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  1. Got one of these a while ago, used it once then went back to a kac style broomhandle. Look good, not comfortable.
  2. As I've said before- you make your own mind up about your eyepro. Anyone who wears shooting glasses must accept there is a small chance of this kind of happening.
  3. For me metal slides are only really viable on co2 pistols.
  4. Short barrel version of the TM styr aug high cycle?
  5. I'll stick in a good word for tech brigade. I've been a regular there for going on two years now. Is run more as a club with a relaxed atmosphere with a friendly bunch of regulars.
  6. +1 on the TM hi cappa. TM sig 226 also.
  7. TM gbb pistols perform with more consistency over time and also don't suffer so bad in the cold. They are also more efficient due to the plastic slide - less mass and weaker spring to push back.
  8. Krytac are very good out the box. Tbh they are best left stock.
  9. Have a look at the krytac sdp.
  10. Barrel length on airsoft guns has very little to do with accuracy (my vsr gspec sniper rifle has a 303mm inner barrel). Barrel quality is another matter. A good quality, highly polished inner barrel will make a big difference over a poor quality, badly finished one. Many people lap their inner barrels to polish them to a mirror finish.
  11. Don't wear mesh then. I'm not being funny but you take responsibility for your eye protection. If you're concerned with shattering BBs, dont wear mesh (cheap BBs can shatter from a perfectly field legal AEG). Same as if you're concerned with BBs getting behind gaps in your eye pro, wear full-seal. I wear ballistic rated shooting glasses that would take BBs from any airsoft gun at point blank range with no problem.
  12. As above, good mask, comfortable with good vision. Cheek weld is a big issue tho - in the end its why I sold mine (only wore it twice, then sat in its box for a year). Now going with ESS glasses and a Division 6 lower face mask which works a treat.
  13. If your eye pro cant take a 500fps sniper hit at close range, your wearing the wrong eye pro.
  14. If you have to ask the question then the answer is yes. It's unlikely that will be the least of your problems tho.
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