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    Superb 5.11 Tactical fleece military coyote olive jacket in size 2XL XXL. This is about a year old. Bought new by me, little used and has sat in the bottom of a cupboard for most of its life. Ought to be alright for someone. Nice condition, everything works as it should. Features include:- - Storm collar with hanger loop - Reinforced Goretex shoulders and elbows in black - Full length front zip - Two front zip handwarmer pockets - Press stud side adjusters - Interior zip and dump pockets - Zip 'poacher' side vents - Fully lined This has been lightly used so has a few minor marks and scrapes, minor pilling on the inside of the collar. But absolutely NO damage, holes, tears, repairs, etc, that I am aware of. Happy to take Paypal and non-online payment methods, but buyer takes the fees if using the former. I think P&P on this will be about £3.

    15.00 GBP

  2. New2Airsoft

    DanielJRoper - AVOID!!

    Appreciate that, thanks. Probably not the same bloke - this Roper is in Nottingham.
  3. New2Airsoft

    DanielJRoper - AVOID!!

    Understood. I have no wish (nor any particular need) to communicate with Mr Roper through any channels but official ones, going forward. He'll be hearing from me in due course. Silly man - could have settled this really simply; but I suppose some folk can only learn their lessons the hard way...
  4. New2Airsoft

    DanielJRoper - AVOID!!

    He's got his (broken) weapon back and he's got my money too - what possible motivation could he have to either respond publicly or get back in touch with me (neither of which he has done, obviously)?! I'll be pursuing him through small claims in due course - am a firm believer in 'he who laughs last...'. @proffrink - I appreciate what you're saying but, to be brutally honest, when someone has done you like Mr Roper has done me, being 'put back in touch' is rather pointless and toothless. There is really nothing more to say. I stand by - and can prove (and, as I say, will be doing so in court in due course) - every single thing I have posted in my 'review' of Mr Roper. If you deal with him, then more fool you - you've been more than amply warned!
  5. New2Airsoft

    DanielJRoper - AVOID!!

    Thanks for the kind words, all. Despite what Mr Roper may think, this isn't over yet. Not at all surprised that he lacks the cojones to come on here and say anything. Hard to defend the indefensible though.
  6. New2Airsoft

    DanielJRoper - AVOID!!

    I have been very careful to report only the facts here. No lies, no embellishments.
  7. New2Airsoft

    DanielJRoper - AVOID!!

    Would be delighted to hear Mr Roper 'defend' himself as he's not contacted me for, literally, months and now has in his possession both his crappy broken M59 AND my money!! Should also add that this was not bought for my use but for my young son who wants to get into airsofting, to use in our garden as a start point. So not really me who's been let down here, but a 12 year old lad!
  8. New2Airsoft

    DanielJRoper - AVOID!!

    Overall rating (1 - 10): 0 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): ABSOLUTELY NOT! Any other comments: Bought a M59 sniper (described as ‘nearly new’) from Mr Roper, in response to an ad placed on this forum. My first foray into buying on this site. Post-transaction I kinda feel like he saw me coming! Where do I start? A week after payment, still no M59 so I had to chase Mr Roper to find out what was going on. This did not bode well. Eventually the M59 did actually arrive, poorly packed (no internal padding or protection at all so the disassembled parts were free to rattle around in the box). But it got here. On closer inspection of what I’d received I found the safety catch button was snapped off. So, with the weapon assembled, no way to operate the safety. This wasn't mentioned in the ad, nor shown in the pics. Despite Mr Roper saying he'd used the weapon himself, he claimed to be unaware of this damage. Possible - but kinda odd. According to him this was a £5 'easy fix' even though, apparently, he’d never even noticed the damage. His other suggestion was just to have the bolt open all the time – so I could see that it was safe. Not terribly practical! The advert said the weapon came with sling and alan keys included. They weren't. As part of the deal Mr Roper said he'd include 2000 competition BBs. Needless to say - he didn't. The advert said the Plastikote spray applied to the weapon would easily peel off. Wow; it REALLY didn't!! On contacting Mr Roper to complain, he said he would post me the missing parts I’d paid for, plus some extra BBs for the trouble and make a small refund by way of apology. Well, guess what? None of this stuff ever arrived and no refund was forthcoming. So – reluctantly, since it’s time-consuming and a pain – I had to file a dispute via Paypal, saying I'd accept a partial refund (boy was I glad I didn’t send payment as a ‘friends and family’ gift, as Mr Roper had initially requested!) That seemed to spur him into some action at least. He got in touch to say he'd send the missing parts, honest he would. And he slightly increased his refund offer. But *sigh* - you guessed it - nothing happened. So I escalated the case and told Mr Roper to keep the missing bits as the time for making good on his failure (assuming he’d ever really intended to do that at all, anyway) had long since passed. Again, within the Paypal case, I gave him the opportunity to agree to a partial refund in compromise; nothing happened. And only after I chased him did he see fit to respond to the case at all, rather than just let it drag out. I had to return Mr Roper's broken M59 to him via a tracked service, on my dollar, to try to get my money back. But don’t forget – I gave him multiple opportunities to meet me half way by agreeing a partial refund. Despite expressing his willingness to take this route, when push came to shove he didn’t – thereby running the dispute further than necessary and ensuring I had to wait longer to try to reach a settlement. Plus I had the added hassle of packing and posting his crappy M59. Does that sound like ‘honest-broker’ behaviour, to you?! But then ParcelForce screwed up the delivery tracking, so Paypal couldn’t trace delivery and Mr Roper got his M59 back AND got to keep my money! Leaving me to try to pursue a lost item case through ParcelForce. Time taken from initial payment to date (am still waiting to receive any refund) – three months, and counting! But Mr Roper, had he been minded, could have settled this in two weeks, or less. Moral of the story, if there is one - I'd very strongly advise AGAINST buying from Mr Roper. Think about how he conducted himself in this transaction and whether you’d treat someone that way or expect to receive that kinda treatment. Deeply disappointed and not at all impressed. Absolutely NOT the way to behave towards people on a forum such as this. And not in the spirit of this hobby, either, in my opinion. Shame on you, Daniel Roper; was this how you were brought up, buddy?! Anyway, I hope Mods will now also be aware of Mr Roper’s conduct for future reference. Must just add that, by contrast, the vast majority of people I have met and corresponded with on here have been straight, trustworthy, honest, friendly, supportive and decent (you know who you are - thanks).
  9. New2Airsoft

