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  1. Make: Specna Arms Item: High power spring Condition: unused Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no/no/no Price/Payment: £3.50 This is the standard spring that comes in Specna Arms guns for the European market. It came in my gun when I bought it and I changed it immediately for a UK friendly spring. According to the QC certificate, the gun chronographed around 430 with this spring installed. Could be decent for those making a DMR?
  2. @DarkAssassin your gun is in a magazine!
  3. Is this a Glock I presume? 17/18/19?
  4. There's a TM FAMAS for sale in the electric forum at the moment:
  5. Whooaaa.. I want that! That is super cool!
  6. Your best bet, if they want proof, is to give them the contact details of the site where your UKARA number was registered. They can then vouch for you, and hopefully it'll get released. It's a bit off to hold up magazines for a UKARA check though, isn't it?
  7. I had a status only yesterday about this. I've always used .25g out of habit, but played at Dorking Sunday with .30g all day. And the improvement was huge. Accuracy and range were massively improved. If you've got the power and the hop capable of handling .30g, give them a go. They price is a little more, but it's worth it. But also, 6mm Ammo sell .30g in 1kg bags for 10.95 - might be worth trying a bag at that price?
  8. Played yesterday with .30g BBs for the first time..

    Whooow what a difference! Won't be going back to .25g now (for woodland anyway)!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. proffrink


      Learn to aim and you'll spend the same.

    3. Prisce


      Where's the fun in aiming, it's all about the spray and pray. *insert sarcasm*


      There is still a large jump in price between .25s and .3s, almost double in my personal opinion.

    4. proffrink


      Well if you learn to shoot then one can easily cut the amount they shoot in half if not significantly more. If you want to spray and pray then feel free of course, but you're easy pickings for the rest of us with bright white stream of BBs leading straight back to whichever tree you're standing behind.

  9. One thing you definitely need is a search button. Trying to search your site for a holster - for example - is a headache. Are they in accessories? no... Peripherals? Nope... Airsoft parts? Nup Gear & webbing? get outta here! Just typing something into a search bar would help. ...unless there is one and I'm being blind?
  10. Anyone else playing at Dorking tomorrow? @Albiscuit ?

    1. Albiscuit


      Nah, works been mental, wont have time to play till the end of the month at least :(

  11. Yeah the blue flat rubber is awful. I quickly went back to my (non-flat) purple Prometheus.
  12. Does this count?
  13. No worries, just make sure you search for any questions you have first. They've all been answered many times before by people much wiser than me. Oh and:
  14. Just like old times... just look in the bushes on the edge of the Sunday football league pitch. ...OH, you don't mean those mags...
  15. I don't wish to sound mean... But... Don't buy that gun. And don't buy from JBBG. Buy a decent starter gun, one that is recommended by a lot of the UK airsofting community. And also buy it from a reputable airsoft retailer, such as Zero one, Patrolbase etc The G&G CM16 Raider. http://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=6076 That gun will perform much better than the SRC and shouldn't need much (if anything) doing to it for you to remain competitive in a game. @M_P has a guide for airsoft beginners and it's great. Well worth a thorough read: I've just seen you've posted about the CM16. Its in stock at Zero one (the link I posted). Make sure you tick the box to get a free two tone paint job. You'll love it.