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  1. yeah i work nights every weekend.......aint life grand
  2. yeah i had a couple of guns in at patrolbase some time ago, took them ages.....oh and while they did what i wanted on one gun, they completely ignored what i wanted done on the other one. still charged me for both though obviously. oh and when i went to pick the guns up they couldn't find them.... overall a real bunch of muppets.
  3. wow you could watch someone else having fun playing airsoft....that sounds really head-bangingly tedious.
  4. you don't need a reason to be in a bad mood, at least my wife doesn't lol
  5. the g&p salient arms is a well built piece of kit. shoots good out fo the box also. only room for a stockpipe battery though, unless you want to change the stock of coarse.
  6. i only use fairy non bio......
  7. lol, but seriously i'd take nerds over the dumbass chavs that seem to love airsofting. but i do get your point, taking things too seriously stops it being fun not only for the one doing it but for the other people they are playing with. yes its a game, and no its nothing like real combat i dont care if you do have tm recoil and that you spent a fortune on a plate carrier to protect you from 6mm plastic balls. as to the question that was actually asked, no i dont think i got anything that is irreplacable to me. i got some stuff that is no longer in production, but im sure if i looked hard and long enough i could find it again. having said that im not someone who loses interest in the things i own and unless there is some drastic money problems in my future i can see me still owning most of my guns till i drop dead.........
  8. no never, but then i refill my mags whenever the opportunity presents its self, while waiting to respawn or when sitting in ambush etc. always try to keep tabs on how much ammo you got left.....
  9. no never been in a space too confined to use my rifle, but then i only play in woodland. i'm guessing your either a cqb player or really fat? i play light, one aeg, with drum mag or two hight caps mag-clipped together. one emergengcy mag in pocket, one small bag of ammo in pocket. dont need anything else. (except maybe a cig for when im sat waiting for action) dont end up carrying to much stuff you not gonna use
  10. don't use a sidearm, dont see the point. never had a point where my main weapon was out of action during a firefight.....
  11. yeah if i was on facebook i would certainly chime in, but not gonna join the chav superhighway just for this
  12. this is why i dont have a facebook account....... on the other hand giving these muppets shit on fb would be time well spent. not enough hours in the day though....
  13. any ideas what would cause a m4 hop unit to be inconsistent? it will fire perfectly then it will fire like the hop is off, then it will over hop, then go back to normal again! its certainly not an ammo problem, its quality ammo and works fine in every other gun i have.
  14. ferrets are far too dangerous to take to airsoft mate, if you have ever been bitten by one you will know what i mean. maybe a tactical hamster instead?
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