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  1. New and want to get into airsoft/team

    Welcome. Teams are over rated We still don't properly play as a team. It grew as a natural progression. I went with a friend, got hooked. I took my brother, he got hooked. I took my son, he got hooked. We took a friend... so now we're five But going alone is how you make friends. No need to focus on being a team until you find out you like it. Play, have fun, make friends and it'll come together on it's own.
  2. Goggles!

    There's certainly an element of snowflakishness, but I sit in the camp that don't really give a crap about someone elses eyes - only my own
  3. New Classifieds Feedback and Bug Hunting

    Thankfully I saved the URL on my PC at home, but searching didn't return results - probably because it's expired and I didn't make a note of the sellers name. So I found it now, but only because of the favourite I saved.
  4. Eye Pro / Face Pro Test

    If it were a true operator beard it would chew it's way through the mask
  5. New Classifieds Feedback and Bug Hunting

    I made an offer on something which I suspect has expired today. But when I select "My offer" from the menu I just get "Something went wrong. Please try again." I'd like to contact the seller to say my offer is still open. Is this possible?
  6. Eye Pro / Face Pro Test

    Hey, I'm never wrong!!! I'm not always right... but I'm never wrong
  7. Eye Pro / Face Pro Test

    I'd disagree. I own both OT originals and the Chinese version at 1/3 price and the only difference is the OT logo on the headband. One of them had a bit of visible glue, not a major issue -but I own probably 6 of these things and they're all equally as good as the OT version. I got nailed in the centre of my forehead twice in the same game - once was friendly fire! Exactly the same spot - I went home looking like a unicorn One if the bb breaks and goes through. That's my main concern with mesh - you can't control the quality of the bb's being fired at you.
  8. Goggles!

    Had my Bolle Traker II's for £8, Bolle Rush for a fiver. Both F rated. Personally I trust the trackers more. They don't fog, but they get wet if I'm not moving enough. So I'm a fat sweaty old guy... so I just have to deal with it
  9. Goggles!

    EN166 F may read as ~150fps but that's for a 0.86g steel bb. So it's impact energy is far greater than in airsoft. I asked Bolle this question about their F rated RUSH glasses and this was their response. Hello, One parameter to take into account is the material of the projectile. Our spectacles are tested against steel projectiles. At equal speed and weight the plastic balls are less resistant. You can use F rated glasses, but we recommend goggles to have a full protection of the eyes. If you want a premium protection, we have a specialized product range for military. You can check the products here : http://www.bolle-tactical.com/ These products are certified STANAG and MIL. Our Platinum coated products should not mist. And our Tracker model is Platinum coated… Make sure not to use solvent or alcohol based cleaning products, which remove the coating and can weaken the PC (material of the lenses). I hope it helps. Best regards,
  10. Right hand, left eye dominant

    I only came up withis as I had an RDS shot out on my M4. Then a protector shot out on the M4 the next game! Then when I moved the RDS to the AK there was no room for a protector. Bought a sheet of polycarb and a bit of dremelling later - done. Got loads left to make another if this fails. So fair it's lasted quite a few games. Added benefit, eay to take off and clean.
  11. Right hand, left eye dominant

    Velcro FTW. Gives it the ability to flex when it takes a hit. Super sticky from Halfords. It's going nowhere.
  12. New person needing help

    To be fair I'd ask for 330. Many sites I play at have a hard limit at 340, one is 330 + 5% so 346. Nothing worse than having to put it back in the box and go rental
  13. Info about The Mall in Reading?

    I never get a response from the Mall. I know they send one, but my email system is pretty strict and they don't even get to the spam protection, they just get blocked because of their server headers. I always have to get someone else in the team to book there.
  14. Doesn't matter how long. half day, full day. As long as you play at a UKARA registered site they'll tick the box. I got mine with ZED and they charge £10 per year to register me on the UKARA database, but there is no site membership fee. Some sites require you to become a member then they'll register you with UKARA for free. 56 days seems a long time when you have cash burning a hole in your pocket and you're fired up to play. But patience stops you spending money on the wrong stuff. The most frustrating part for me was not being able to play the 3 games at different sites We're very nomadic and don't like to play a site too often or in some cases ever again.