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  1. Its actually a homemade one haha. I looked at the ones out there and they were all too rare/too expensive to try for. 60 quid built me a perfectly good one
  2. So I run one of 4 loadouts. Keep in mind im one of those MilSim guys Sharpe mentioned. 1: SMG/AT role. Front: I really only own one PC that I actually use, and thats my ProTech Titan Assault Vest. For my SMG/AT role I have a HSGI 3x1 9mm pouch overlaying a 3x1 556 pouch. For the SMG role these hold a total of 9 magazines, either Echo 1 90 round MP5 mags or 110 round 9mm straight mags. A 10 slot C02 pouch sits under that for Taginns. On either side of the C02 pouch I have a Safariland single Universal Magazine Pouch (UMPs), which holds my tourniquets (how you get revived). Still on my front panel I have two drag handles, and to the right of the C02 pouch/UMP I have a single flashbang pouch with a TRMR in it. Finally I have a waterproof battery case that holds either CR123As or AAs. Sometimes my radio sits on my left shoulder as well. For times that I plan to be on the field for very long times I sometimes stick a second Qore Iceplate in the front plate slot. Left: On the left panel sits my Taginn pouch. This holds 8 Taginn Fate rounds, and, if im not using my ML-36 and instead using my AT-4 or other launcher, a C02 charger. Sometimes my radio sits on this side as well. Right: Right panel is emptier than most, as my primary will sling on that side, on a Safariland Single Point Sling. However I do run at least one grenade pouch on that side - either a second TRMR, or a choice of a pair of Dynatex SWAT VTGs in a dual pouch, or a single VTG in a Kydex sheath. Rear: The rear panel always has a Qore Iceplate in its plate slot. If Im using something HPA Ill either run a single tank pouch, or a MiniMap. My radio also usually goes here if Im using headset comms. I also often have a light Trauma kit from my real work on here. Finally, I wear a battlebelt. Another Safariland product, it has my Safariland 7TS M&P 5in light bearing holster on it, attached to the new AUBL system on the left hip. towards the front on the left side theres two more Safariland UMPs. The right has the UMPs mirrored, allowing me four additional handgun mags to the one in the gun. On the left cheek I have a dump pouch. On occasion, if im using a flare-pistol style launcher thats on my right hip. Sometimes the Trauma kit goes here. 2: Support/AT role. Front: Not too dissimilar to the SMG role, except the HSGI Tacos hold three 556 mags for teammates/myself if my box runs dry, and three more handgun mags (LMGs cant be used indoors, hence me needing more ammo for my handgun). Left: Usually identical, but if I believe Im truly going to need the ammo I sometimes add a box mag pouch in place of the Taginn pouch. Right: Always the same as the SMG role, unless I carry a second box mag. Then, the Taginn pouch goes on the right behind the grenade pouches (which usually drop to one) Rear: I always use at least the MiniMap, as all my LMGs are HPA. This allows me to carry a few spare mags and ammo for the squad. Sometimes I usea larger pack, but only on really long MilSims. Battlebelt stays the same, although more often than not the flare launcher is on it, as the ML-36 doesnt work well with LMGs. 3: Sniper/AT role: Front: The Tacos come off in exchange for three Safariland Heavy Duty UMPs. These hold my VSR mags. Left: Same as SMG Right: Same as SMG Rear: Usually have nothing but the radio. BattleBelt: Flare launcher on right side, as the ML36 is incompatible with a VSR (obviously). 4: Scout Sniper role: This is the only one that drastically changes. These are usually when I sign up to be a part of one of the Special Force factions at these OPs. While I dont do it too often as it can get kinda dull, it can also be massively fun (think Chernobyl mission in MW1). I generally ditch the Titan altogether, in favor of just the Battlebelt and a camo backpack. If im going really deep ill even ditch the pack and wear a Ghillie instead. I add two HD UMPs to the left behind my M&P for VSR mags, and add a TM mk23 and DTD holster that has been modified by them to fit my Safariland stuff. Ill often add a single grenade pouch, or a 2x2 AR mag pouch to carry MPM40s if I want to set traps. This is by far my lightest-weight loadout, and the one I use the least. But when it works, its so much fun.
  3. Poor you Yep, it arrived. Guess I never followed up on that. Sorry.
  4. Haha doubt I could find a spring that would work with that Haha doubt I could find a spring that would work with that
  5. Its tall enough for a 7.62 round, sooo. Essentially it can fit two bbs on top of one another
  6. He uses a PPM, which is a variant of the Makarov. The issue is, there isnt a good airsoft version of it. There's the KSC C02 variant, which sucks, and a WE. WEs are notoriously hit or miss, with subpar performance compared to some of the others. The PPK is almost identical to the PPM, there are much better options out there for PPKs, and I already have a brass'd Marushin PPK. The difference is almost impossible to notice outside of the Walther logo on the grip, so its as good as I can get.
  7. Its similar to some auto-winding drums, like C mags. A follower on the roof of the mag applies pressure to the BBs, forcing them to the feed tray. The follower being on the roof allows the natural mechanism to spin as it would on a real one. Once I have a finished product Ill post a video.
  8. So, heres my take on it. I am one of those people you describe. The attached pic is about 80% of my kit (have a Taginn pouch and a Battlebelt with my holster, dump pouch, and pistol mag pouches that im not wearing). The reason I run it like that is that its what I usually wear. I work in military & Law Enforcement training, as we match whatever gear they are using. So, if we have a SWAT team or whoever in full kit, we wear full kit. As I am used to that, its what I use in airsoft. Most people think its odd to wear a $1000 PC and a full uniform set up, but its just what Im used to. Kinda a unique viewpoint, I know (wont apply to most of the people OP's talking about), but its why I do it. (Note, some things do change. For instance I dont wear a C02 pouch nor the Taginn pouch when working, and other things move around. But excluding armor (tried wearing my real armor for a MilSim, lasted about 3 hours before I took that out haha), my overall kit is very similiar to what I have for work.)
  9. Small update. Been fighting with the shop and PayPal that I bought my gear (almost $600s) from. Apparently they did something wrong and my order got siezed by Russian Customs. They did not inform me of this, and simply assured me that shipping from Russia can take a long time (this is true). Managed to figure it out myself, so that dispute is not underway. In the meantime I have made good progress on the rest of the kit. I have obtained a better PPK, one of my PP-19-01s is done while the second is being built (why I need two I will announce later), I have obtained a K6-3 helmet, and a proper Defender 2 vest. I am probably going to go with Tachanka's DLC Kryptek uniform, or a Tropentarn uniform as the base (Russians call Tropentarn Splav and its used in several Gorka suits). I would go with what is often referred to as "Alfa" (Russian: Gold Berezka), but there are so few options out there beyond oversuits that I dont think it will work too well for me. I have since placed a replacement order with a much better, yet pricier company that should have my stuff here within a week or two. I have also began work on making a proper DP-28. I took a Matrix ZB-30 (basically a BREN), am making a new stock for it, and am working on making some way for real DP-28 mags to be used with it. I have successfully converted/modified a pan mag to work with BBs; it will hold around 2000 rounds, and will even 'tick' down like the real one. I do need to still get spring tensions down correctly, but I cant do that until I have the gun with me (its off having the stock made).
  10. Wont happen. With Sig pulling their licensing theyll be making their own guns soon like PTS and Krytac.
  11. Apparently packages from Russia take forever. 2 weeks and its just bouncing around various post offices not having yet left the country...

