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  1. Fancied trying something new, my M4 got the brunt of it. Mad max style!
  2. Airsoft Innovations Cyclone grenade. It's never even gone off properly, the thing's rubbish. Absolute waste of £50. Secondly, one of the below tac-vests. See the clip keeping the pistol in place? Works lovely. See the two poppers underneath? They come undone the moment anything brushes against the vest, making the whole strap pointless (which is why my Makarov disappeared somewhere into a marshland on the first day I tried to use it) 😐
  3. Not a film as such, but I like the idea of the assault on Foy in Band of Brothers for something like this. Crossing an open field with sparse cover to attack entrenched positions, then fighting building to building. Then maybe having the objective to deliver a message across to teammates in another part of the village. Defending team has to look super confused while orchestral music plays and one teammate grins in an impressed manner.
  4. A Bren would be nice. The ZB26 just doesn't look quite right. Also a select-fire Sten MkV. Top one for me would be a proper M1928 style Thompson. King Arms used to make an EBB one but it's been discontinued. All the current ones are M1A1s with M1928 furniture 😕
  5. Be friendly and explain the situation. What happens next entirely depends on the officer, but I'd say most (if not all) are aware that airsoft is a thing, even if they can't themselves necessarily differentiate between a RIF and the real article. Having airsoft-y things, primarily the BBs, would make things a bit clearer. Worst case I'd say a firearms unit will be called to look over and maybe seize, but more likely just look over. So long as you've got a legitimate reason for them being in your car (and are transporting them out of view of the pubic), then you've committed no offenses, and should be all good.
  6. I used to love the DMR role: I had a G&G M14 with a scope that I took to every game, and it worked great in a role where I was always at the front, managing to hit those guys jist slightly out of reach. But it was lacking a certain something to take care of snipers and the such like. In other words, it was great for hitting people in one shot that I could have technically hit eventually with a 350 FPS gun, had I had the inclination to empty half a mag at them. Since then I bought a SSG24 and a CYMA Dragunov, and found the boltie was better in every way (even after upgrading the SVD). More range, more consistency, more fun. I still play the same role as with a DMR. I'm often at the front of my team, I just find the boltie does the job far more effectively than any DMR has. So in answer to your original question, I've played both roles, and now prefer sniper to DMR, and find that having a 'sniper rifle' doesn't mean for a second that you need to hide in a bush for the entirety of the match! If you want to shoot people from far away, and make them look around confused when you hit them, go for a bolt action. In my opinion, anyway!
  7. Regarding the SSG, they are generally pick-up-and-go guns, you can take it out of the box and get as accurate shots as any (although the hop-up does need a bit of time to wear in nicely). My logic in buying it was from a similar standpoint a yours; I didn't want to spend a similar amount on a VSR and upgrades, only to have it still not work nicely at the end of it. If you're willing to put £500-£600 on something that just works with zero-effort, it's one to consider. The only point I will add is that mine had a problem last month where the piston wouldn't release, and then the trigger seemed to go very loose. I had to take the whole thing apart and put it back together again, and it all seems fine now. That's after I've had it for about six months. As has been said, internally bolt-actions are far less complicated than AEGs, but whatever you buy you will most likely need to take it to bits at some point (unless you're wiling to shell out for a tech to do it!).
  8. Ah excellent, exactly what I was looking for. Not quite sure why I couldn't find that, clearly my Google-fu is lacking. Thanks!
  9. Well that depends, have you put your bid in yet? You've got to be in it to win it!
  10. Is it definitely Northern Ireland that has the 1J limit, or is that just the Republic? Website's I'm checking aren't making it too clear. I'm trying to sell a GBB pistol at the moment which fires between 320 and 340 FPS, and the buyer is based in NI. I don't really want to be responsible for the importation of a firearm! Also, has anyone ever posted a RIF to NI? I'm trying to figure out if I'd have any problems like I might have posting to another country, or whether it's the same as any other shipping within the UK.
  11. I've owned one of the G&G RK47s, and it wasn't much to shout and scream about. I ended up selling it. While I don't own any other AKs, I do have an LCT SR3M, which I believe has the same internals as their AKs. Assuming the quality is the same, then LCTs externals are fantastic for the price (I paid £210 for a full steel AEG that hasn't so much as creaked in two years), and internally, it's one of my most accurate AEGs I've got, and the only one I haven't had the desire to open up and tinker with. Basically, I've got an AKM on the shopping list, and it'll be an LCT while the time finally comes around.
  12. S&T Sterling. I used it once, where one of the mid-caps stopped feeding immediately (they're about £25 each). Then the semi-auto stopped working (I bought it primarily as a CQB weapon). I opened up the gearbox, did everything I could to fix it, still couldn't find any logical reason it was only firing in full-auto. Struggled to put it back together (it's designed pretty badly), and one of the motor wires snapped off the inside of the gearbox (they were soldered. Badly.). At that point I gave up. Right now it's £300 of gun sitting as a pile of bits in it's original box, probably never to see the light of day again. If anyone wants a boneyard Sterling, let me know 😂
  13. Trying to make my SSG look like it's not an SSG. I never liked the swirly-barrel nonsense anyway!
  14. It might have helped, but no-one ever has one when it's needed! 😂
  15. They can be great. Providing both teams have access to them. Bad memory - I was at a site where one player bought one along and was allowed to use it. In attacking, they needed to take an objective in a corridor-like passage between two buildings. Mr shield moves up, and there's literally nothing any of the defenders can do. He just sits there blocking the corridor off while his team go back and forth from the objective, unhindered by us (as we've no way of flanking that position due to brick walls). No point playing that round at all. It just wasn't created with a shield in mind, and the presence of one made it way too easy for the attackers. Good memory - RIFT Harmerwood. Other team makes a daring push on the objective with their shield in front, and their objective-carrier behind, escorted by half a dozen players. They push through the woodlands straight towards our defenders, the shield absorbing most of the shots. It looks great. Except no-one's spotted me on the flank with my M60 and....brrrrrrrp 😆 balanced gameplay and a plan let down only by someone in the right place at the right time!
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