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  1. wwcgang

    vsr10 upgraded parts


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    hi im looking for parts to upgrade my vsr10. parts i need is: upgraded cylinder and cylinder head 90 degre piston spring guide

    123,456.00 GBP

  2. wwcgang

    run cam 2 question

    went with 35mm option. maybe will buy 50mm to to see which one is better.
  3. wwcgang

    run cam 2 question

    recently bought run cam 2 for my sniping videos. now i want to change lens for 50mm maybe 35mm. which is better? can any one tell me what lens i need ? and from where to get it ?
  4. wwcgang

    Help modding Cyma M14 socom for range

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lonex-Reinforced-Airsoft-M14-Unit/dp/B015BPUB1Q this one any good ?
  5. ok need some help with modding my cyma m14 socom. what basic modification can be done to shot slightly longer distance ?