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  1. That's pretty much them. Then some wire to a battery box with a switch on does the job. Admittedly I didn't make them. I bought the goggs from @mintsauce5 all ready put together, so he might be able to lend his advice.
  2. You could make your own. My Goggles have two micro fans wired to two AAA batteries with a switch. Works a treat. "Go on, try it yourself..."
  3. I baggsy the free grenade if it gets refunded
  4. So really.. we're talking Nerf guns that fire BBs is what they're thinking? I feel for you guys..
  5. So under this new rule, could you use an XR-5 Rifle? Or would that still be too "realistic"
  6. This is huge news! I know that UKAPU has been helping the Aussies try and get airsoft legalised, so I've been following it. Well done, now you can ditch nerf and those silly water-gel ball blasters.
  7. Combat Machine is the series, not the model. There are dozens of Combat Machines. http://www.guay2.com/en/product-3-15-14-1 Please post the model and some photos, it could be this one for all we know!
  8. Jeez, like you're the only kid who was ever 15 years old. Enjoy your youth while you've got it kid, instead of wasting it getting wound up on this stuff. Airsoft in the UK is ace and once you graduate your teenage years and get your hands on a UKARA you'll love it too. Also, what's stopping a parent taking you airsofting? They don't have to play... I've seen plenty of patents loitering in the safe zone while their kids play games. It does mean they won't get a defense of their own to buy you guns (sorry gift you guns... ) for Christmas though. If you only get one game every three months, you should be happy, your last (and first) game was in august according to your post history.. you've got a game next month to look forward to! Chin up!
  9. @Marc.RG1 Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Very cool guy, bought a broken pistol off me as a project - good luck! Payment was fast and response to my messages were quick! Happily deal with Marc again!
  10. Ah yes, the "Sorry I've bought another gun" flowers. Good manoeuvre soldier.
  11. Mate, looks like a prop from District 9 or batman or something! Love it!
  12. This is me at woodland games At EAG Dorking I'll probably do about 2500 rounds in a day. Half of that will be in the first two games as there's so many people to shoot at! At the Mall I'll only do around 300-400 at most for a day. I can't explain why woodland brings out the Rambo in me, but it must take me back to being a little kids reenacting Schwarzenegger films with my mates in the woods
  13. I still get the "indoor rain" sensation in my goggles even with two mini fans going full pelt and revision wipes.. albeit only on cold days. I can't remember who it was, but someone on here had a great idea for sorting the problem. Two of those tiny strong magnets, and a bit of glasses cleaning cloth or microfiber cloth. One magnet either side of the Goggle lens with a bit of cloth between magnet and lens. It should (I've not tried it) give you a lens wiping option like a fish tank cleaner!
  14. £20 posted! Get this thing outta here!
  15. @MSSW Rune is the man to ask. Especially as he's the author of the Russian equipment thread 7 threads down the page.