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  1. The LCT M60E1 to replace my A&K one. Or the LCT RPD. Or an RWA MG34. More realistically, the Ares L1A1 with wood kit 😋
  2. Greg147

    Hate it with a passion.

    Duly googled and noted! 😆
  3. Greg147

    Hate it with a passion.

    Indeedy, just about! Very 90s. In fact not too dissimilar to mine. None of that fancy rails everywhere nonsense! A classic looking gun. Although even mine I only bought on a whim and still don't really like it that much 😉
  4. Greg147

    Hate it with a passion.

    M4s and anything that looks like an M4! Don't know why. Maybe it's because they're so commonplace. I'll happily take note of the finer differences between AK47s, 74s, 105s etc etc, but show me a HK416, Honeybadger, or any other M4 style gun and....nah. I just see an M4. Don't know why! Unless it's an old 'Nam style one of course. Or 80s. But a modern rail-a-holic one, I just seem to hate. Any while I'm at it, light grey AKs. Dark grey I love, but the cheaper light gray ones....nah 😆
  5. Greg147

    Member rants and One Tigris

    It'd make sense 😆 although a) all my batteries are mini-tamiya b) I don't have any problems with mini-tamiya and c) if I tried it I'd probably end up setting something on fire 😉
  6. Greg147

    Member rants and One Tigris

    These come with a large Tamiya connector by default, so I guess it's been converted to mini. Something I should really do with mine, given how many times I've arrived at a skirmish and forgotten the adapter... 😂
  7. Greg147

    Airsoft Argument

    I'd be with Player Two here. I'm not a fan of bang/surrender being forced at sites, but when it's done as an option, I think it's common sense to keep your gun on them til their hand is up. Otherwise you're just inviting someone to shoot you in the back.
  8. Greg147

    Novritsch SSG24

    I bought the SSG24. I'm not particularly a fan of Novritsch himself, I haven't really watched many of his videos (apart from when I was deciding whether to buy the gun or not), so it really wasn't a case of 'buying it for the name'. In fact, first thing I did when I opened the package was remove the Novritsch sticker from the case. I respect him for turning a hobby into a paid job, but I'm by no means a fan. The deciding factor for me was adding up a VSR10 and all the upgrades I wanted, and comparing the price to the SSG. They worked out about the same (of course, I wasn't factoring in import costs for the SSG at the time - doh!). Overall I'm happy with it. I use it every game, and hit targets as far as anyone else on the field, sometimes further. And I haven't had to do any tinkering. A lot of people like tinkering, it's part of the fun. I don't. I'm rubbish it at, and the best guns I own are the ones that I haven't opened up. As for comparing it to the SRS, I've never shot an SRS. My only comparison was at RIFT The Ridge, when someone with an SRS (who appeared to be quite experienced) told me I was wasting my time shooting at a group of distant enemies, and that I was well out of range. I politely explained that I'd already hit 6 of them. He didn't believe me, and wouldn't be convinced. Not exactly a water-tight comparison, but it is what it is. So in answer to your questions, my thoughts on it? Good. Value for money? Maybe not if you can get the parts cheaper and put them together well, but the sums I did said for a little bit extra it all comes ready to go. As someone who just wanted an out-of-box hi-end gun, it ticked all the boxes for me and I don't regret buying it.
  9. Greg147

