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  1. Sam_G

    Your plate carrier set ups

    It's the original WAS hydro pouch. It's not sold anymore.
  2. Sam_G

    Your plate carrier set ups

    OD DCS for the win. Not far from yours. Nice and simple.
  3. Sam_G

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Was after some new trousers to replace my Emerson AOR2 ones that were a tad snug around the legs. Thanks to Mack I have these on the way shortly! Allwin AOR1 Navy Custom set. (I have no idea what that means! 😆)
  4. Sam_G

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    After picking up a clone serpa from Z1 for my USP compact I was happy.......till it lasted one game day and had 3 cracks and a few holes from being hit! Utter shite! Thankfully was only £15 in he sale (now £26 again!) I as I don't play that often I didn't want to spend out £40+ on a genuine BH serpa so I went for a Fobus holster and drop leg mount. It's great!! And non airsoft I treated myself to a dash am for work. The one I borrowed has already proved me to be in the right once!
  5. Sam_G

    JG bar 10

    The bar10 is a VSR clone. Don't think it has any TM parts. I had a bar10 and it was a beast once upgraded.
  6. Sam_G

    Nuprol Mags??

    Was a recent pistol. XDMcompact. First it fired full auto and had to be fixed. Then it would just vent every time I pulled the trigger and had to be sorted again. I would have to totally strip it and clean and re lube it after every use or it wouldn't work. The new owner said to was venting again as the was something internal that was loose. But also said it now worked great. I have gone TM now.
  7. Sam_G

    Nuprol Mags??

    I wouldn't use anything WE/Nuprol. The things I have seen appear to just be rebranded Chinese Crap. Plus the WE pistol I had was shocking. And needed so much fuss to keep it working.
  8. Sam_G

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    OD green. Pic was lightened on my phone so gives an off colour to the green.
  9. Sam_G

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Ok so I changed the DCS again. Managed to do a swap for my WAS taco pouches for the new WAS elastic retention pouches. Much cleaner look and as I only run the M4/pmags I didn't need the adjustability anymore.
  10. Sam_G

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I meant to buy a clone serpa for my new USP but I totally forgot......so I went on Z1 this evening and found its in the sale now! So forgetting saved me £12!!
  11. Sam_G

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I have treated myself a little after first pay with new job. Picked up a z-tactical sordins headset and PTT. Bit of Velcro and mounted my contour to it! Then today I finally got a decent pistol...TM USP compact with spare mag.
  12. I run my top tech 416 an 11.1 lipo. Not had any issues as yet!
  13. Sam_G

    ubacs shirt

    Best UBACS I had was an issued flame retardant MTP one. Got it for free and it was mega comfy. Shame I hate all things MTP/MC! (Apart from my lightweight gortex!)
  14. Sam_G

    ubacs shirt

    Christ I meant I wear either a tshirt, a base layer or a UBACS. I get way to hot to have more than one layer on.
  15. Sam_G

    ubacs shirt

    Tshirt, base layer or UBACS all year round. Think I have played 1 game in a soft shell. Last game I played was -1/-2 and I was still sweating.