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  1. Been out the loop for a while, how does one fit a drum mag in an evo?!

  2. Yep down for pint after; Would anyone by chance have a spare high cap mag for an evo... some random rubber o-ring came out of mine and uhh.. i've lost it. Not feeding well 😢
  3. Hey guys, so not here on much posting but always lurking Pretty much my whole Airsoft story has been this forums and the mall, the only place i've played at. so i'd like to give something back or what not as this is probably my last time playing at the mall; Will be doing a giveaway of some Acetech items; x2 Chronos (x1 AC6000 & AC5000 ) and x2 Tracers ( AT1000 ) Provided by Acetech them selves. Will have some sort of raffle tickets or something on the day if you'd like to enter and some how find the time to do this? maybe after the event not sure - Inputs? ( was thinking somehow doing the tracers lunch? so people can use them? ps. Will not have any spare tracer bb's, maybe A2 has them ) Contacted @ImTriggerHappy @Robert James before hand just to make sure it was OK and it all seems good. Lets have a good time!
  5. Right! That's what I was thinking too I had it on my basket and was ready to check out.. until.. I realised my UKARA has expired.
  6. https://www.strawpoll.me/16389609 With the slight chance of me getting donuts, what do you boys like? Blame @L3wisD
  7. Paid in i believe, see you all soon ☺️
  8. Been away on holiday so just seen this, @Robert James thanks for the tag, would happily go.. @ImTriggerHappy if you can send me a pm on how to make a payment
  9. You'll need a shorter inner barrel, no clue about barrel extensions for an AK. Right now with what you have is a no go as the BB needs to travel into the tracer for it to even work.
  10. Welcome! From Surrey too I go mostly on my own, but when I go with people we normally just get separated anyway. Like said by @Gepard You'll be on a team anyway so you'll interact with people regardless. Almost all the people I've met and dealt with are friendly there are bad apples here and there but have fun as Airsoft is what you make of it really.
  11. Honestly I have no clue if this is true or not, I haven't been since December... BUT if they do then holy shit, I don't have to wake up early anymore just to get a spot wooooo
  12. Don't let your dreams be dreams.
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