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  1. Gunfire have the PPS version in stock... http://gun-fire.co.uk/product-eng-1152201730-KAR98K-rifle-replica.html Lot of money though! Looks gorgeous however..
  2. PM'd! Five sold! Three remain!
  3. I'll take mine apart later Ash and take some better close-up photos of it. That way you might get an idea of the quality. It's worth checking with Peter from AK2M4 - Hes importing loads of the E&C bodies (identical to Specna). You can buy just the externals then? https://airsoft-forums.uk/index.php?/profile/8960-ak2m4/ https://www.facebook.com/ak2m4/ Peter is a top quality bloke too. Always helpful any time of day.
  4. I've got a Specna. An SA-B12 (8" Keymod) Externally it's great the body and rail is built really well and the only wobble is a slight bit of movement on the stock. A bit of tape sorted that. Mine is the version with the old "quick change" spring, where you still have to lift the gearbox out. Newer ones have the spring that can be changed by taking off the buffer tube. Probably nowhere near Tokyo Marui or VFC standard externals, but like I say, very happy with mine.
  5. After having just heard of the Death of Bill Paxton however, I really want to get a pulse rifle...
  6. Plus all the cool kids are making pretty awesome set ups with them. This mass effect N7 themed one is pretty cool (really like the scope) With fancy-pants LED lights in the vents:
  7. If you're going for a sci-fi loadout you can give yourself an easy headstart by getting a CSI XR-5 Rifle! Based off an M4 gearbox so repairs will be super easy. And they're only £140! Bargain! http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/search/xr-5 I think they look pretty cool, and if I'm honest, I'm tempted to get one just because they look so unusual! Be a good back up for the rifle bag!
  8. TWO now sold! SIX remaining!
  9. Yeah I think you could be right. I thought I had it right once and they felt really solid.. until mid-game and one was flopping around like Ron Jeremy between takes
  10. Make: Big Dragon Item: Rubber keymod covers Condition: 5x brand new 3x fitted but nearly new Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no/no/no Price/Payment: £0.50 each Pictures: Hi guys, I bought these 8 keymod covers for my gun a couple of months back from patrol base for £6.99 for a pack of 4. I don't really get on with them however, I'm not sure if I've been doing it wrong but they pop out pretty easy if you're going from reloading to grabbing the front of your gun. They make the gun look nice though Yours for a great price of £0.50p each! **FIVE SOLD - THREE REMAINING ** Now here's the photos - note that my keymod rail is an 8" sized rail. And these cover all but one hole.
  11. I confess I sell it at work to truck mechanics to seal brake airlines temporarily. Screwfix said that plumbers use it, I took their word for it!
  12. On the subject of tape, the amount of guys I see doing bodge safe zone repair jobs with with electrical tape, or even plain ol' sellotape is crazy. The secret is Rubber "amalgamation" tape. Plumbers use it to seal leaking pipes. It's black, soft rubber in feel and it fuses to itself so there's no adhesive involved to leave a sticky mess on your gun. If you pull it really right and take your time it can look very tidy, or even a rush tape job will do the job for the rest of the day. I've used to to keep my M203 from opening by itself one day (catch became very loose mid-game) When my flashlight mount didn't arrive in time, it was perfect for fastening my torch to my gun And even made a makeshift grip on an M4 after cutting my right hand on a tree, which made it softer to hold and made do until I got home. It's magical stuff and the £4 roll isn't even half gone yet. I recommend anyone keep it in their rifle bag.
  13. I can just imagine opening a cupboard chock full of airsoft guns and them all cascading out like a tidal wave, and trying to explain it to the missus who thinks I only have two rifles and a pistol
  14. Left in your bag eh? I'll second the recommendation to post on the sites social media. Or if you've got an area wide Facebook group (Berkshire airsoft for example) post on there. Do your best to get them back to the original owner. Honesty amongst airsoft players doesn't stop at taking your hits. We're all brothers here