    New Classifieds Feedback and Bug Hunting

    The seven days limit to listings with the 'countdown' clock is a backwards step. It is often an advantage to a buyer to be able to view and respond to an 'old' listing - and hence to get a better deal. And for a seller, at least they get a sale, eventually. A seven day deadline for sell or disappear is way too short. Potential buyers may well need longer than that to browse, compare prices, make a decision and negotiate a sale price. Buyers should be able to buy at (relative) leisure, not while being hurried along by an artificially imposed ticking clock. Second gripe - the bullet-pointed short headline descriptor of each listing next to the thumbnail image, as you browse through, is way too short. A few characters is insufficient for you to know at a glance what it is that's being advertised (unless the seller has the sense to name what it is they're selling in the first few characters of their ad title). You end up wasting time clicking on ads so you can actually read what's being sold, only to find it wasn't something you were remotely interested in anyway. Annoying.
  10. Had another thought. See if there is anything appropriate in the 'Uniforms Illustrated' series of books. They're similar in format to the Osprey titles. There was definitely a 'NATO Uniforms Today' title - but I suspect 'today' was about 25 years ago now, so unless it's been updated it may not help. Happy hunting!
  11. Ah yes, sorry - 'NATO Armies...' might fall outside the timeframe you're looking for, with Bundeswehr 'moleskin' uniform being covered, as you suggest (I don't have a copy so can't tell you I'm afraid). In which case may be worth looking at what else that's more recent they have available in their catalogue which might help. Otherwise I am sure there will be an online resource that could give you pointers (though sounds to me like you're already well across it).
  12. Might be worth finding the relevant Osprey military books title(s) if you haven't already. They're a good guide (though may not go into absolutely minuscule levels of detail). Not sure what they've currently got in print which might be appropriate, but one I can think of would be 'NATO Armies Today', in their Elite series. If that's out of print, secondhand copies will be around (they always are).
  13. New2Airsoft

    Son Just Starting - Advice Needed Please

    OK great, thanks. I'll do that. Apologies if I'm going over old ground (but, as I say, I'm completely new to this). However, I hope at least two of my questions were more specific than general - regarding the battery and ammunition. Sadly, I have no idea on this stuff!
  14. My son (11) has just discovered airsoft and is very much starting out and learning as he goes along. He has an old hand-me-down MP5 from (I think) Cyma (?) which he's having a lot of fun with. Obviously I want him to learn to airsoft responsibly and, as this is his chosen hobby, I am keen to encourage him to live within his budget too. As he's interested and keen I want to help and encourage him all I can, however, I have zero experience with airsoft and hence am feeling my way a bit! So I have some (probably very stupid - in which case, forgive me) questions:- - He wants to get a better/more powerful battery for his gun. What should he be looking for, where and what should he expect to pay (he's on a pocket money budget)? - He needs more 6mm BBs. Where is the best place online to buy these cheaply (I predict he's going to get through a lot!)? - Are there any other online airsoft groups or forums that I should join? Any and all advice gratefully received. Many thanks.