    CYMA SVD Dragunov - Wood


    • For sale
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    Make: CYMA Gun/Model: SVD Accessories: 4x PSO scope, 2x 120rds Mid-cap mags,1x 200rds Hi-Cap mag, approx 6000 .32 BBs, 2000 .36 BBs, original barrel and motor Condition: Good FPS: 440 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: 3x NO Price/Payment: £280 + P&P of £20 (Or I can deliver within reasonable distance of Stevenage, Herts). Hi all, For sale, my CYMA SVD with wood kit and a selection of upgrades. I haven't used it for a while, since getting my SSG24, and I can no longer justify having it as a wall hanger, so here it is! Barrel and motor have been upgraded, and I'll include the originals. It's had a new hop-rubber too. It also comes with all the .32 and .36 BBs I had bought for it and never got around to using. It hasn't been skirmished for a fair few months, but I have crono'd it today and it's doing an average of 440 FPS on .20g BBs with a snappy trigger pull. The only issues I'm aware of are the rear sight is missing (can be replaced with any AK one I believe, but with a scope you don't need it!), and also the illumination in the scope isn't working. It's probably in need of a battery change. I never got around it to because I didn't need the illumination. PLEASE NOTE: I've just realised the spare batteries in the picture are expired. I'll include them anyway in case someone wants to buy replacement ones using these as a reference. But please don't use these ones. Or do at your own risk. Upgrades done: Mad Bull Python Ver. II 6.03 tighbore barrel. Maple Leaf 60 degree bucking. SHS high torque motor. Any questions, please feel free to ask!


  10. Agreed, the marketing was terrible. Although apparently the only reason they did the advert in a CQB site was because filming it outside didn't show the 'potential' of the grenade. I'm guessing it's hard to film BBs showering over long range and still make it look impressive. So I can kind of see their logic there. Sort of. Doesn't excuse the glorifying pain thing though, and I'd be surprised if the product bounced back from this. Although...any news on how the US market is receiving it?
  11. From the interview the CEO of Airsoft Innovations did, I'd say it's the end of a long line of them trying to get something like their cyclone grenade into the underbarrel launchers. He said they'd done prototypes with cyclone grenades that actually launched with timers, but they were too dangerous when considering direct hits. I guess this is as close as they could get without launching the actual grenade. Doesn't quite have the same effect in my opinion. Personally I'd have ditched the idea, not necessarily because of any danger issues, but simply because at medium to long ranges it doesn't seem to achieve any more than a long burst from an AEG would.
  12. Pretty much every video I've seen it in (especially the novritsch one), a single pistol shot would do the same job. So what's the justification for the other 129 BBs? It's not a spread weapon. To fire at long range and suppress an area, sure, great. But it's marketed as a CQB weapon, and that's how it's being used. At the range people are firing it at, one player is the target for all of those BBs. I get that they must be fun to shoot, but it does pose the question; there's a guy you want to shoot, do you want to hit him with 1 BB or 130 BBs? Personally I don't play to hurt people. If I wanted to hurt people on a Sunday afternoon I'd cheat the chrono and go out with a hot gun. I'd also be banned from most sites and might even be charged for common assault, so....
  13. Greg147

    Are LMGs worth it?

    Being able to spray off 2000 or so rounds without winding is super fun. Also, a lot of the sites I go to have a 2-second burst rule for AEGs; LMGs with a bipod deployed get 4 seconds. So for me, it's definitely a different playstyle, and you can make a difference with the sheer amount of plastic you can put down range over a regular AEG. As far as 'drum-mag on an M4 vs full LMG', well, I suppose both can do the same job. I think it's more of what you prefer to hold when playing the role. Personally I like the idea of a big LMG, in the same way I like the idea of steel bodies on AKs and things like that. It just feels better to hold. It's all preference, and I don't think I'd get the same 'support gunner' feel out of an M4 with a drug mag. Plus, no-one stops to look at an M4 in the safe-zone. I've had people queue up to hold my M60 before 😆
  14. Greg147

    Omg how many bbs do you use?

    Usually 400-500 in a 50 minute game. Although I took the M60 out last month and managed to eat through a full 2500 round box in that same time... 😆
  15. Greg147

    AEP Lipo Batteries?

    My plan was to use that adaptor for the main charging cable, and the balancing lead as usual, so it would still have balancing. Being useless at all things electrical, I wasn't sure if i was missing something there that would end in a firy mess 😆 I may have to look into the JST thing. Sounds like it might be a tad out of my technical reach though. Maybe my local techie can rig something like that up, if the adaptor really is a no-go.