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  1. Yea thats all true, I was just referring to raw hitting power of the BB, not the joules as you are looking at. I was just stating that airsoft guns can get powerful enough to do some damage.
  2. SeniorSpaz87

    Daytona gun questions

    So I own 4 Daytonas (well, technically three and their grandfather, an Escort), including an MSK. My VFC M27 IAR and A&K M60A3VN I installed, and the MSK is the only one of the three I didnt install myself (Escorts came installed). I use a variety of tanks as I run everything from tapped GBB pistols to my BOLT VSR10 to PolarStars, v12s, and Daytonas, but usually we use Ninja 4500s. As stated above, 3000s will work, but I would personally only use them if the sites I played at all had cheap and plentyful air fills. Heck - if your site does fills for cheap enough you could run around with a baby 3000 like my VSR tank and just keep filling it. We go with 4500s due to us doing a lot of MilSims where we could be a 8km hike from the fill station, so we will take the slight weight trade in order to keep in play. I actually havent used any of those regs before - Ive used Amped regs, valken regs, and a Ballystik reg with no problems. GetSome is good lube, but its not the only thing you can use. Ive used the gun lube we have here during breaking in my M60 (only started that like a week ago). Just remember your break-in period. It can be difficult to find places to do that if you live in student housing - I had to drive like an hour away to break in all my guns. Made forgetting a part suck.
  3. SeniorSpaz87

    Patches are now available(ish)

    Arrived safely across the pond
  4. SeniorSpaz87

    SixG 416 Delta custom

    Sounds neat. I personally wouldn't have someone do this for me, but that's purely because I have access to my own machine shop with lathes, drills, and even a CNC machine (sometimes, although the wait is crazy). The gun looks mint, and those ranges and accuracies (if they are correct - not doubting OP, as he himself said 40m=110 airsoft meters ) are phenomenal - this Dave guy seems like a fabulous tech. Shoulda sent my VSR barrel system to him instead of trying and failing to get what I wanted for a year and a half (but like yours, it shoots amazingly now)... Anyway, Dave sounds like a great resource - not many people will go that far for a customer in this day and age without slapping a massive price tag on it. If you dont mind me asking, what did your build come to?
  5. SeniorSpaz87

    Holster compatibility

    Um, TMs should be all real-spec. All my Maruis are at least - M&P, G26, mk23. Plus you can get a Safariland GLS for like 50 quid, which is a worth investment over the others in my opinion. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Safariland-578-GLS-Multifit-Paddleh-SL578-83-Intercooler/dp/B01FHXLYK4/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1537630685&sr=8-3&keywords=safariland+gls Although now that I think about it - you'd need a Wide version of the GLS for those two guns... Which doesn't seem to be available in the UK at this point.
  6. SeniorSpaz87

    Patches are now available(ish)

    @proffrink don’t send mine any speedy way. No need to pay a bunch for fast US shipping - I’m in no hurry haha
  7. I have actually not run into any condensation issues. However I think that may be because of the environment I play in. First, mine is in the hard plate section of my PC, so there are many layers between it and me. Second, I am a big boi so after about 20 minutes of running around in the sun im soaked through anyway. Third, I play in Florida, where you are generally covered in water about 30 seconds out the door due to the humidity. So it may very well leak on me, I just wont notice it haha.
  8. I have an IcePlate and I love it.
  9. SeniorSpaz87

    Pick my new camo

    I have an MilSim coming up at the end of November that my squad is going green at for the first time. We usually run Flektarn but it isnt being allowed for some odd reason, so we need to change. I have guys going plain OD and MARPAT, but I wanted something a little more unique. So I was thinking either Multicam Tropic or LBX Caimen. Caimen is good quality and the more effective camo I believe but has limited availability (only one combat shirt and one set of pants offered, and me being in the Southern US means that long-sleeve shirt makes the uniform mostly unusable for late Spring, Summer, and early Fall due to heat). Multicam Tropic is a slightly less-effective camo in my opinion, but its both the cheaper option and has more pieces available. Thoughts?
  10. SeniorSpaz87

    Pick my new camo

    While a Typhon loadout would be awesome and is definatly on my list of loadouts to make, it wont help me for this op haha. And I want to stay away from Mandrake as well.
  11. SeniorSpaz87

