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  1. sniperslucky

    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    Sites that are so popular but don't have the benches/tables for all that turn up.
  2. sniperslucky

    Kriss Vector

    Evike have them but takes forever are they still stating "out of stock" as we ordered a "in stock with tan mag" and it went out of stock but you've already paid so a refund or wait from Evike,
  3. sniperslucky

    Pets at games

    just seen on Fleabay aswell
  4. sniperslucky

    Real knives, folded for knife kills???

    Just WTF!!
  5. I ordered a left hand conversion kit and had no problems with getting a return code to send back the gear as it was not compatable with my current sniper. So perhaps he's is listening??
  6. sniperslucky

    The Airsoft Second Hand Market

    It's not only cheaper guns but sellers stating Almost used / upgraded and being overpriced as this topic has been gone over earlier. When you look at the price of the new gun 90% of the adverts are £40 cheaper, second is second hand whether it's upgraded or nearly new. i've only had bad experiences so far with 2nd buying. G18C looked all good in photo's but when it was posted it had bit/parts missing and items not sent of which i had to chase . Then you get the sob story of pay and i'll send the rest as i ned the money lol
  7. sniperslucky

    Wrapping your RIF

    nice dip, does it scratch much after use
  8. sniperslucky

    Krytac + Fostech origin 12 Shotgun

    i've emailed both Krytac and Fostec, both say gun is going ahead but no dates or details. Apparently they are both small companies and have limited time for the new gun hence the delays.
  9. sniperslucky

    If money was no object what RIF would you buy

    Although i need to wait, my next venture if delivered will be the Krytac Origin12 shotgun.
  10. sniperslucky

    Slow selling recently?

    I also think that the Nearly New TAG doesn't work as NEW is NEW & Second hand is. Others also right to state that the quality of some stater guns are cheaper than classifieds. It's always what someone is prepared to pay for rather than sellers demands imo. Again certain guns do how value in my eyes just not every single M4 / Sniper variant .
  11. sniperslucky

    Slow selling recently?

    I agree with Bigstew's view, i look throughout the classifieds and note that the prices seem high( not for your Vectors) but it seems the price tag of some guns are quite high stating " fully upgraded" .
  12. sniperslucky

    real deal USA

    We are in Orlando from the 20th, then onto Fort Myers until 2nd Sept.
  13. Hi,


    forum said you may be able to help, we are visiting orlando and fort myers soon and i wanted to hire a vector for my son as he has the aeg version, would you know of anywhere that may have a rental to shoot.





    1. SeniorSpaz87


      Sure,  I posted more about it in your thread in Off-Topic

  14. sniperslucky

    real deal USA

    I've been looking through the whole map, for gun clubs but none list a Vector! I've even emailled some to see if they know of any others that might have one but no luck. I will be chancing my luck and ask if any members have one they would be willing to let him get his hands on one.
  15. sniperslucky

    real deal USA

    All, does anyone know of anyone in the USA ( florida / fort myers ) area that has a real vector, we are going there soon and my son who has a Krytac would love to shoot the real thing. Looked at most gun clubs but they don't seem to stock rentals. Thanks