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  1. Someone I know has the mini Zoxna grenade launcher and enjoys it. Although it is low FPS, it is really for close quarters blasting only!
  2. This man speaks sense, Krytac all the way! The internals and externals are far better. I have a Krytac PDW and love it! My mate has the CRB and also loves it. The Krytac range are all the same in terms of internals with just different length barrels for each variant. Get in touch with Shield as they are the UK distributor and they have helped me in the past when I have had queries.
  3. Good point about utilising a pistol by giving it to others to use if required! @ Reb3l - I have just seen you play at Strikeforce CQB. So do I! . Pistols are good at Strikeforce due to the small spaces etc. If you want a good pistol, then that exact one I use in the video in my post above is for sale (it's not mine though) and I know it has barely been used.
  4. I play a tight indoors site mainly and never run one as my primary is a PDW. I just find a pistol is another thing to carry and I like to stay 'agile'. I did recently have a quick go with a HPA'd 400 round drum mag High Cap, and just ran that on it's own. Vid here -
  5. I used to work for Enola Gaye's sister company and a lot of their products had varying quantities going into each one, and the timers were not an exact science either. I am not sure if this still the case but the MK5's use to have their own little quirks . I have still got my MK's from the last time we played there.
  6. I don't think any indoor site would allow mag flash rounds. I have seen one go off indoors as a test and it was intense, so say the least. I find the 209 primers are ample or the 9mms are even better but more pricey. If you go here, I have linked a picture of the aftermath of a Mag flash round in a TRMR - http://postimg.org/image/isfcurav5/ @ Hef Leg - do you have a TRMR already or thinking of getting one?
  7. This may of been said before but I have not looked through all the posts: You need to watch out for jule creep with HPA guns as this can take them off the FPS limit. I am a HPA user and it is always best not to be on the limit as joule creep can then take you over the limit. Always 'tourny lock' the regulator on HPA users too using cable ties! Sorry if this is a bit off-topic but I find some people don't appreciate how HPA works (the regulator sets the FPS limit and can be easily adjusted during a game unless locked down).
  8. Background - Some may recall I was looking for a new remote for my PEQ box but failed to find one, but since I have settled on the below item which I utterly love, so I thought I would share it! If anyone is looking for a tac light that is built to last, this is it! It comes as a package with gun mount, a on/off switch and remote (plus spares and a small keyring light). It also comes a 5 year warranty too. It has the option of strobe or constant, with varying brightness levels.The remote feels very sturdy and can easily be swapped over for the push button selector if you don't want to use the remote. After using it for a while, I cannot fault it at all and is far better than any of the airsoft produced tac lights I have seen. The service from Taclight.co.uk was good too. Happy to field any further questions if needed. Olight M10 Maverick Weapon Light Kit http://www.taclight.co.uk/products/olight-m10-maverick-weapon-light-kit If anyone is looking for a tac light that is built to last, this is it!
  9. I can totally relate to the 'be quiet' comment; I have actually seen that happen too, haha I think the bottom line is marshalls need to be non-biased and stay neutral, or like you say, it will lead to conflict.
  10. Put simply, moaning! I find moaning far worse than non-hit taking, over killing etc..
  11. I am going to be using Parcelforce next week, so I will report back then
  12. This person speaks sense! I went to a night game as my first airsoft outing and I didn't know anyone. Now, I am mates with loads of people at my local site purely from chatting in the safe zone. I often just turn up on my own too. And like they say above, if anyone rips you are a two tone gun then shame on them, as there is nothing wrong with it at all. Jut get stuck in and talk to people in the safe zone and enjoy
  13. There are few responses on there but most are of quality, especially as the krtyac guys go on there themselves.
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