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  1. Other Mustang? Jesus Christ I feel like such a pauper compared to most of you lot
  2. I'll second what Jedi said about the sidearm being unnecessary. I sold my last pistol for lack of use! My M4 is all I need at the mall. But i do have a spring shotgun as a "incase my rifle breaks" back up.
  3. Eversley is a great site, lots of different game days too which look awesome. You might as well catch the train one stop over (or drive) to Reading and join a lot of us at The Mall too! I'm in Theale, so the opposite side of Reading, but give me a shout if you want someone to go with! Welcome aboard!
  4. There was only one guy - we see everything... Did you manage to get the glass out of your hand?
  5. Ah, my bad! I thought the "Raffle on the night" was included in the ticket price. I'll go and edit that out now..
  6. Definitely the latter for me in the past then!
  7. I've hit up the Berkshire Airsoft Facebook group to try and drum up a few more players
  8. Two friends of mine were at the Mall last night and said it only took ten minutes to get their membership sorted and got their ukara numbers sorted as well. Looks to be improved from the old way of taking a few weeks!
  9. I've known a few people who initially love their BOLT guns. Apparently the recoil kick is very hard in them, so they're really fun to use. The downside is that the kick is too hard and makes the guns shake themselves to death. Out of all the guys I know who initially loved their BOLTs, they then didn't like them and they all sold them on. It's a shame really because their MP5A5 looks super cool - I've wanted an MP5 with recoil for ages (But can't be arsed with gas).
  10. (post this kind of stuff here: https://airsoft-forums.uk/index.php?/forum/31-pistol-reviews/ )
  11. Sorry to be a fanny, but I'm not going to know if I can make this for sure until tomorrow. What's the chances of walking on? Or is it pre-book only?
  12. If it's not sold by tomorrow night Monty, I might ping you a message... (Don't tell the wife)
  13. And there'll be a new dent on your door with some extra paint in a different colour...
  14. Yeah it's very much "Get as close to the concrete post on the left as possible" Usually have to fold the mirrors in before I get into the car park.
  15. Aye get there early to ensure easy parking manoeuvres. Otherwise it's a bit like this: