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  1. mimozine

    Pets at games

    ferrets are far too dangerous to take to airsoft mate, if you have ever been bitten by one you will know what i mean. maybe a tactical hamster instead?
  2. yeah custom is a word which is being over used. not the only word that annoys me, tactical is another one that people dont understand the meaning of.
  3. mimozine

    looking for a good tech in yorkshire

    all sorts, some rewiring, gearbox work etc
  4. mimozine

    Large head goggles

    i got some ess goggles and they do fit glasses inside (obviously not the big nhs style frames some muppets wear these days). you will steam up a bit in hot weather though
  5. mimozine

    Going to Airsoft alone...?

    yeah always went on my own, my friends always had work or things to do with their kids etc. met some cool people and always had a good time, if someone is going to be a tit they will do so if your on your own or in a group of 20, tits dont care
  6. mimozine

    Tactical Mug anyone?

    i picked one up on ebay earlier in the year, it is actually very well made. think it cost me about 15 quid including postage. never actually had a drink from it though lol
  7. mimozine

    Pick my new camo

    yeah the danish camo was based on flektarn, pattern is the same only difference is colours
  8. mimozine

    Pick my new camo

    also danish m84 camo is quite cool
  9. hey guys really need a good tech in yorkshire area, im near harrogate. have tried patrolbase.....not a good experience, any non muppet based tech services in my area?
  10. mimozine

    Pick my new camo

    i like the czech m95 if you want issue gear. still prefer to wear mossy oak/realtree myself...
  11. mimozine

    Movie pistols - Which are the greatest and why?

    there was an old film called shakedown, the guy used an LAR grizzly, love that gun . would love an airsoft one and of course john candy with a .454 casull in armed and dangerous.... enough said
  12. id get the laylax g.i.t.s aeg. oh and the g&p stoner (railed version)
  13. hey, seen a jacket i like but no idea what greek sizes mean. after the greek word for size it says 6170/9196. anyone know what that translates too? did an internet search but have had no luck
  14. mimozine

    Star Wars Airsoft(?)

    hehe, those types of games just leave you open to really bad costumes