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  1. it sis designed for lipos, but i didnt get chance to put it on as the power pack is ticking, so won't power it up, think i just got unlucky and caught a duff one and at the got a dodgy battery :-( never rains but it pours
  2. Ok so new gun arrived (PTS RM4 CQB) I bought an 11.1 lipo by Nuprol yesterday. ran it through the gun today to make sure it was FPS legal for gloucester, have come home and gone to take it off the gun and one of the cells is bubbled ( three in total) nunchuck style. Bubble is uniform the length of the cell i can depress it maybe a cm so not a massive bubbling. Can i still use it? Also i opened up my battery option.com matrix charger and plugged it in but the power pack is ticking and the unit won't power up it just flashes in time with the ticking. any Ideas? Help!! Rob
  3. thanks. Only have one tm Mag and the others are WE ones
  4. Fingers crossed. Thanks for that buddy. Will buy some on Friday and see if it helps
  5. Only firing around 100 rounds up till lunch as using real caps, will I still need two batteries ?
  6. It's a red canister called super power green gas from onlybbbguns, have been using this prior to the Guarder frame replacement with no issues. Will get some nuprol green this Friday
  7. As the title suggests, I've just replaced the tm lower with a guarda one, prior to this I would have no issues when last round fired the slide would stay open. Now after replacing it sometimes fails to lock back after last round ! Any ideas ? I have tried a bit of tape in the mag well but doesn't seem to work. Wondered if the Spring was weaker for some reason or the super power gas (that I had used before without effect ) may be doing something ? All parts are standard I've only put a Guarder frame on. Maybe oiling the spring for the slide catch? Replace spring for slide catch? Using standard green gas A thicker epoxy in the mag well to replace tape All suggestions greatly appreciated Help !!!!
  8. Now if anyone can suggest a good 11.1 to go in it id be very grateful
  9. Decision made. PTS RM4 CQB and 3 extra mags ordered and brought down to 340 by land warrior airsoft today. I must say thanks to all those who took the time to post, redwolf who allowed me to test fire on their range and Bibby and Paul from Swindon airsoft for all their advice and help. Also I think it's worth noting that not only did land warrior have great prices. Their phone support and speed of delivery has so far been fantastic. I have ordered various bits from different online suppliers and so far these guys are right up there for customer service. Highly recommended.
  10. Haha right, will try and get hands on the 595 at Swindon tomorrow, do they have a range upstairs ? If I can't fire it then I'll have to head back to redwolf. Who have been very helpful so far and splash out on the RM4 cqb and a three pack of mags Thanks guys
  11. I can afford the rm4 but just don't know wether it's worth the extra all round. That's why I was hoping someone had shot both for a comparison
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