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  1. I think ill go with the answer everyone can agree on... Your soul.
  2. Im all for a sarcastic comment but was just after some peoples experience. Anyways the gif did give me a good laugh so thanks in that respect
  3. Wouldn't be a real thread if it didn't have an ITH geardo comment on it!
  4. So you think it's worth doing essentially a full internal exchange?
  5. Hi all, Ill keep this simple, its probably been covered a couple times in the past but id like to know what upgrades people have used or have experience with on a VSR-10, along with why they have chose said upgrade.
  6. Ill try getting in touch with them thanks
  7. Who would people recommend as a gun tech, its for my FN Herstal M40A5. If location helps I'm based in the north east.
  8. It was the guidelines quote from the film but changed slightly... I'll see myself out
  9. First, your return to the site was not part of our negotiations nor our agreement so I must do nothing. And secondly, you must be a airsofter for the UKARA to apply and you're not. And thirdly, the UKARA is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules. Welcome aboard the Airsoft Forums, Mr Beardless.
  10. When looking at parts wanted (havent tried anything else) the templates that used to be input are no longer being automatically inserted. Such as Make Condition etc etc.
  11. Looking to draw from people's experience of teching and upgrading, it isn't something I have shown much interest in however I am starting to be a little curious! So from what I know the springers are the easiest to start upgrading. So I am looking at my FN herstial to upgrade, and I believe the parts are vsr compatable however I'd like to know what certain bits of kit do to help me upgrade how I would like. So I'd like to know what things are for such as spring = more fps etc etc and any impacts that will have on the gun. All information would be useful as I say! Also just on the back of this
  12. Just from personal experience my G&G crane stock has more than enough battery space as long as you don't use one of the square LiPo battery's.
  13. It would seem most of us have, I wish I had one when I done my connectors for the amount of this little vice you cant go wrong. Unless it falls to pieces when you pick it up!
  14. Exactly how I had understood it
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