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  1. Rather than me create a new topic; does anyone have any experience of CYMA vs JG when it comes to their MP5s? I bought a JG MP5K PDW last year (haven't had a chance to field it due to Covid), and now see that CYMA have introduced the PDW to their Blue Edition range. I'm toying with the idea of selling the JG and grabbing the CYMA. Anyone tried both and can comment on externals and performance of the two MP5 ranges?
  2. Unless it's done exceptionally well, I haven't really experienced ghillie suits having a positive impact on players I'm facing. If anything I've noticed they seem to give the wearer a false sense of confidence in their sneaking abilities. Last game day I placed, I had a chap who just kept coming back to the same spot, over and over, in his ghillie suit, as over and over I would immediately shoot him out. I'm not sure if he thought I wouldn't spot him each time, but when most of the terrain is brown due to tree bark and mud, a bit of mishmashed foliage isn't going to stop the movement of a huma
  3. I think it's important to consider how mature they are as kids as well. It's not just about if they can take getting shot, it's also about whether they're going to be able to be safe whilst playing. Airsoft guns are toys but they're still more than capable of knocking a tooth our or blinding someone if they're not used responsibly. There was an incident a year or so back of a child who was blinded in one eye when his mate shot him point blank in the face in the safe-zone between games. He didn't realise the gun was loaded, and was only messing around. Since then there have been a
  4. I've taken to turning Tesco photo-frames into small scenes in 1/72. Not quite up to the same level as those above; I need to focus more on the quality of my painting and weathering effects etc, but it's tricky without an airbrush. Anyway, keeps me busy.
  5. RIFT are Hertfordshire based and have expanded to a number of new sites recently. Might be worth giving them a shout.
  6. Haha, where do I start? AGM Sten - Semi auto only, quite slow rate of fire, and began to shake itself to bits within a few games. Everything became wobbly and loose no matter how much tightening was done. S&T Stirling - Poor accuracy, and within 3 games the semi-auto broke (the only repair apparently being a rare part that isn't often available) JG MAC10 - The BBs practically rolled out of the barrel; probably the biggest AEP out there, I can't help but feel it could have had a full size gearbox if someone tried hard enough to make the design work. JG Vz61 - The
  7. I purchased some Bolle X800s after reading this thread, and can confirm they do work really well. I had some condensation issues first off because I was wearing a coat and was dripping with sweat, but after a wipe, they remained completely mist free the whole day.
  8. Waking up early. I wish games started and finished couple of hours later. As runners up; long briefings. Long lunch breaks (who really needs an hour to wolf down a hot dog and reload their mags?). Unfair teams that don't get balanced throughout the day (I don't mind losing but...when you team is practically playing out of your respawn the whole day, it's a little naff). Aside from that, my inability to maintain equipment 😆
  9. I always go on my own. Too much of a faff getting people off work on the same days, so I just go whenever I can. When you're playing you get split up from groups anyway, and between games you can just chat to whoever's nearby in the safezone.
  10. Had a moment in the last game I played where I was defending in a woodland area with my trusty SSG. I had a good line of sight on a bush/fallen log, where the other team out keep going to as their 'staging point' after respawn, before deciding what they would do next. It was probably around 70m away, too far for AEGs, and I was getting a few hits, but they knew I was there and were keeping their heads down. One guy was standing up behind a tree, and had his arm out pointing out. Clearly trying to direct his teammates. I lined up the shot, and hit him square in the back of the hand,
  11. The semi-auto on my S&T Sterling broke after a few games, and I was told it's a common issue. I've been wary of buying S&T products since, probably more so now your M1903 has gone equally quick. You wouldn't think there's much that go wrong with a bolt action...
  12. I'm on the border between the Beds and Herts. My regular site is The Village, run by RIFT. It's just outside of Royston, near the Bassingborne barracks. It's a woodland site with pallet forts, buildings and towers etc. Highly recommended if you're nearby, the RIFT team know what they're doing and games there are run very well. Also AWA is a bit further south, but worth a visit. They do shorter 'paintball' style games across multiple game zones, but it's got a good variety of terrain and gamemodes. Maddog Airsoft is another one, running at High Harthay Shooting Ground, w
  13. Great to hear that S&T are working on a (hopefully reasonably priced) Enfield, although I can't help but notice that sneaky FG42 in the bottom corner... 😁 (it's about damned time) Also I might be wrong, but that Enfield pic looks like a 3D render to me; might explain the colours being off.
  14. Last time I renewed mine was a couple of years back, and I've bought a gun last month from Patrolbase using it, no issues. I'm not sure retailers pay too much attention to expiry dates on them.
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