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  1. No wonder I was having problems. I have earned my title of Airsoft Newbie haha.
  2. My incorrect way of attempting to fasten a 58 pattern belt
  3. thankyou so much, it secures properly now i was being very silly in the way i was securing my buckle, will post a picture of my "oops" in a minute or so
  4. I recently purchased a 58 pattern belt and im having trouble with it, im unsure of how it is properly worn and adjusted and I find the buckle to be very loose and easy to undo. Is this normal to be having trouble with the belt as its very tough or am I doing something wrong.
  5. I am new to airsoft. Having read articles and other sources I have grown towards the CM16 Raiders aesthetic and appeal to a new player such as myself. I was wondering if anyone from the community owns or has used a CM16 Raider and has any input into a specific company, make or quirks that I should know about this gun.
  6. I should have mentioned that I wouldn't be wearing any official insignia and that all of my patches will either be moral or custom, but I would like them to be in the correct positions. an example would be that I wear the Scottish flag instead of the British flag, but wouldn't want to wear the Scottish flag in the wrong place. Jedi_Master helped a lot in pointing out key areas for patches.
  7. then I wouldn't be able to play airsoft every weekend
  8. thankyou very much for your help, I was looking for this information primarily for milsim due to my group of friends being interested in roles in the squad this will be a good way to show it, thanks again
  9. I am starting to get into airsoft and I'm a sucker for detail. To ensure I don't offend any British soldier I want to ensure any part of my uniform/patches that I wear are correct. Would anyone that has knowledge of how a British soldiers uniform should be, even the finer details such as where your rank patch goes, be able to point me in the right direction?
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