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  1. My mag leaked out the box but I took it apart and greased the o-rings up and its been ok, but doesn't hold as much has as the WE ones. Also try adding a little lube on all the moving parts. Mine came with barely a drop on the gun.
  2. Just to add I've got 3 DE guns and run them all on 11.1v, never had a problem. My 904G must be coming up to 2 years old now, abuse full auto now and again, never opened it up to service the gearbox (sounds a little noisy now so might have to), still has the same RPM and FPS/joule it had out the box. Also as it uses a V2 gearbox it will accept parts from your M4s
  3. One of my DE rifles I bought from patrol base came with the test sheet TaiwanGun put in their orders. Also quite a few months back you could put in a request form to patrol base to order from TaiwanGun
  4. I love my aap-01. Stock hammers lasting well at the moment but I have just upgraded it with Waldo custom bits so expect it to fail sooner. I used to have a TM hi capa 5.1 which was a very nice gun build wise but it never sat right in my hand throwing my aim off.
  5. My little order from AK2M4 came through the post today (great service as always). New 240mm ZCI barrel paired with a gear parts omega nub and a old ML bucking. To finish off they are inside a new ZCI hop up unit. Reason I've upgraded the hop up unit in all my DE guys is for 2 reasons; The first is the arm has a different moulded end and the omega style nub doesn't fit in there properly. Secondly the standard DE hop adjust wheel only has half the adjustment range as the ZCI or similar design (I used a specna arms one for reference). Hopefully now it will lift and fire .30g as well and as far as my other DE guns.
  6. Yeah I thought the same until I did a bit of research. Still love the gun even though I haven't used it that much though as not been to many games much recently. I'm going to upgrade my bucking and nub as it struggles to lift anything over .20g
  7. decided to make my own gun case. It's not the neatest but it works. Bought a tool box from b&q, hardboard, pick and pluck foam and a few cans of plasti dip. I made it three layers with the bottom one glued to the base of the box. With the pistol layer I can pick the foam out for other attachments if needed and just plasti dip that section again to firm it up. All the layers also have foam under each piece of equipment.
  8. Fitted some Waldo goodies yesterday. Should break my hammer in no time 😂 VID_20220806_143323.mp4
  9. Waldo upgrades for my aap-01 turned up yesterday. My original order has been lost in the post so I contacted him and the same evening a replacement order was sent out to me, great service and great products. VID_20220806_143323.mp4
  10. Driverwood near Crawley a while back.
  11. Best - has to be my DE 904G, 10,000 plus rounds put through it, never opened the gearbox up. Never let me down and still shoots 1.07J on the stock spring. That's why I now have 3 DE guns. Worst - specna arms E07. Never worked properly. Chewed gears up, poor gearbox casing destroyed the o rings. And it feels like it built very cheap.
  12. My local site is driverwood near Crawley. They run night games on Wednesday. When it gets dark early I think they are brilliant. They've spent a lot of money on lighting round the perimeter which changes colour, a audio system that pipes in effects and smoke machines. I run a very old Lenser LED torch rigged up to a pressure switch, it has a easy adjustable slide focus (common on torches these days) and will light up something 200m away.....over kill maybe but I've found a quick press and a burst of BBS and it acts like a tracer. I also get into cover and light a area up and team mates still hiding in the shadows can pick enemies off easily.
  13. I'd also consider a double eagle M4 variety of some sort. I have 3 DE's ( 2 M4s and a sub machine gun) Great guns built well and seem very reliable so far. I have a specna edge 1.0 and it is awful and the metal body just feels cheap. But that's my opinion.
  14. That's how I mount my torch. Can't say I've noticed any shadows in wide beam, but I mainly have the sliding focus halfway between flood and spot light
  15. I have 3 double eagle guns, 2 90* variants and the new UTR45. Thet shoot well out the box, seem very reliable and well built. I have a specna arms e07 that's never worked and now in piece's But it's all personal choice.
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