambush Adventures: http://www.globalairsoft.co.uk/
  14. I generally wear my ear defenders attached to arc rail adapters at any event where there's pyro and enclosed spaces. I've tried Sordin, Peltor and Z-Tac and the Z-Tac aren't a patch on the real thing, aside from breaking after 3 games the ambient amplification was poor and the sound quality in general was poor. If you're not running a helmet, I don't see the problem with running them on the standard headbands.
  15. http://bingoairsoftdesigns.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=125 I'll keep my $30 and hold the mags in place.