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  1. Thats true, I looked specifically into designing products which has little to no environmental impact. Using sustainable materials is also a thing which I should do. But you also have to think about the way you can recognise your own teammates. IF the Armband is too bright, there isn't a of point of camouflaging yourself, while if its too bland, you cant see if they are in your team or not. I think think about this project currently!
  2. Just wandering, what other products would you guys really appreciate other than the ones mentioned above?
  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    E&L Airsoft ELAR MUR Custom Carbine AEG -Motor upgraded ASG Boost Ultimate Motor 45k -Was Two Tone Blue but Painted -Fire-selector is broken but still works fine -10+skirmish used -Comes with Mag and Battery 7.4v (Asking for around 300 but prices can be brought down) NUPROL DELTA Spec Ops Amoeba Honey Badger -Motor upgraded ASG Boost Ultimate Motor 45k -Was Two Tone Blue but Painted -Perfectly in good condition -3+ skirmishes -Comes with Mag and Battery 7.4v (Asking around 175 but prices can be brought down) AK-47 ICS Taiwan -Comes with Mag and Battery 7.4v -Skirmished many times -Comes with lots of AK magazines (asking around 130 but prices can be brought down)


    London - GB

  4. Thank you for your suggestion! I also have problems wearing goggles because I also wear glasses they get really foggy and it annoys me sooooooo much. I have to wear contacts
  5. 😂😂😂 That would be pretty insane to be honest and it aint a bad idea but what if you get hit by ricochets and the next thing you know your AEG is calling you a bellend
  6. I reckon it might be easier if the person had a lie detector on themselves and whenever they ddon't call hit in 3-5 seconds they get zapped 😂
  7. I think like a sensor on your clothing with you can attach might be good something which hits you at a velocity of 200fps minimum could trigger a red light which tells you that you are out?
  8. Yeah I think this might be the go to option not going to lie. But After I finish this project, I will start designing other ones the people have suggested. I really thank everyone foe helping me out. (Not a DT project but a design task for my uni :O) Isnt that basically paintball xD
  9. I can definitely agree with you on that one It happens in my site sometimes because the try-out people wear full body suits
  10. Hey guys, I am doing a project for school and I am trying to “Design a physical solution that overcomes a specific problem for a group of users” My group of users is you guys and I want to find out what specific problems you guys experience for airsofting. It can be anything like packing for scrims, problems while playing, etc... I will post the result of the design after
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    Willing to pay 600 + Postage Willing to do deals contact me via phone


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    London- I can collect or I can pay for shipping as well; you can name the price.


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    Its my little brother's birthday and hes called Tommy. He loves to shoot with a Tommy gun in games like GTA and PUBG. Would pay anything around 200 to 300!


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