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  1. CarloBear

    Absolute newbie Surrey

    Welcome! From Surrey too I go mostly on my own, but when I go with people we normally just get separated anyway. Like said by @Gepard You'll be on a team anyway so you'll interact with people regardless. Almost all the people I've met and dealt with are friendly there are bad apples here and there but have fun as Airsoft is what you make of it really.
  2. CarloBear

    First Time at the Mall

    Honestly I have no clue if this is true or not, I haven't been since December... BUT if they do then holy shit, I don't have to wake up early anymore just to get a spot wooooo
  3. CarloBear

    Custom setups

    Don't let your dreams be dreams.
  4. CarloBear

    First Time at the Mall

    Only one can dream 😔
  5. CarloBear

    First Time at the Mall

    ....One of us! One of us! Yeah the basement is where it's at for me
  6. CarloBear

    Tippmann M4 Wanted


    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Looking for a Tippmann Package w/ line & bottle Budget Between £350-400 depending on what you have.

    350.00 GBP

  7. CarloBear

    firearms ban after prison

  8. CarloBear

    BB Shower

    Haha @L3wisD made my night mate, never had a signature before, now I do cheers!
  9. CarloBear

    BB Shower

    Would you by chance had thoughts of publishing an Airsoft Erotica novel? Airsoftica?
  10. CarloBear

    EVO Fire Selector Delete

    I think we spoke briefly about it on the mall sadly didn't get to follow up on it. If you're available then sure i'll take you up on your offer no rush though!
  11. CarloBear

    EVO Fire Selector Delete

    Looks great @ImTriggerHappy !
  12. Too bright argh, can we get a dark mode?

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    2. proffrink


      If you guys want a dark theme I can add one.

      But maybe not right now :)

    3. MisterG


      I prefer the lighter theme.




    4. proffrink


      We can have both yeknow

  13. CarloBear

    MP9 CQB Bolt

    Cheers pal will have a go!
  14. CarloBear

    MP9 CQB Bolt

    Anyone know where this is in stock at all? (within the UK) Searched high and low, only seem to find them off shores. Just poking around see if anyone knows any sneaky sites/shops that has them in stock Thanks in advance!
  15. CarloBear

    Tippmann M4 Wanted

    View Advert Tippmann M4 Wanted Looking for a Tippmann Package w/ line & bottle Budget Between £350-400 depending on what you have. Advertiser CarloBear Date 04/21/2018 Price 350.00 GBP Category Guns Wanted Make Make: Tippmann Model Model: M4