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  1. Cool thanks I only have 7.4V batteries anyways so that won't be much of a problem thanks for the information tho it was really helpful!
  2. I bought an Nuprol Honey Badger which is an AEG and I also bought a 40000k Motor with it. Will it work properly???
  3. Im quite a newbie and I went to an event in Reading. Was having a great time till the last game. I was in a small tight room (literally 2m x 2m) and took out a few guys as they came in. No one came through the door for a few seconds and the next thing you know 2 grenades come through the door and I'm in the corner of the room sat down unable to get up. First one blows up and I call my hit, the second one landed on my feet and I couldn't hear anything. The second grenade goes off on my ankles and I thought "jesus christ, this is it for me" as I literally thought I broke my ankles or something. This was the first time I was ever hit by a grenade at this range and as a newbie I have never been so scared ever in my life.
  4. Cool thanks for the advice! I am actually up grading my gearbox at the moment so hopefully it all works out well
  5. Michael K

    Patrol Base

    To be honest they deliver faster than they predicted which is quite nice. I have ordered with them about 8 times (4 of these orders with two toned AEGs) and they came faster than expected. Great customer service as well if you call em up!
  6. I just bought some parts for my gearbox and i may need some help if possible from anyone around central London if possible to up grade my AEG. Ofc it comed with pay 👌
  7. Michael K

    Patrol Base

    Seriously Amazing service to be honest. -Ordered 2 SMGS and bunch of other attachments and it arrived faster than expected. -Their website isn't too confusing for other people and its easy to guide yourself around it -I wish they could have the Rate Of Fire specification but overall, their specification pages are always highly detailed and helpful.
  8. Hiya guys, I am looking for an AEG which has a fast rate of fire. Don't really have a preferred option but between the price range is from 200-400 quid. Would be great if you guys posted a link as well!
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