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  1. Not really a big ask but I've scoured the internet and am having no luck. Maybe you veterans can shed some light for me! I need a left handed holster for a TM Hi-Capa 5.1 Preferably mountable to a battlebelt/molle webbing and available in the UK. Thanks in advance!
  2. I know buddy, I'm going to ask my local shop if they can order in some KWA K120s for me!
  3. Aha okay, I will be getting mid caps so that will come in useful! I agree with you but it's hard to find locaps here. Im going to enquire with my local airsoft shop if they can order me some KWA K120s.
  4. Okay cool, I'll take a look. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for your patience btw mate. Appreciate all your help. I like the look of the Emerson one, seems pretty good for everything I need to use it for. Thanks for that tip on the elastics too. I use a Dboys Hi-Capa and a G&G Hi-Capa, one came with my gun and the other was what they stocked in the shop at the time. I'm going to be buying a Krytac CRB in a couple weeks, and will be getting these midcaps (http://uk.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Magazines_MAG_AEG_MAG_M16_Mid_Cap_130rds_VN_style_Magazine_Box_Set_7pcs_Box.htm) for them.
  6. Okay, nice one. I will take a look into those. Thanks for running through plates as well. And Berget, in Sweden. Gonna be lots of pros there so I don't want to look like a Muppet! Edit: Do you mean something like this? - http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-rigs-plate-carriers-assault-vests/8fields-tactical-lightweight-jump-plate-carrier-fully-laden-olive-drab.htm#.WMfvup-nzqA Do you have any examples please?
  7. Okay cool. Do you have any recommendations near the £100 mark?
  8. I see. I assumed that for the right shape they would need plates? My friend let me wear his cheap and cheerful one and it had some kind of rigidity to it. Is that the same with all carriers? Im not worried about bb protection, taken many a shot to the head!
  9. Hi, thanks for the reply. I was looking more around the 100 pound mark, but could stretch a bit more providing it's what I wanted. Do all these include plates? Thanks
  10. Hi all, I'd like to get a plate carrier for my DPM loadout. I can't find much information/many reviews online. I want a green/olive colour, plates included that is comfy. I will be wearing this to a 3 day milsim so I need it to be comfortable! Thanks all
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