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  1. Neilbarker

    Extreme Airsoft / extremeairsoft.co.uk

    it seems back then they had some issues with staying in touch, nothing good or bad since then. But they say no news is good news?
  2. Neilbarker

    How many of you store guns with empty mag in?

    I do, it hasnt gave me any issues in the last few years so. Again, storage, my case is full
  3. Neilbarker

    Are Kent police buying airsoft gear??

    A bulk deal with UKSF, maybe. Apparently he’s 22nd SAS G sqaudron
  4. Neilbarker

    How many of you store guns with empty mag in?

    I think he means keeping a magazine in the gun, I take mines out, otherwise they don’t fit in the case. But I doubt there’s any tension on the spring. At least on my M4, with a mag in the catch is still flush on the left side so I don’t think it would cause issues
  5. Neilbarker

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    HoW muCh? At least they’re kind enough to offer free shipping I guess
  6. Neilbarker

    ROE Airsoft

    They seem good, grabbed a broken WE mag from them yesterday, missing a valve, for a tenner. 30 quid mag for 12 with a valve not bad
  7. Neilbarker

    Gun picture thread

    I’ve sometimes got to do that with myself 🙄😭
  8. Neilbarker

    Footwear for cqb.

    I got a pair of Northwest Territories boots. Cheap, about £35 but light, waterproof and decent support. I’m not exactly light and treat them crap and they’re absolutely fine after 3 years
  9. Neilbarker

    TacVector Maverick

    I’m about to grab one of these as it’s rated for RS and my WE M4 finally killed my M68 clone. I’ve seen that in the states there’s quite a few red dots in the same style for RS shooting that are about $20 dollars. Given that we don’t really have a big shooting market here though I can’t seem to find anything that might stand up to the GBB and not die a quick death. Any ideas? What do you guys use on your GBBRs? I’m liking the T1 style atm so that would be preferable. TL;DR - good T1 style optics that will withstand a GBBR? Cheers
  10. Neilbarker

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    It’s like a whole new gun without a new gun 🙄 Maple Leaf Crazy Jet 260mm 2 autobot 70s CTR type stock Nuprol Bocca series 2 9” rail FMA functional PEQ LFS discs to replace the NPAS and about to add a TacVector Maverick (T1 clone) hopefully the GBBR won’t shake this one to death
  11. Neilbarker

    GBB MP7

    Fair enough, thanks aha
  12. Neilbarker

    GBB MP7

    I’m looking at getting another GBB, this time an MP7. Looking around I’m seeing a WE New Wave Small Rice. A few questions, one, what is New Wave Small Rice? Is it a translating error or? Two, what’re they like out of the box? I’ve read a few reports that the trigger groups are crap. Are there any other issues? Whats the best one to go for? WE will probably be middle of the road but are there better/worse manufacturers? Cheers
  13. Dickies work trousers are a regular fit, enough pockets, pretty tough, and black. Cheap too, about £20
  14. Neilbarker

    Finally had enough. I'm moving over to plastic.

    A lot of people get hung up on older WE specifically. And they were pretty crap. They’re still no TM, neither in price nor quality, but they’re serviceable
  15. Neilbarker

    Gotta restock gas, but which brand?

    I’ve only used nuprol 2.0 and propane hut the smell propane has puts me off. Nuprol is running Nearly 11 quid a can and there’s some that are half that almost so if there’s no difference I’d be better grabbing that