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  1. Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    The secret to stopping them sliding down your leg is wait for it , wait for it ????? get a set that actually fit ! most players you see that say they keep sliding down don’t actually fill the knee pads themselves ! Sounds like a really stupid thing to say , but it’s obviously a simple thing that a lot do miss but the elastic has to be under tension to stay up , if it’s not it’s going to slide down . If you’ve got ones that haven’t got buckles that you can vary the length on and they’ve only have the loop you double the elastic and Velcro back on its self through then try crossing the straps at the back of your knee , top to bottom and visa versa , this can help but if there still slipping then get your self some good old fashioned needle and thread and shorten the elastic strap so they ARE under some tension . Simples !
  2. Advice RE Face & Head Protection

    This is one of my many skid lids . It's a dragon red OPS core helmet , the lower face guard was from ebaybanned The lense is a motorbike iridium visor dremel'ed down to fit then I've attached the visor to the helmet with slots cut in to it just below the helmet brim which I've slotted adhesive Velcro through so it's easy to change it out for a clear visor I've got .
  3. Which TM model

    If can you get the money together I’d say go new but if you do go second hand I always recommend stock or lipo mod and inner barrel change as the only ‘mods’ I’d accept . You’ll see loads for sale with a gazillion up-grade parts which is all very good but who’s done the work and how good are they ? Just because they’ve had it done by a professional Tech guy or they’ve done it them selves , the seller or who ever did the work may be absolute gods with normal gearboxes but you just don’t know wether they actually know what there doing or there utter mongs when it comes to Next gen gearboxes ?
  4. Yup not the only one mate , still amazes me that TM can turn out such excellent performing guns but yet they STILL turn out utterly crap fake wood furniture!!!!
  5. Very true indeed but as I said bit of work on those horrible ‘wood effect’ ones and there good , BUT performance wise totally different matter if the guy with the ‘springer’ looking gun is hitting you but your 1to1 looking AK isn’t even reaching him bit of a mute point ? And as an example of they can look good , TM and real ;
  6. Don’t know if I’d go quite that far mate , only takes a ‘wee’ bit of work to get them looking a LOT better , and the 74nm looks just like it’s real equivalent (I’ve handle and fired most AKs made up too 1990) and they do put a fecking big smile on your face when you do shoot them !
  7. Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    Liking the loadout mate can see you’ve actually put some thought in too it and not just chucked some grey kit on and said “look at me ! I’m an anti-terrorist officer !” Too which one would reply “ nope no ya not !” Only change I would suggest is long sleeves , not having a pop mate but I’ve seen more meat in a vegan restaurant that your arms !
  8. First CQB Rifle

    In that case how about a suppressor instead ? My team mates batshit crazy one . ps if your arse hole looks like that mate you REALLY need to see a proctologist ASAP !
  9. First CQB Rifle

    If you want the G&G don’t get the 556 when you come down to it it’s just another ‘meh’ m4 really , I’d say get the 9 it’s a MUCH better looking beast by a long way ! http://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=7391
  10. Something like one of the knock off MS ‘type’ slings would suit the use quite nicely (I’ve got a couple in different colours) . You’ll find that basically ALL the non branded airsoft kit (OneTigris/FMA/ASG/etc) comes from the same factory’s in China ! Only real difference is how much they charge you !
  11. Just to chuck a spanner in the works , 18yrs of playing I’ve never had a sling fail and I always buy cheapo Chinese knock offs !
  12. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    And that was a short lived new purchase , clutch has gone on the car and now so has the new shottie to PAY for said clutch !
  13. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    My kind of S’ofter ! “Oooooohh shinny ! Must have ! “ “what is it ? how does it work ?” “ not a fricking clue ! But it’s shinny and I MUST have it !” i like your style !
  14. Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    That stuff is absolutely hell to sew if you don’t have an industrial strength machine (I make a fair bit of kit and I’ve tried it ) what I’d recommend if you want a really stiff belt is get normal 50mm webbing sew two lengths together , then get some thin plastic strips approx 35-40mm wide and as long as you can get (I use strips cut from 2lt pop bottles) then gaffa tape to join them together to required length, slide in the ‘tube’ pocket you’ve made with the webbing , stitch closed with enough un-stiffened to put through your buckles and job done !
  15. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Got mine from amazon , think it was around £13’ish (took about wk and a half to arrive) but they are on fleabay, any thing between £11-18 depending on where your ordering from and how QUICKLY you want it !