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      mine wasn't that bad, 3 weeks iirc from greyshop.

    3. Druid799


      Next time you order list your name as Trump , it’ll be there next day ! 😳


    4. hitmanNo2


      Russian post is notorious for being slow AF.

  12. Had a few people in the US ask me which I think is better - having no experience with these so figured id ask here.
  13. Anyone know what Mancraft's turnaround time is like? Placed an order 11 days ago and its still only at "Payment Accepted".

  14. Anyone know where I could get the charging handle assembly for a LCT PP-19-01? Dont need the handle itself, just the guide rod, spring, and any parts that attach it to the fitting in the gun. LCT themselves has been unable to help me and I can't find anything stateside.

    1. SeniorSpaz87


      Specifically parts BB001-K00125-2, BB001-K00237-2, and BB001-K00125-5.


  15. Thanks for the info. When I lived in the UK I never even considered getting a Marui Recoil so never really looked into them, and over here they're ever rarer. I dont care at all about the CTR stock, it just comes with the package. I can use a crane no problem.
  16. Oh? Small tube? I guess I can run external, but Ill definitely move that wire so its not dangling.
  17. I asked him, and yes that's where he would run the battery. I plan to use 11.1s inside the buffer tube so I won't need that. He also said the GATE install was done by his shop and he personally hasn't opened it. So we should be good there.
  18. Rewiring isn’t an issue for me. Due to me work I am chummy with my lical shop so they’ll redo it for me if I need it
  19. Hello, I have the opportunity to trade of of my guns for a really nice-looking TM NGRS 416. I am 99% going to go through with it already, but figured Id get yall's opinion since they are so rare on this side of the pond. Build list: Tokyo Marui Next-Gen Recoil Shock 416 Gate MOSFET Magpul CTR suppressor 5 mags
  20. I remember reading something about .209g blank adapters on here and someone posted a link to a 2-pack. I cant find that post now, anyone know where it was from? Some machine shop if I remember correctly

  21. Small update. Uniform, Defender 2 vest, gloves, holster, canteen, Maruzen PPK/S, Zenitco furniture for the PP-19-01, v3 Fusion Engine (went HPA as the SP-28/Stoner 63A hybrid is already HPA so Im going to have a tank on me regardless), and all but one of my patches have arrived, the last is coming from StitchMeUp. My 600 Euro order left Russia yesterday so I am excited for that, the PP-19 itself should be here Tuesday, and then its on to building the kit and making the necessary modifications. Fun times.
  22. I ran an OP last May with soft armor. I may never skip leg day but after about 3 hours I took them out. Not fun. Even when we do work with SF/Army guys (we always kit up the same as them to prove it can be done) I hate using plates. Makes me love putting on my airsoft kit - way lighter by comparison haha.
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