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  1. Hi, not looked in for a while due to not having had much time to play. I have a KWC Mini Uzi, as Giraffe says its way too hot out of the box and needs a more restrictive floating valve, I fettled mine to be sub 350fps. I'm sure I read ages ago someone in the UK was doing one but can't remember who. The 40rd mags are heavy, expensive and fairly rare. And ideally you need lots! But unbeatable burst fire grin factor! :-)
  2. According to the link this event is now being held on Saturday 9th September 2017. Looks interesting. . .
  3. I have one of these, pretty old school now, bought it around 2002 iirc. The internals I believe are unique to this AEG including the gears (cast, not steel), hop design etc so repairs could be a problem if it goes wrong, that said mine still works ok but of more use in CQB than woodland, FPS around 270 last time I chronoed it. I would class it as a collectible, but honestly couldn't see it being worth a lot? I imagine spares / mags etc are non existent nowadays. Its worth mentioning the guys at Componentshop put a battery pack together for mine a couple of years ago (as again its a non standard 7 cell / 8.4v NiMh), just in case you need one.
  4. Built a fair collection of LS kits in late 80s (low priced, all plastic, low powered springer rifs from a model shop well before VCR or AEGs were thought of,) this progressed naturally to back garden battles with my brother and mates, and a couple of times venturing to local woodland, all very foolhardy and irresponsible looking back but different times, and youthful ignorance. Certainly wouldn't recommend doing that now. After growing up and several years collecting newer TM springers and AEG's finally got to my first game in 2004 and didn't look back, although hardly played this year due to work.
  5. If you're still looking, the Ares L1A1 (UK version of the FAL) is finally being made available if you have £440 burning a hole (£150 deposit, rest due when they arrive in UK in a couple of weeks). . . Link here http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/ares-original-british-l1a1-slr This is the best/most accurate looking FAL version made so far but the innards of previous versions have been a little "meh" according to some owners, and spares supply can be questionable. Tbh I have been waiting for one for years, due to not playing lately owing to time issues my UKARA has now expired though, just so typical! :-(
  6. As has been said it could have had the stock tube extension photoshopped out or it COULD be a copy of the Star/Ares design which use a more realistic design where the whole stock tube screws into the receiver and is secured by a locking ring.
  7. Just re-barrelled my XM-177 due to damage. 2 piece Cyma barrel gives me 2 guns for the price of 1, the XM177 or a USAF GUU-5P (real world former XM / M16 carbine with M4 barrel upgrade) by using the Cyma M4 barrel extension. Needs a little touch up of paint in one or 2 places. Gearbox was rebuilt while it was in pieces too. Few details still to deal with if I can find parts, namely the slip ring and pistol grip, but I'm pretty happy with it. :-)
  8. Not strictly an airsoft purchase but will be used for airsoft jobs, Tap and Die set £14.99 from Aldi, useful for threading holes that have stripped, custom bolts etc, but mainly for making screw in (ie adjustable) velocity reducers for GBBRs, in this case for my AKS74U. So far so good, down to just sub 350 on propane at room temp. :-)
  9. I have an elderly KSC/KWA Glock 23F (has both labels on the box) about 10-12 years old with plastic slide. Always been reliable even on green gas with an epic rate of fire and spares are available from Firesupport among others, had a new hop rubber in mine but thats about it. Can't compare to a WE Glock (or any other metal slide Glock for that matter) as never tried one. But yeah if the current KSC models are on a par with the older ones it should last well. Edit don't expect metal slide versions to have as high rate of fire or be as reliable in the cold.
  10. 3 mags for my KWC co2 Mini Uzi, ordered from Gunfire, found somewhere stocking them outside HK at LONG LONG last, BIG thanks to Mr. Spoon for the heads up!
  11. Thing with co2 mags is not to overtighten them. there is a built in plasticky sealing ring (usually white) around the 'pin' which is supposed to stop leaks but they can be damaged by overtightening. Basically when you screw it in and the seal punctures you only need tighten it until it stops hissing, don't necessarily tighten it as tight as you possibly can. Other than that have you lubed the gun at all, is it still cycling freely?
  12. Worth mentioning that Cyma M4's usually chrono around 360fps out of the box unless you bought from somewhere which pre downgrades them, which is too hot for most sites (350 is usually the maximum acceptable, can be 328 at some sites so worth checking). A Marui hop rubber (£5 from Firesupport) is about the only upgrade worth doing until something goes wrong (often with Cyma's the trigger switch contacts can become burnt from arcing and need replacing but again they are cheapish to replace. With the stock 8.4v battery they should last a good while but as said above a bigger battery will kill them quicker). Cyma gearbox innards are compatible with standard V2 parts. The gears are quite good in them as standard. As said youtube is a good source of strip down guides, just remember there are a lot of parts in a gearbox, some under spring pressure which will attempt to go into orbit when you open it up, so the first time make sure you open it inside a plastic bag. I can recommend Fire Support for parts online as well as Pete ("ak2m4") on this forum. Again I'm not from your part of the world so can't recommend any sites sorry.
  13. Merry Christmas to you [email protected] and all on the forum. :-)
  14. Boots every time for me for the ankle protection. Mud or even bb's on a concrete floor can really mess your week up if you get a bad sprain or worse, a broken ankle.
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