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  1. Apparently packages from Russia take forever. 2 weeks and its just bouncing around various post offices not having yet left the country...

  2. SeniorSpaz87

    AGM (Matrix) vs G&G MG42

    Had a few people in the US ask me which I think is better - having no experience with these so figured id ask here.
  3. Anyone know what Mancraft's turnaround time is like? Placed an order 11 days ago and its still only at "Payment Accepted".

  4. Anyone know where I could get the charging handle assembly for a LCT PP-19-01? Dont need the handle itself, just the guide rod, spring, and any parts that attach it to the fitting in the gun. LCT themselves has been unable to help me and I can't find anything stateside.

    1. SeniorSpaz87


      Specifically parts BB001-K00125-2, BB001-K00237-2, and BB001-K00125-5.


  5. SeniorSpaz87

    TM NGRS 416

    Hello, I have the opportunity to trade of of my guns for a really nice-looking TM NGRS 416. I am 99% going to go through with it already, but figured Id get yall's opinion since they are so rare on this side of the pond. Build list: Tokyo Marui Next-Gen Recoil Shock 416 Gate MOSFET Magpul CTR suppressor 5 mags
  6. SeniorSpaz87

    TM NGRS 416

    Thanks for the info. When I lived in the UK I never even considered getting a Marui Recoil so never really looked into them, and over here they're ever rarer. I dont care at all about the CTR stock, it just comes with the package. I can use a crane no problem.
  7. SeniorSpaz87

    TM NGRS 416

    Oh? Small tube? I guess I can run external, but Ill definitely move that wire so its not dangling.
  8. SeniorSpaz87

    TM NGRS 416

    I asked him, and yes that's where he would run the battery. I plan to use 11.1s inside the buffer tube so I won't need that. He also said the GATE install was done by his shop and he personally hasn't opened it. So we should be good there.
  9. SeniorSpaz87

    TM NGRS 416

    Rewiring isn’t an issue for me. Due to me work I am chummy with my lical shop so they’ll redo it for me if I need it
  10. I remember reading something about .209g blank adapters on here and someone posted a link to a 2-pack. I cant find that post now, anyone know where it was from? Some machine shop if I remember correctly

  11. God help me, for what I am about to attempt is either going to be the most stupid thing I have ever done in airsoft, or one of the best... So almost everyone who plays both airsoft and Rainbow 6 Siege has had at least a fleeting thought about making a Siege kit for airsoft. And who better to impersonate than our lord and savior Tachanka. At least thats what I thought. But hey, that'd be a pretty difficult one to do, especially for someone in the US. Hence, it was only a fleeting thought and a wistful imagination... At least until a few days ago. So what would be needed to make a proper T'chanky-kang loadout - Well, uniform, helmet, vest, ppk (lets be honest - if you use the GSh-18 then go home), 9mm AK variant (not a fan of shotguns in airsoft), and finally, the piece de resistance - the DP-28 (I know its called the RP-46 in game, but that is incorrect. The 46 is a belt-fed modern(ish) variant of the 28 meant to cut down on weight). I actually know a guy in Florida who's done a pretty decent job making a Tachanka kit - the best ive ever seen actually used in airsoft. However, at the same time he hasnt done much work to his AK (I would like to be able to field it competitively), vest is wrong (should be a 6B23), and pouches are kinda random IMO. He still turns heads on fields which is great fun, but like all mates I want to one-up him so I plan to. Of course just a bit more detail, a better-upgraded AEG, and a PPK would be enough, but I plan to go one step better. I plan to make the DP-28. So how would this work... Well, originally I thought about 3D printing the body in parts, utilizing a p90 engine and hop, then 3D print a circular shell around a P90 mag for the mag (my work with Safariland reverse-engineering guns to make holsters and accessories means I believe I could do it). That was back in the dreamer stage. However, like most of the rest of the kit I realized I already had a partial solution. I have a G&P Stoner 63a, which is top fed. If I removed the feed tray cover and mag cradle I could make a fixture that attaches to the open space left by the feed tray cover. This would eliminate the trial and error of trying to make the DP body, as I would only have to focus around the feeding from the mag (which will be a challenge itself). Better yet my 63a is already upgraded by Bingo (if you dont know him hes made some of the best custom Polarstars, but quit several years ago. I own 3 of his guns. Therefore that would hugely cut down on costs. However I could still go with the make-your-own approach - let me know. The reason Ive gotten all excited about this is that, besides the challenge the DP proposes, I have a lot of the kit already. I have a full set of Chechen ATACs, which while not quite Alfa like he wears, it is one of his uniform skins and I think works better than Alfa, which still being very close in color. C-ATACs has the added bonus of possibly being accepted as a Tan uniform, which would allow me to run with my preferred side for MilSims, but thats not a huge concern. I have a 6B23 vest, I have a PPK, so All I would have to buy would be the AK, helmet, and p90 parts for the mag. One question I do have is wether to go with the slit-style Maska 1 shown here or the glass version, which would take away from the OG Chanka look but give me a better view. I have to wear eyepro under both either way as they arent full-seal. Thoughts? I will also report on the build as it happens here. Spaz
  12. SeniorSpaz87

    I can't believe I am doing this... R6Siege loadout.

