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  1. It depends if they ask nicely. I had a kid from the other team ask me if he could have a mags worth last Sunday while we were changing ends. He was a good kid. I couldn't say no. If he'd been all chavy and a bit gobby it may have been different. I don't tend to agree on the theory of what goes around comes around as I seem to help people a lot in life and get my fingers burned. Bu I will keep fighting the good fight!
  2. I've ordered from then and had no problems but I preferred the army surplus in Southend I've been using them for years and their airsofters as well so hold a little goodies as well.
  3. I run four flash mags. They're great and wish I new about them before I wasted money on other mags. A couple of pulls on the wire. Then another one the mag is in the gun and they last to the last bb!
  4. I've gone down the more expensive route this time and got a TM MP7 from Wolf Armouries.
  5. How wS quite interesting for me. However the seem to be cracking down on it at my local site and will make you fit a lock. Which some people cut to up the Fps. Not sure how much longer it will be around. But good to know that there is a shop near pro airsoft as I can get there in my lunch hour.
  6. I'm going to Bristol for the half marathon in September. I might have to have a look. I wont take the wife though.
  7. No I had a l3 but it killed two batteries. I'm asking about the s5 smart charger. Thanks though M
  8. Hi I purchased a WE SMART CHARGER. does anyone have any experience with this as I want to get the best from it and not kill my batteries?
  9. Welcome. The are loads of sites in and around London and many more a short drive away.
  10. Not really heard much about JG but I have been looking at the JG Mac 10 on Taiwan gun. Are JG any good? I know it's a cheap little gun but it would still be a £100 investment. It looks fun and would be great for a back up or cqb gun.
  11. I've been back a few times and bought my m&p9 there. When I had a problem with my gas mag I called them up all ready for an argument but was talked through how to fix it. Top shop top service.
  12. Westminster tube station it's got airsoft or bf4 map written all over it.
  13. putting your hand up and shouting hit does not mean you won't still get lit up and hosed by all of the opposition. Research what you want and buy cheap kit to start with as you will change your mind.
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