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  1. So Cameron has cried off like a girl to leave the hard work to someone else, the Scots are banging their Indy drum again, the Irish are even having a go, and now there's French and Dutch politicians saying it's their turn All in all, an eventful day so far, all we need to do is see bo-jo pit forward for PM and Putin to ask about taking the UKs place in the EU and I'll regret not getting the popcorn out
  2. I've had the opposite experience with my own 228. Maybe it's not made of aircraft grade stuff, but its tough as nails, accurate enough for my play style, and I never had issues with my hop unit, just the occasional tlc for the mag o-rings like any GBB and a quick lube before each game I get that everyone has different experiences and preferences, but I prefer my WE pistol to any TM that I've used, call me a heretic, but I do
  3. I love my pistol, and I'll use it a lot, since I enjoy sneaking around urban settings. Alternately, when using my GBBR, I'll run out of ammo rather fast, and often dropping the rifle onto a sling and grabbing my pistol from my belt or chest is seconds faster than trying to reload. I once had a corner, moving up to a vehicle when me and my buddy came under fire. I fired a few shots but felt the bolt lock back on my rifle, so bolted to the side to get to the other side of the van from the shooter, burst through a couple of trees and whipped my pistol from my chest... Just in time to trade bbs, one shot each with the target. At least it looked and felt cool. The other dude even shook my hand
  4. That was the cause of my overhopping issue. When I get a chance, I'll send you the cad drawing I made of the hop arm. If you give that so someone with a cnc machine and a scrap block of metal they can make one for you (try shapeways or something like that) When I put a metal arm in, the overhopping issue went away EDIT: see the link below, this is where someone kindly made a couple for me, unfortunately, i used the spare after butchering the first one. post #25 has a file attached that a CNC machine can turn into the part you need, id suggest finding someone through a proper channel, rather than a forum, i think i got lucky when i found someone. http://www.mycncuk.com/threads/8123-Small-metal-airsoft-part?p=65340#post65340
  5. I just made a new cnc hop arm that has the added benefit of not twisting ever again
  6. I had the same problem. Can you take a picture of your hop arm (no need to disassemble the hop) looking from the back of the gun to the muzzle? The issue with mine was a twisted hop arm, but yours may be something else
  7. Not a bad shout, however: While these may be two contradictory values, I'm after a good winter pistol that's GBB, NBB has never done it for me
  8. No worries mate, to be honest, the WE hasn't let me down since I broke my nub, and my brothers TM has been a finicky little bugger, and I use propane, which shouldn't do it any favours. People can say what they want about WE pistols, but mine was good value and very reliable, and I'd buy another. I do want another for winter though, but don't know any pistols that work well around the 0 degree Mark like my G5
  9. I busted my 228 loading nozzle (my pistols blowback mechanism is identical) by loading a full mag with the slide forward, since then, I've always inserted full mags with the slide locked back so the top BB never has to be pushed down the mag by the nozzle nub. How do you load/reload yours? I've not had an issue with mine since adjusting my technique, despite playing many times in temperatures approaching freezing when the plastic becomes brittle
  10. I used dino pc and couldn't fault them, not the fastest service in the world but definitely worth a punt if they can do what you want cheap
  11. Anyone else use welts? I tried them for the first time breaking in my second hand well mb01 and the first three jammed in the tbb before I realised what was happening. Since then I broke the hop rubber trying to unjam the barrel...
  12. Hungry Yorkshiremen shouldn't be allowed near keyboards... My vote right now is OUT. I'm happy for Brussels to put something on the table to change my mind, but to be honest, we need a clear, objective, unbiased comparison of the two potential futures on mainstream media to help everyone decide. My old man offered me a ten pound bet today, he thinks that the UK will vote out, Cameron will resign (like Alex Salmon did when he didn't get his way with Scotland) and the Tories will put Boris Johnson in number 10... I might take the bet and hope to God that the lovable idiot isn't allowed the chance... Bo jo that is
  13. I will hold off for a second or two if they don't have a gun around the corner as well, it's typically younger players or the less experienced peeking corners without their weapon up. If we both have guns pointed at each other, it's fair game, and I'd expect to be treated the same way if I were pointing my gun at someone. That said, the head is a lousy target to shoot at, if someone sees the BB they can dodge it, especially at longer ranges, aim for somewhere else and there's less chance they'll see it coming, and more chance they'll feel it if you hit the gentlemen's region...
  14. Heresy! Blasphemy! Bring me my best throwing stones! I think you've just only experienced poor GBBs, I've had more feeding issues with one AEG (a top-tech g&g which is otherwise flawless) than I have with both my pistol and g5 combined, which is 0 if I discount the time I broke my pistol My experience with nuprols isn't too bad, the g5 handles them just fine and the pistol hasn't missed a best yet, even the troublesome feeding of the TR15 hasn't been any different with nuprols. That said, as long as they go in the right direction when I pull the trigger, my bbs are working fine. I've never once checked a BB for seams or bubbles
  15. If I post a question thread. I find I get more help if I write the title in caps and include the words "please help" or "urgent", especially when the topic title is unclear and gives no inclination as to my question
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