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  1. Anyway, if you do quit airsoft, I baggsies first-dibs on all your stuff
  2. Also, don't give up on airsoft just yet You're great to have on here and your guns are awesome
  3. I'm willing to bet they've picked up on the words "Gun" and "Functioning Silencer". They probably think you're trying to teach people how to illegally make a real silencer for real guns.
  4. A'yup! Just waiting on a few more folks now and we'll be set
  5. Happy to confirm the money has landed safely for all three of you. Cheers guys
  6. Righto lads, you've both got refunds now. Makes sure the money is back with you and we can try again
  7. Ok, I've just sent in £10 from myself as friends and family and it's fine. It's only because it's a new account I've made just for patches and the two payments were send for goods and services and paypal are worrying about the newness of the account and are trying to protect @Duff and @smoorenator. So, because of the fees associated with Goods & Services, you're actually paying less than the cost price of the patches. I know some people can be hesitant about sending money via F&F, but I'm hoping that I'm being as transparent as possible to assure you I'm not going to go running off with the patch money. If I refund you both, are you ok to send it again? Obviously, don't send it again until you've had your money back.
  8. It seems the last two payments (Duff & Smoore) have come through as goods and services payments which is why Paypal are holding the money for the time being. I'll get in touch and see if I can't sort it. In other news, I've found out that Duff lives eerily close to me.. :/
  9. f*cking PayPal have put my account on hold! Stop sending money for the time being guys
  10. Cheers guys, going well so far! If you haven't put addresses in the notes, it's ok, I'll get those off you when they arrive! Also, please don't be alarmed if I haven't marked you as paid right away, I'll update it when I can
  11. Right then you 'Orrible Lot! What Patches does everyone want, and who's paid so far? I've collected all the users interested in a patch and if they've paid on this spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EhBO-5xfyhK1UND9w3Z02HjQLPUvqUk1K8zowp0dRfg/edit?usp=sharing Please can you make sure the patch you want is correct on the spreadsheet. I've defaulted ALL patches to Velcro for the time being. How Do I Pay for my Patch(es)? Simply follow this link (Cheers Duff) https://www.paypal.me/AFUKLewis And for each patch you want, send over £5.00 The postage for any amount of patches is £1.30 So if you want 2 patches, send over £11.30... 3 Patches £16.30 etc etc Please put your AFUK Username in any notes so I can keep track of who has paid and who hasn't. Let's get this show on the road! @Gepard, please pick a colour and quantity. Then tagging everyone (It won't let me tag everyone... silly forum) @Duff @Marc.RG1 @LightningCh @Robert James @scalawag @Jedi_Master @James1989 @smoorenator
  12. Probably not unfortunately. She's said the lead time is about 2 and a half weeks at the moment. I'm going to start taking money etc this afternoon, just need to figure out the best way to organise it (I've got spreadsheets and everyfink!)
  13. I know, we must be showing our age Jedi. Who'd have thought that measuring your head and phoning a surplus store would be such an outdated practice. You can just Google any problem these days though...
  14. Not beneficial in the slightest Jedi. Did you not think he's already considered that?!