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  1. A few BCFers here it seems....madness. Ste for mod?
  2. TM416D Custom.... First skirmish with it this weekend, some PTS mags arrived this afternoon. I'll be eating supernoodles and water for the rest of the month!
  3. .209s? Just whack them in a tic tac box!
  4. I have a mk2 SPR in green that I'm contemplating selling...PM me if interested
  5. I bought a Krytac mk2 SPR a few months ago, put a Prometheus barrel in it. I'm honestly not really that impressed. It seems to have lost about 70fps as well... I couldn't recommend them for the price, the scorpion evo is about the same price and feels on a whole new level internals wise, and shoots probably a bit further than the krytac somehow.
  6. Unfortunately no mk23 mag lips, so jis5 bought loads of Laylax upgrade parts, they're pretty much half price here. Mad shop, it was so busy! TM shock recoil devgru 416 was £350!!
  7. So, im currently working in Japan, have a free day tomorrow and fly home Sunday. I'm going to a big airsoft store tomorrow, is there anything that's worth bringing back that's hard to get in UK? I'm going to try and get aload of TM Mk23 feed lips, is there anything else people can think of that is in short supply in the UK? Also, has anyone ever shipped a RIF back to UK from Japan? I probably wont do it, but just seeing if possible. Lastly, anyone ever played in tokyo? I've found an indoor site, but it looks like you may need a few people with you to fill a team? Thanks all.
  8. I'm just confused as to how the nozzle works!
  9. Could this be real? Looks a bit crazy!
  10. I've had one a year, never let me down, and never fogged, this has been playing in rain, ice, cold, and some of the hottest days this year. Get one and see how it is, I doubt you'll need to worry about a fan. I've got countless expensive and fancy guns, but still consider the i4 the best bit of kit I own.
  11. Look for the IMAX b6, all you'll ever need. Make sure to buy a proper power supply adaptor for it, should cost about £30ish altogehter. In the mean time, I would try not to use the cheap charger, Lipos are great batteries, but should be researched and respected. When you get your new charger, watch some videos on how it works on YouTube, and make sure you are charging it right. Bare in mind, as a good guideline, all lipos should be charged in about an hour. A 1300mah battery would be charged at about 1.3amps, whereas a 2000mah battery would charge at about 2amps. Also, it is recommended to discharge a battery when not being used for a few days (a decent charger will allow you to do this).
  12. I believe it was an Abbey can I had, it had a plastic nozzle which deformed fairly quickly on me WE mags, and made it fairly useless as I couldn't fill anything. Maybe something to bare in mind? I always stick to the metal nozzles cans now.
  13. Yeah the i4 comes with the thermal lens standard, you don't need to buy anything separately.
  14. I use the Dye i4 paintball mask, and although I do prefer the looks of goggles and mesh, the i4 is so faultless I don't think I'll find anything better. It will not fog, hot days, freezing days, rainy days...no fog. It's comfortable Aswell and has a good field of view. Yes they're a bit expensive...but from my experience, it's the most comfortable, fog free (and could be argued safest) facepro I've tried.
  15. I'm fairly sure it was 350fps on 0.2 and 294fps on 0.28 I'll do it again when I get it working, but unfortunately the gun threw a hissy fit today. I'm hoping it's just the airline has come out internally.
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