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  1. I'm now the proud owner of one. Feels completely different to my TM hi capa I sold this morning but I'm looking forward to doing some basic upgrades.
  2. Mine has the 60 degree and the omega nub and it shots .25g (@1.07J) pretty accurate at 50 or so metres. I'm off to Imperium this weekend so may grab some .3g to help with the larger field.
  3. Another vote for the double eagle 904. Shoots and built much better than my Specna arms E07
  4. Mines still going strong, swapped out the Longer Zci barrel and maple leaf bucking from my Specna arms. The thing shoots and feels better built than my Specna arms. I'm tempted to buy a longer barrel version as well soon.
  5. Perfect thanks for the quick response guys. Now to decide if I go for a mk3 padded or light weight 🤔
  6. Looking to buy a bulldog battle belt from them and was seeing if anyone has used them before. Searched the forum bit not much information on them. Cheers.
  7. I bought a cheap eBay red dot, it has fully adjustment and the ability to change the dot from red to green. The dot is ok on the two lowest brightness settings but isn't as crisp on the higher settings. Red dots should be viewed with both eyes open. I've found it very good for target acquisition.
  8. Bought my first gas pistol today. Just the standard TM 5.1. lovely build quality and feel in the hand. Keeping it standard until something breaks then I'll upgrade it.
  9. Just thought Id post a recent review of ak2m4. Used them 2 times over the last month or so. Great communication, items came quickly and were packaged very well. The prices are great. So would definitely use again 👍
  10. Good to hear everything is working fine. Mines being delivered tomorrow 😊
  11. I ordered one on Monday from Taiwan gun. Ups is saying it will be here on Friday. Looks like a fun little gun.
  12. I decided to take a punt on the DE honey badger. Looks like a fun gun and for £120 posted I think it's worth it. Should be fine for a backup. I have some bits from ak2m4 turning up soon to improve my sa-e07 soon. Thanks for help and I'll update you when I get it.
  13. I did look at this thread the other day but couldn't find many other user reviews. Does look great for the money
  14. Good evening everyone, I'm looking for a backup AEG for around £150 max. I currently have a Specna arms E07 which I'm planning on upgrading. I've been looking at a Specna arms core M4 as they still have the reliable e&c gearbox. Or the G&G raider 2.0. Any opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated. Stephen.
  15. My specna E-07. It's my first RIF, fired a few hundred BBS through it before my first game, all was fine. Went to the site and the BBS were going about 10m with hop fully off and at one point the barrel was jammed full of BBS. Sent it back to JD airsoft for them to inspect it under warranty.
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