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  1. sniperslucky

    Evike response / contacts

    Thanks, i'll try the phone as i wanted the electric drum mag for the Vector rather than the wind up one. Son's BDay present so want it right.
  2. sniperslucky

    Evike response / contacts

    Hi All, I've left 2 emails to Evike regarding an order with no response, has anyone else had this issue as i'm worried they will send the pre order item without changing it first. Does anyone have a different contact other than the website? Thanks
  3. sniperslucky

    KWA Kriss Vector Owners Club

    Looks like someone couldn't make up there mind on which gun to buy so mashed them all in one
  4. sniperslucky

    KWA Kriss Vector Owners Club

    I laughed when i saw that on evike, how to ruin a gun!
  5. sniperslucky

    Flash Mag Repair

    Shoulda said thinner! If it's like mine it's a thiner steel wire coated in plastic, which normally strips itself after a while. Mine did the exact same so replaced it with mmy fishing braid ad nylon line will coil up after a few uses as it's not as supple.
  6. sniperslucky

    Flash Mag Repair

    I use Fishing Line Braid as it's dinner and stronger than fishing line
  7. sniperslucky

    Savage island boots??

    Got mine there GRRR888, have no issues with them or the quality.
  8. sniperslucky

    Savage island boots??

    My son has a pair ,no problems with them so far approx 6mths of woodland use. Extra £20 you could get viper boots
  9. sniperslucky


    Get some Viper boots they have zips on the side for easy on/off without adjusting the laces flea bay approx £60
  10. sniperslucky

    Member rants and One Tigris

    i have had my 2 pairs turn up , there not bad at all. Also packaging has come straight from china !
  11. sniperslucky

    Member rants and One Tigris

    I've just had the same reply to me enquiry, let hope and see if they deliver. Still no date attached to reply.
  12. sniperslucky

    Member rants and One Tigris

    I've created an account and my order status is "UNFULFILLED" be interested to hear when orders start to arrive, money taken on the 31/3/18.
  13. sniperslucky

    Member rants and One Tigris

    I've not checked but have had correspondence for the order, paid via paypal so didn't open an account.
  14. sniperslucky

    pistol gas mag filling

    hi, it's an ASG MK23
  15. sniperslucky

    pistol gas mag filling

    Hi, When do you know if a gas pistol mag is full of gas ready to use, should i say fill for 10 seconds and this should then be full? Thanks