    Patches are now available(ish)

    Need me to do anything? Since Im states-based?
  12. SeniorSpaz87

    Profile - Guns/Loadouts/Sites

    I actually like the section, and would like a character increase cause Im such a showoff. I'd say, remove/increase the character limit and move it to profiles.
  13. SeniorSpaz87

    The patch thread

    Some, and I do mean SOME, of the patches I have either found from old ops or bought since the last time I've posted. Theres probably an equal amount Ive either added but not pictured, or are on their way, including the world's largest morale patch . They are laying around because I am tired of buying patch boards so Im just going to buy a length of felt and glue it to some plywood.
  14. Hello, I am building a Daytona M60, cause recoil. For those of you who do not know, Daytonas have the same options as most AEGs when it comes to hop options - standard, flat, and r-hopped. My other two Daytonas both are r-hopped, but they are standard rifles - so this new Daytona will have a lot more roundage through it a lot sooner. Should I not bother trying to go with an r-hop / flat hop setup, or is it still worth it? If so, which? Second. I run a Madbull Black Python 2 in my Daytona Masada and a PDI 6.01 (I think? May be a 6.03...). Should I go with one of those again, or go with something else?
  15. SeniorSpaz87

    Bucking and barrel setup for HPA LMG.

    They have gotten better - for instance the break-in period is down a few thousand rounds. I have plenty of standard brass barrels lying around from other guns ive built, so not an issue. I just kinda want to save on shipping and order it all in one go - I am not gonna bother r-hopping/flat hopping it until after the break in period.
  16. SeniorSpaz87

    Pick my new camo

    We may have a winner boys... Plus this way I have a full set of Tropentarn, Flektarn, and M84, which I am now forever going to affectionately call Danetarn
  17. SeniorSpaz87

    Pick my new camo

    Huh. Not really a fan of the m95, but that m84 looks like a tropical flektarn... Might have to look that one up...
  18. SeniorSpaz87


    Yea, sarcasm doesnt really translate well over the internet, otherwise you'd have realized my two post were also semi-sarcastic
  19. SeniorSpaz87

    Pick my new camo

    Its not really available yet.
  20. SeniorSpaz87


    Hey, I said it looked like a cool project and I wanted to see the final product as well as useless comments (plus I dont see necroing as a bad thing if its relevant). ;D
  21. SeniorSpaz87

    Pick my new camo

    It should be fine, hadn't actually heard of it. That may be an option, Ill just have to see whats available in it. CADPAT may be an option - I do prefer the look of it over MARPAT. I can't stand US Woodland, same with MTP (Im a bit of a show-off haha). I agree with quality, yet I can't quite afford to go with genuine Crye, so theres a trade off (I know plenty of good options exist between something you get off AliExpress and Crye). I agree that Caimen is a bit overpriced, but one of the main reasons I was tempted by Caimen is that there is a sale going on that would save me around 50 quid ($180-$190 for complete set usually, $120-$130 on sale). So the price is much more reasonable right now. Another thing to consider - The South isnt quite as green as a lot of the UK is (or at least the places I play). Thats why Kryptek Highlander is my primary camo - the stuff is fantastic in the dried brush intermixed with greenery and trees. LBX is a similar camo, so I figured it might be a more effective camo in my environment.
  22. SeniorSpaz87

    Pick my new camo

    Its more the thickness of the material. All my other loadout Ive found very thin tops to help with heat. Its not a huge problem as we generally run tan. "The arms are almost completely brown, no go for OW5." Direct quote... Nah, Caimen is more a modified clone of MARPAT. Its a digital camo, while Flektarn is splotchy.
  23. SeniorSpaz87


    Lol, more necro. Still, neat idea. Interested to see how it works
  24. SeniorSpaz87

    Holster Choices

    I have made such a list before, but it's probably been a year or so. Guess I could go about making a new one. However - if it isn't anything wonky or massive it'll fit in a GLS.
  25. SeniorSpaz87

    Holster Choices

    Still probably the best holster there is for airsoft. The older 6000 series could work. Unfortunately I have been unable to test any G&G handguns in holsters as of yet so I cannot confirm or deny which of our ALS or SLS holsters one will fit in - so far its mostly been TMs, WAs, VFCs, KWAs, KJWs, and WEs