    Small update. Uniform, Defender 2 vest, gloves, holster, canteen, Maruzen PPK/S, Zenitco furniture for the PP-19-01, v3 Fusion Engine (went HPA as the SP-28/Stoner 63A hybrid is already HPA so Im going to have a tank on me regardless), and all but one of my patches have arrived, the last is coming from StitchMeUp. My 600 Euro order left Russia yesterday so I am excited for that, the PP-19 itself should be here Tuesday, and then its on to building the kit and making the necessary modifications. Fun times.
  13. SeniorSpaz87

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    I ran an OP last May with soft armor. I may never skip leg day but after about 3 hours I took them out. Not fun. Even when we do work with SF/Army guys (we always kit up the same as them to prove it can be done) I hate using plates. Makes me love putting on my airsoft kit - way lighter by comparison haha.
  14. SeniorSpaz87

    Which Tachanka Helmet for my loadout

    Oh yea. At the training facility I work at we often wear full kit when working with SF guys, so Im used to moving around in plated armor and helmets. Thanks for the info on the name.
  15. I need to decide whether to go with the classic Tachanka "slit" style Maska-1 or the glass-covered K6-3 style. The Maska will provide better airflow and look better for an OG Chanky loadout, but the K6 will provide much better field of view having almost 5x the opening. Both are going to cost me about the same, weight is about the same, and Ill still have to wear full-seal under it. Chanky uses both - the K6-3 is a headwear skin so it does fit the operator. Maska-1: K6-3:
  16. If a guy I did some tech work for offered me his Magpul PDR-C for a discounted price of 220 quid before he posts it higher, should I go for it?

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    2. EDcase


      Sounds like you gotta do it ;):D 

      It does look cool.  Great for CQB enviros.

    3. Druid799


      Will power is the shield of the spineless man , a true man has the tensile strength of wet toilet paper ! 

      DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! 

    4. PT247


      Mine was lazer accurate out the box, had to adjust my RDS as the BB travelled so straight I couldn't see it as the red dot covered it for the full flight of the BB. They can be problematic with magazine choice, and I hated the trigger on it.

  17. 2sbywh.jpg


    Won a Kobra sight for $70 on GunBroker (Ebay for guns), guy set no reserve and no one else bid so thats a steal for me haha

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      inb4 "he never sent me my sight"

    2. SeniorSpaz87


      He could. But his Buy It Now price wasnt terribly high, im backed by Paypal, and he will end up losing credit if he doesnt. Worst case for me is I waste some time.


      Between his page and emails to me (discussing payment) he actually has full name, phone number, address, and his work address. So if he doesn't send I could always... You know... Pay him a visit...

















    3. Gepard


      You've practically robbed the poor bloke! :lol:


      Never seen one sell at <£100.

  18. SeniorSpaz87

    I can't believe I am doing this... R6Siege loadout.

    Since it currently looks like both my and the public's opinion is the K6-3, heres what a non-black K6-3 looks like in a full loadout. The one I'd get would be OD with Chanky's marking on it to make it even less PUBG-y The OG Chanky with his K6-3 and my German mate messing around at a local site: *Note thats a prop LMG. We arent idiots with loaded mags and no eyepro.
  19. SeniorSpaz87

    I can't believe I am doing this... R6Siege loadout.

    You're right, but if it gets too bad you can always raise the visor.
  20. SeniorSpaz87

    Which Tachanka Helmet for my loadout

    Those are fair points. However I will be running around in full soviet kit (So far I have almost perfectly matched his equipment and I have just placed a rather expensive order from Russia for the rest. Add in either the PP-19-01 I am getting or the DP-28, plus his helmet markings and I think Ill be fine if I go K6-3. *Update I am now REALLY leaning towards the K6-3. I just found a version with integrated comms which is a huge bonus - I hate those little Secret Service mics I would have to use otherwise. The OG Chanky with his K6-3 and my German mate messing around at a local site: *Note thats a prop LMG. We arent idiots with loaded mags and no eyepro.
  21. Anyone willing to do a small favor for me? I want to get a patch but they wont ship to US. Could someone receive and forward it to me?

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    2. AshOnSnow


      Happy to do this buddy, just send me a PM

    3. StayOnTarget


      Came here to lend a hand found three gentlemen had beaten me to it...Awesome

    4. SeniorSpaz87


      Thanks Gents. 


      Ive taken Gepard's advice and emailed them - if they wont then Ill take one of you up on that offer.

  22. SeniorSpaz87

    I can't believe I am doing this... R6Siege loadout.

    My main point of worry right now is whether to get the glass or slit helmet. Guess Ill make a poll.
  23. SeniorSpaz87

    I can't believe I am doing this... R6Siege loadout.

    Possibly. I think Im going to try the 63a approach first as that'll be both faster and cheaper. Maybe afterward Ill come back and make a true DP.
  24. SeniorSpaz87

    I can't believe I am doing this... R6Siege loadout.

    Oh I'm doing it. No doubt about it.
  25. SeniorSpaz87

    What's your mag / rounds count?

    MilSIim: Rifleman - 3x 120mid on vest, 2x 120mid in gun, 2x 120min in back pouch (mag couplers), 3x 28 pistol on vest, 1x 28 pistol in gun Support - 1x box mag in gun, 1x box mag on vest, 3x 28 pistol on vest, 1x 28 pistol in gun Marksman - 4x 150mid on vest, 1x 150mid in gun, 3x 28 pistol on vest, 1x 28 pistol in gun Sniper - 4x 21low on vest, 1x 21low in gun, 3x 26 or 28 pistol on vest (depends on whether im using mk23 or M&P), , 1x 26 or 28 pistol in gun SMG - 9x 110mid in vest, 1x 110mid in gun, 3x 28 pistol in vest, 1x 28 pistol in gun Undercover/Civi - 2x 11 or 18 pistol in hidden shirt pockets, 1x 11 or 18 pistol in gun In all kits but civi I also run 4 BFGs (two dynatex impacts and two SWAT VTGs), and a combination of 9 launched projectiles (a combination of 1-2 40mikes, 1-2 Taginn Vellum smoke grenades, and 6-7 Taginn Fate rounds) along with three Taginn shells.