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  1. The smaller the lens, the wider the field of view. 35mm would give you a better view while the 50mm would give your vids a more compact personal idea of your sniping - Unmanned Tech do lenses for the RunCam2 and are quite cheap - https://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/runcam-fpv-lens-2-1mm-2-3mm-2-5mm-short-and-wide-angle/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI87L7jeaN1wIVBo0bCh0c8gSbEAQYASABEgKO4fD_BwE
  2. Not when the marshal actually advised me to do it as I only took 1 rifle that day.......I'm 47 years old and not the whatever you had in mind to call me. Grow up.
  3. Thermal long sleeve, smock instead of shirt, spare top for lunchtime change of base layer, spare socks for the same. Wear same boots - 5.11 tactical boots all year round but just alter the sock thickness for the seasons.
  4. had this issue with a new gun. Ran 3 mags through it - Lowered it slightly. Then got told to alter hop to full extent for chrono - worked a treat to under site fps. Altered again before games. Not ideal but worked until the spring was fully bedded into the gun.
  5. Sexy assed spanking new G&G PDW.
  6. I usually go up for a monthly trigger session and am a member there. Good site spoiled slightly last weekend by most of the opposing team not taking hits. Got to a stage where 4 of us removed ourselves from the games in the afternoon as it was getting close to abuse time. Normally a good day though.
  7. G & G PDW15 and Pencott Greenzone vest to complete the loadout.......
  8. May look a little better with the Mag-grip instead of the angled rear grip. I can see where you are coming from with the pressure pads on the front. I got one of these and its a good grip with the addition of pressure plates for what you are looking to fit - and looks the nuts = http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-grips-and-stocks/keen-sharp-ergonomic-magazine-tac-light-laser-grip-black.htm#.WMuVpfmLSUk
  9. Will do. Have to wait till the 22nd April though as Saturdays are the only days I can play due to work, which is a bummer. No work - No toys though which is what counts...Going to pop up to site and get it set up and chrono'd before that though. The battery space is less than most obviously due to the stock but its not an issue with me as I run 7.4 - 1450's all the time with no issues. Fit perfect and usually swap batteries at lunch anyway. Have always used this method with every rifle used as saves charging just the 1 bty.
  10. Sorta Honey Badger but with the Badger Logo on the Mag-well......Went up to Patrol base recently and had another look at the Ares Badger and guess what.....Still don't like it. It's smaller than this one and plastic and wobbly and just not as nice. I'm 6 foot 4 and have a long reach, the Ares just is not long enough and feels like a toy.......They have a custom badger in the store which you can buy as a package but still feels cheap. I have a plastic Amoeba for bashing and is a very solid no frills gun but I was suprised at the build quality of the PDW and am now super glad I made this decision. Yes, a little more expensive but you just get more gun for your money. Just need to find a decent way to make the bad 1 point sling better and workable.
  11. Must admit that at Skirmish Mansfield, I have always favoured .25's. Tried them once in my HK417 and never looked back. Put them through every other rifle and they suit me and my play style. This is the thing many people don't think about. Many people also just go with whats popular in the forums and what they hear from the many experts at every site they go to. .25's rule for me but there is a trend emerging for as heavy as .40's as per conversation had at site last weekend. Looking at the price increase from .20 to .40 it may not become as popular as some might think due to the price increase in BB's.
  12. Here's some pics of my new purchase. Very solid, very nice but with one minor glitch........The cheapest single point sling point ever and maybe added as an after thought. Works with the bog standard magazine - Which does not wobble about in the mag well like other G&G models tested and also with the ICS Hi-Cap and the Troy BattleMag Hi-Caps. All metal apart from the rear stock and battery cover. The mag grip is mine and not as standard. Metal front and rear pop up sights. Not bothering with a sight as they are all a bit sub-standard unless you go for super expensive. Can't wait to get this to Skirmish on the 22nd of next month.......Here's my beauty -
  13. I purchased some of these as they also work nice. The ICS mags are quite hard to come by if you go for Hi-Caps which is why I went for the BattleMags - Again, a bit pricey but very good mags. They also fit in my new G&G PDW perfectly. http://www.proairsoftsupplies.co.uk/acatalog/Madbull-Troy-Battle-Mid-Cap-Mag-5-pack-17517.html
  14. Best way to learn is from your mistakes. Where to fire from, when to move, when to hold back and when to support instead of getting peppered. 12 yrs Army service trained me and i still made stupid mistakes but laughed at the bruises afterwards. people will tell you to go here, there and why did you do that.......No one is perfect and no one knows all the angles. Get to know your site and take advice only from people on other sites. Trust your instincts and soon you will be good my son. Speaking from experience.
  15. Roger that and thanks for the input. In truth, I was swaying to the ICS side as the Hog I had prior to having a break was very very good. The G&P's are nice externally and being an ex server of 12 yrs, I do appreciate a good looking rifle. They both look sweet but as Samurai and yourself have said......Nice but shame about it not working when you want it to. Fire Support here I come. Will post some pics once purchased my new lovely.
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