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  1. Surely once you start firing tracers they know where you are anyways.
  2. managed to log on, i told them to concentrate on the Origin 12 shotgun. Lusted for if it's as good as it meant to be.
  3. not sire what you're looking at bit the Orgin12 Shotgun is what i'm waiting for. CasF
  4. Hi, i've checked and i have purchased a non linear spring which is longer than the stock ( non chopped) spring. Prisce do you have the makes of the shorter springs and lengths . Thanks
  5. Hi All, Ordered a 400fps spring for a DMR conversion and when it was delivered it was way longer than the stock spring; does anyone know if all springs are the same size or do any manufactures make smaller lengths of springs with higher fps. Thanks
  6. What part of £150 are you trying to con?, M052 grenade launcher £38, FOREGRIP PROB £20 MOST AND SIGHT £30 = £88, I COULD HAVE 2 FOR THAT PRICE.
  7. Just look at the number of for sales there are in the classifieds almost a 1000, these people must see sense that custom made / upgraded doesn't make a 2nd hand market for properly 90% that are just as cheap new and with a little of your own money will be just as good as the rip off's, do they think only novices with money to flaunt look at the classifieds so will pay out. IMO About time mods intervened and cleared the old stock out without that member re listing unless cheaper. It's 2nd hand so price to 2nd hand. Rant over
  8. But you'll never see the black ones coming out of your gun or where they go. AEG or Sniper, thought the gun was miss firing
  9. Hi, What make is the cool sight. Please
  10. You can cock the rifle right handed but there are left hand conversions for standard guns look online, you're find them. I went for a manufactured set ( that didn't fit ) to replace myself but you can strip the gun down and reassemble left handed if you cut and change the cylinder set.
  11. 1: More site's 2: Proper wc's 3: Some sort of clear the village mode (village required as per no:1) as mainly play woodland games. 4: More covered seating area's 5: Full supply of hot water for the free tea / coffee supplied ( as 1no water boiler doesn't accommodate 100+airsofters). 6: Better food & a drink to accompany the lunch fee paid. 7: As above replies, Level playing field for guns.
  12. Thanks will try, have some silicone grease/oil.
  13. Hi, My son brought an MK23 with a leaking mag i've replaced the bottom fill valve and it still leaks. My next step was to try a little lock tight (ptfe tape) around the thread. Would this work or has he been sold a damaged/ broken mag as the replacement valve doesn't stop the leaking gas. Thanks
  14. Not the ferrets , the tactical drinks vest's
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