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  1. It'll be nice to meet more of you guys. If you haven't seen, I'll be the plonker dressed as a ghostbuster Do come and say hello - one of the guys that's coming with us is a friend of my +1, you may hear him come out with some classic safe zone b*ll*cks
  2. You're brave putting your email address online in this day and age. (That Oxtail Mac and Cheese you had the other day looked great!)
  3. If it's going in the bin, I'll have it!
  4. I'm afraid Sacarathe has won the deal by having the Trishot with the folding stock! Looking forward to this! See you all tomorrow night!
  5. Score!
  6. Don't suppose anyone attending has a spring shotgun they'd consider parting with? Ducks buying a gun off me for £40, so I'll have £40 to play with
  7. Yeah that's pretty terrible. I don't expect that kind of shipping time from the States let alone a UK based company. Also, it's nothing personal, but it rubs me up the wrong way that you're saying you just act as the middle man. I'd begrudge paying you for simply forwarding my order onto someone else. It reminds me of the scene from Office Space with the Two Bobs...
  8. My "Get Ready Routine That No-one Else Does" is probably: *Get to the night before a game, panic because i think I haven't got enough food and drink for all the running around calorie burning that I'll be doing. *Go and buy loads of Lucosade sport, Red Bull, KitKat's, Gold Bars and Jerky. *Actually don't burn off many calories or expend enough energy to work up a thirst. *Spend the following week consuming my stash of snacks and drinks at work for lunch.
  9. Oh man! I'd love to have this off you but I'm silly broke Unless you'd swap it for a 1986 Japanese Stratocaster
  10. Shame he couldn't stretch just a little bit more SWAS has a survey you can fill in for 10% off anything at the moment. Bringing this G&G CM16 down to £103.50!! https://swasairsoft.co.uk/shop-online/gg-combat-machine-aeg-cm16-carbine
  11. I'm just happy you've managed to find your Top Sniper.
  12. Duck, you're like Wikipedia for Airsoft. What'd we do without you?
  13. My advice for CQB is to not worry about what's in the room you're entering. All too often at the mall, you see a gaggle of players stacking up outside of a room seemingly too scared to be the guy to go in first. It does hurt more than woodland for sure, but you kind of get used to the extra pain in a nice way (like eating spicy chilli's! ) On the other hand, you might catch them off guard and take out the three guys giving your whole team trouble and you'll feel like a hero! I've started being more brave and being the point man at The Mall and had more of a blast because of it.
  14. Patches came today. I. Am. Ready!