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  1. I'm knackered. Going for a couple of drinks last night clearly put its mark on todays game. Poor Trigger only got a few hours of sleep, but was a good day.
  2. My pleasure buddy
  3. Found it.
  4. My accommodation it's just across the road, see you there. At what hour first game starts ?
  5. I did sent a friend request. ciolanz ciolan smth like that is my ID
  6. I'm am operational, this week played every evening and morning before and after work. Surprisingly my fiance doesn't mind me being all tactical on the mic :)). We'll see for how long though.
  7. In single player mode this games is brutal, you need to be really skilled to win it. On the other hand it shines in Duo and Squad, and it has the potential to be very tactical and achieve some nice kills with the help of your teammates. The sound plays a major part in this game and at the moment it needs some serious work, they have "fix" it but kind-of make it worse.
  8. Won so far one alone, 1 squad and 1 duo. As for top 10 have been countless times
  9. So do we meet for food ? If so what hour ?
  10. It has huge potential, myself can't stop playing. The Squad and Duo mode are awesome, but at the moment can't use my mic as my fiance is having an exam this weekend so there is severe brain braying in the house. I'll be in the dog house if I'll start shouting "contact NW". Maybe we play a squad soon.
  11. Anyone is playing this ? Still in Alpha but has huge potential. I've been playing it for the last couple of day and I haven't had my hearth beating so fast due to a game in ages. This game gives you a good adrenaline rush if you reach top 10.
  12. I'm up for it.
  13. I think I'll stick with just Saturday, didn't managed to find a cheap accommodation and to be honest don't feel like dropping £60.00 to Novotel.
  14. Make: FMA Item: Maritime Helmet L/XL size in MB Condition: Unused Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: £40.00 including postage Pictures: Bellow Unused FMA maritime Helmet in size L/XL with a multicam black pattern. I bought this item a while back but never used as I find my cap more comfortable. If you have questions, just ask or PM.
  15. Anyone plays the next Sunday on the 30th ? Debating now if I should take a hotel room and book next day also, to go on a airsoft frenzy.