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  1. Correct - but look again. I created a thread on this very same question. Why are seemingly simillar gats different prices? It must have something to do with the abbreviated terms after the rifles but god knows what they mean!! http://www.proairsoftsupplies.co.uk/acatalog/m4_and_m14_variants.html Also - TriggerHappy - is Krytac a better manufacturer? For my first gun I don't want to go nuts, but I am also not limited to a budget so I want the best rifle I can get without paying four figures! Don't mind paying a few hundred.
  2. Yes those videos are good. I now understand that all GC rifles are metal - thats good. But I want a smaller barrel length like an M4 Commando length.
  3. Good shout I3666 I am also trying to work out what the difference is between the range as there are alot of simillar models but different prices with different models but no description of what makes them different. Tough for a newbie to workout what to buy!!
  4. Thanks for that kads. Now check my last post, whats with these abbreviations after the gats? As I am trying to workout whats different about them.
  5. I'm not sure if we are allowed to link to shops? but this is not a plug but if you check this link http://www.proairsoftsupplies.co.uk/acatalog/m4_and_m14_variants.html Why is there such a variance in price from the first 4 rifles? They look very simillar is it more internals? and the decription names, like:- G&G GC 16 FFR 9 inch Ref: EGC-016-FR9-BNB-NCM In stock - I am assuming the ECG-016-FR9-BNB-NCM part has a lot to do with why they differ? abbreviations for different components?
  6. Thanks Dex - good knowkedge sharing. I am weighing up a G&G M4 style rifle but I'm still trying to workout what makes then all so different. I'm guessing barrels and internals has alot to do with it.
  7. Great replies guys thanks alot. I am keen to have a compact M4. I am thinking G&G. Do G&G come with decent stock barrels? Do most decent AEGs come with hop systems? Interesting points made, I will have to do some homework before buying.
  8. Saville chasing munchkins around Hoth, that has legs.....
  9. Hello folks, Quick question. What is the difference between shooting, effective range (distance) and the barrel length ofof the rifle. So is there a difference in range between let's say an MP5 style submachine gun and a longer M4 style rifle? If they both run at 350fps how much does barrel length come in to play? I'm looking at picking up my first airsoft rifle and I prefer the more compact M4 (M4 commando style). But if they all go a similar distance regardless of barrel length then we should all be running around with tiny SMGs to keep our profile smaller . (forgetting personal preference for a second) Cheers TM
  10. Hi Gary - I'm yet to embark on my airsoft career but I'm loving your loadouts. Look great. Bit of trivia - my dad used to own gun shops back before Dunblane tore the arse out of the business and when he sadly died we found 12 boxes of the old triangular forestocked M16s! 2 in each box! In the garage! Woahhhhh
  11. Thin pair of cotton socks with tube socks over - seamless thick skiing style socks. As for waterproof socks and sealskins save your money. Of water gets in ylh want it to get out. It won't get out with seal skins or gortex boots. I've not played yet ha! But ex reserves so I'm not totally new to running around like a womble. I will be wearing my dezzy boots, Lowa Zephyr as they're grippy, comfortable and I can run all day in them.
  12. No malice from me - I think you have alot to think about. I hope your last comment was honest and true.
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