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  1. Well they don't really know I guess. It's all down to the receiving end. I think because the package has the word "Airsoft" on UPS just trigger the default response UKARA or nothing.
  2. If this was a car forum we'd be talking gaffa tape and cable ties
  3. I think I'd go the druid way. Cut up an old mag first. Then at least I'd have a backout plan
  4. I was tempted to get a soldering iron on it to cut it out, but wasn't sure what the infill was like. I'd probably ruin it trying. Thinking of cutting a slot in the tube and putting a tight o ring around it so it provides some stopppage inside the tube.
  5. I got mine of Facebook. It looks surprisingly like @Druid799 hand made one. Cost me a tenner and the only thing I'd like to have seen different is that the handle could fold into it. Works great with my AK and Evo mags. The bic pen tube he used is a touch of genius
  6. 10 days of waiting for letter in the post that ups send with a reference you need to get them to process the package and supply them with UKARA and emailed declaration so they'd even submit it into customs for processing. UKARA for mags FFS Just didn't argue, just did all the paperwork and lesson learned.
  7. Got exactly the same issue from RW HK. No rif, just mags held at customs for a firearms declaration.
  8. New torch for the Evo. I shopped around looking for an Inforce WMLx clone and saw they now have a Gen2 version. The Gen2 has a few shape changes that I think suit the Evo. I found it on Aliexpres from a supplier called Aimtis - https://www.aliexpress.com/store/2663121 It arrived today but sadly doesn't take my 18650 vape style batteries. Looks like I need to get some C123A's or equivalents. Seems well made. I really like the RIS fixing. It's a spring clamp with a locking screw. So it's super easy to get on and off.
  9. So you don't have UKARA 😛 Patience
  10. I bought my CYMA 045C from gunfie poland and had them downgrade it to 330-340 for free. For less than £200 including 4 mid caps and shipping I am very, very pleased with it.
  11. Think yourself lucky you weren't waiting on last years fiasco. Months went by a people couldn't get registered as the system was down.
  12. Totally agree. They should ship it as an Evo Proline or something.
  13. That's probably a good call. I just went with the whole warranty thing to keep it ASG approved as it was so box fresh.
  14. Sorry. Hope yours goes well. JD were pretty good. Many of them have Evo's - probably because of the discount on in house tech. They even said sometimes shit happens, but that's what warranties are for. Just spoils your day a bit though.
  15. Well I'll add a little tale of woe in here. I'm a new Evo owner - as of 25th April 18 it arrived from Fire Support. Good price, good service no issue there. Test fired it with a 7.4v as I didn't have anything else. Cool worked ok, fired well, I was happy. Thanks to this forum I took delivery of a nice freebie lefty fire selector replacement as indicator only. Test fired a few rounds. Nice. Right up until the point - Crunch, beep, beep. Disconnect the battery, reconnect. Beep. Fire... Crunch, beep beep So I could go the warranty route... but instead went to JD Airsoft for the Expert package upgrade. Which pretty much replaces the internals anyhow. Not cheap! But why not? Picked it up today and have to say holy, moley! That trigger response! So yes I'm very happy. But also annoyed at how an expensive RIF died even before it's gotten onto the field.
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