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  1. Best position for a camera for youtube

    Personally I think a head/shoulder one is vital to those kind of videos. Having only a scope/gun cam really limits the audiences idea of what's actually happening in the game. So I'd go with the head cam until you can afford a second for the gun/scope. But that's just me.
  2. how to carry two primary weapons

    I tried this again on Sunday while sniping, as the battery/baseplate on my AEP fell off and disappeared, and my only other gun was my M4. Honestly it wasn't too bad. I had the M4 over my back on a strap, and no strap on the sniper rifle. I only took the M4 off when reaching a position I'd be sniping from for a while (at one point sniping to the front, and using the M4 to hold people off at close range on my left). It would have been a pain switching between the two a lot, or while on the move, but if you're sniping and generally having a slower gameplay style, you can set both guns down and it'll be doable without worrying about purpose-built holsters etc.
  3. how to carry two primary weapons

    I've tried this with a boltie and an M4. Honestly the only comfortable way I found was to have the M4 on a sling over my back, and the sniper rifle without a sling. If someone got too close when I was sniping, I'd just lean it up somewhere and switch to the M4. Any time I wanted to rush a position, I'd just put the sniper rifle down and come back for it once that target was dealt with. Really not perfect, but it was far quicker and easier than trying to keep two slinged weapons from interfering with each other. Personally I only did that for one game, then went and bought an AEP. Your secondary only needs to reach 30m. It's just not worth carrying a full size AEG for that (in my opinion).
  4. cheaters (rant)

    I do like the idea of test shots, but damn can they be annoying. The only few times I've been on the receiving end was at a woodland site, and I've been test-shotted while defending, lying down at the base of a tree picking off attackers. Marshal's shot me the back, I've called it and stood up, he's told me to play on, and I've laid back down again. But in standing up I've already revealed my position, and in those 10-15 seconds the other team has moved across the area I was holding them off on. So a few seconds later I'm out anyway. Both times this happened. Nothing can be done about it I suppose. Just kind of annoying in those circumstances.
  5. cheaters (rant)

    The ones that don't react are annoying, sure. But the ones that I truly hate are the ones who you hit and they fully react (flinching to the impact, looking at where it hit on their body, and then turning around to look directly towards you). And then they shoot you back. Had that happen three times today, two of them with the same person, and I know I wasn't the only one. Actually couldn't believe it the blatantness of if! I nearly called it a day halfway through the second game. Lucky I didn't, the site owner bought it up after lunch and bingo! Miraculously no more robocops!
  6. I want to start airsofting

    Try not to get too tied up on looks when first buying, especially if it's going to cost that much more that the basic face protection. Often simpler is better. Less heavy, less restrictive, probably more likely to fit you better. I'd say get some decent goggles, a lower face shield and a hat, and you'll have just as suitable protection at half the cost. You can worry about spending loads on a specific look later on, once you know for sure the game is something you want to keep playing, and once you know what it's actually like to play (before my first game I bought a helmet. That lasted about 3 games before I realised it added unnecessary weight, and made my head a bigger target. Now I just wear a hood or baseball cap). Additionally, I'm not sure spending £150 on a face-mask and tac-vest is the best way to show responsibility to your parents. I think if I'd done that at 14 my parents would have thought two things: 1. This game is going to be far too expensive, and 2. Our son is spending money far too recklessly, and we don't want him spending even more on this. Buy some more reasonably priced gear, and that might be different.
  7. M14 Socom, TM or G&G

    I've got a G&G M14, and while I can't compare it to the others (never used them), I'll say it's a good bit of kit. Only thing to keep in mind with it is the magazines - it won't take TM or TM clone mags, G&G have their own, which I believe are significantly more expensive (a quick google on hi-caps gave me £12.99 for a CYMA one and £29.00 for a G&G one). Fortunately I make do with two high caps, but getting enough midcaps to last a skirmish would be enough to buy a CYMA M14 in itself...
  8. Photos from the field

    Testing out the new Alpenflage! (perfect for anyone who want countless pockets so big they're practically rucksacks)
  9. On the point of buying an LCT, I've got one and it's the only gun I've never done any work on. I've never had to, it's always performed excellently. I wish I'd bought it as a first gun and saved myself hundreds on the three others I got before it (and have since sold on for being rubbish)
  10. https://www.airsoftworld.net/camo-umbrella-hat.html#product-tabs
  11. Lasers

    Just remember that having a laser makes you a super obvious target (at least it does outdoors in my experience - font memories of outshooting a guy all day at my local woodland site because he was using a red laser that made his position stand out like a christmas tree)
  12. Nwebie rules and equate

    Well if someone owns up to it I suppose that helps what I mean is there's been a fair few time's I've been hit in the back and rolled my eyes as I walk back to respawn, thinking it had to be friendly fire, but then on the other hand there are some exceptionally sneaky players out there...
  13. Nwebie rules and equate

    I find it's different depending on the site. Normally friendly fire counts, I've not played anywhere that's not the case yet (how can you tell for certain it's friendly?). Gun hits are different though; some do, some don't. My main group of sites (RIFT Airsoft) plays gun hits don't count. But first time I went to Gunman Airsoft Tuddenham I got yelled at because my barrel was sticking out of a window for about 5 minutes getting hosed and I didn't take any hits morale of the story, if it's not mentioned in briefing, double check with a marshal
  14. Ooops, forgot to say the FPS was with a .20g BB. My bad, thank you for the correction!
  15. 1) Google search 'airsoft' and the county/city you're currently in or near, and you should find the websites of any nearby sites. That's the easiest way. There are some websites that map sites across the UK, but I find they tend to be a little outdated. 2) You must play 3 games in no less that 2 months (so 3 games spread across 9+ weeks, for example). You can then apply for UKARA and use your number when buying from retailers. This is to try and reduce the number of people buying airsoft guns for non-airsoft purposes. 3) Most have site limits of 350FPS for your M4, 500FPS for a sniper rifle. The legal limits in UK law are 370FPS on an automatic gun, 519FPS on a semi-automatic. You should downgrade your M4 when you can to below 350FPS if you want to use it. Hope that helps.