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  1. Great shop and Rob is fantastic really knows his stuff. The shop is laid out great and more importantly have the time to go through your needs. Have used Targetzone for some time and wont go anywhere else, Lyndsey is great and keeps the whop stocked and orders updated. Rob save me a place as bringing in some of me guns for there service. Lez9
  2. Yeah this is true Dex which is such a shame as good businesses will only help to promote the sport and not turn fellow airsofters away.
  3. Hi guys just thought would let you know about my recent experience with this place, sent my m4 in for a repair and to cut a long story short took them 5 weeks to just change the pinion gear and service the gun. Also if you email them to see how your gun is getting along they may reply about 3 weeks after you have sent it, and calling the phone number good luck with that if you do get through. Shame really as its a local retailer in the midlands and seems well stocked and could have good potential to be let down by what seems like some staff can't be bothered with there customers not all of them I may add. Sorry for the rant but wanted to let those who may visit there some advice.
  4. Thanks with the lipo would you change anything internally. Lez
  5. Hi guys I am after some advice please, I have a G&P M4 Defender that currently has a 8.4 2200mah crane stock battery with a deans connector. I'm happy enough with the battery but always good to have a spare or better one, could anybody recommend any that would help. Not necessarily won't lipo. Thanks Lez.
  6. Hi guys been out today with my g&p m4 defender, everything was fine till the gun stopped working on me. Basically pull the trigger and the motor makes a sound but nothing out of the barrel any ideas please before having to take it in for repair.
  7. Pretty much what the other guys have said, I was and am in the same boat attend on my own and just strike up conversations with fellow Airsofter's. My 1st game i attended on my own and within 2 minutes i was chatting to a guy who was setting up his 5 group members kit and weapons and he involved me with everything. Later in the day they allowed me to use some of there kit instead of the hire kit which was much better and even let me use one of there custom guns for the last few games we had. Overall I felt comfy and welcomed straight away so cannot be thankful enough to the Airsoft community.
  8. Thanks very much could not remember for the life of me but was thinking of putting it back on.
  9. Hi guys 1st post so please be kind haha. I have got a G&P m4 defender and for the life of me cannot remember the best way to fit the silencer on which is a G&P 230b. Can any of you help me please. Thanks Lez
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