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  1. You do not say what brand your Mk23 is. I have the TM version; the upper slide simply fits onto the lower frame but does not slide all the way from the front or it will jam. I have not taken mine apart for a while but IIRC just position the upper about 3/4 along towards the rear, carefully push down onto the frame in front of notches and then slide it back a short distance. Slide back upper until you see the hole for the slide lock/release pin and fit the pin. A simple search on YouTube will list several videos, try "reassemble mk23 pistol"
  2. When I wanted to buy a Mk23 a few years ago, the best reviews / threads on the forum were for the TM version. It is a great pistol.
  3. I spend a few evenings watching TV and numbering my BBs. I then sequentially feed the numbered BBs into my magazines, loading number 1 first all the way up to number 82 last (using mid cap). Then whenever I want/need to do a magazine check I can clearly see how many BBs are left inside.
  4. Not sure about a low woodland god (as per your subject title). The Green Man is a god of our woodlands (IIRC called Arddhu in Wales), and there is also the goddess Ardwinna. Either are suitable deities to pay respect to in British woods.
  5. Not for an AEG or pistol. My TM is sub 300 fps and works fine with 0.25 and 0.28 BBs in woodlands. I consider that accuracy is more important than fps, and if you lack range then just move closer to the target. The advantage of having lower fps is that you can play anywhere without worrying about the gun being too hot for a particular site's limit, just turn up and shoot.
  6. Even after Brexit the EU will want to have a share of any UKARA funds = UK Arse Raped Again
  7. The list is mentioned in the sticky guide called Popular UKARA Questions in the UK Law sub-forum To class a gun as an imitation firearm (IF) it must be 51% government approved solid bright colour or clear see through (transparent) plastic. Accepted bright colours are: - Bright red - Bright orange - Bright yellow - Bright green - Bright pink - Bright purple Note that bright blue is not on the list, however, the general test would be whether it is distinguishable from a real firearm. See the VCRA 2006 link
  8. ZED Adventures are part of the UKARA scheme, and stamped my UKARA application form when I took out my site membership but I still have to send off the paperwork to get added to the UKARA database. Regarding UKARA numbers, no idea how the numbering system works are probably best to avoid discussing that because someone will post theirs and someone else will then try to "borrow" it to purchase a RIF.
  9. "UKARA is not the defence, it's a way to prove the defence." [If you had put the question in your first post then I could have quoted it] Agreed. Site membership is my defence. It proves that I am a regular skirmisher (x number of times within that years membership period). I have never applied for UKARA, not all airsoft sites use or like the scheme, and because I do not buy from abroad have no need for the UKARA number to assist Customs.
  10. The tape is supposed to be a temporary measure, applied for the skirmish and then removed again when you finish playing, not permanent modification. Sniper tape is a cheap way to cover the gun for a game day and is then easy to remove afterwards. That would explain why the site had no issue, the gun remains two tone underneath.
  11. Welcome . Have a read through the pinned (sticky) posts in each section, they will help. There is some great information on the forum if you use the search tool and do some reading. Lots of members to help with the tinkering side of the hobby.
  12. I will also be mission focused and eating is my number one objective pre game. Be there or go hungry.
  13. Good plan. As long as everyone arrives on time. Hopefully Reading will not be playing at home which can cause chaos with traffic for some routes.
  14. Or just buy a decent second-hand sniper rifle from someone who has done all the work for you (and you trust knows what they are doing)
  15. That is what I did when I upgraded my gun; bought and fitted a large telescopic sight, bi-pod, torch, PEQ box, tracer unit, sling attachment, and rail covers. Would have fitted a cup holder on the rails but couldnot find a long enough straw to reach my facemask. So now my gun is upgraded from medium assault rifle to a heavy gun, sweet.