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  1. Thanks. I would like a mag well, and I think if I do anything I'll put in a 6.01 barrel with a decent hop rubber. As accuracy is king, I'm more than happy with the rof so don't want to mess around with slides and springs. I'm thinking if it ain't broke don't fix it kind of thing. I must remember this is a back up and room weapon. Money would be better spent upgrading the cm-016 at this time I think.
  2. Sounds pretty definitive !? I haven't heard any horror stories and there seem to be a lot of upgrade optikns
  3. Comprehensive, thanks guys. I'll get some .25s tomorrow. I've ordered a WE Europe nuprol holster from Amazon. If it's tight I'll send back and order the do us one as I prefer it with the torch fitted. It's the same torch/laser as the one for Glock 17 fobus holster on Amazon. Only a £15 eBay one but it's bright enough. Heading to redwolf tomorrow to see what upgrades I can get for it and put a Lipo on the Cyma cm016. I know I know. But it's fine as a starter kit
  4. Thanks, it's just called super power green gas. £20 for 2200ml. Mrs bought it from only bbguns as it was next day delivery. Have not lost the smile since shooting it, it's bloody amazing. Can it run .12g on a site or does it have to be .20g?
  5. Thanks guys, some great advice and food for thought. I'm heading out to the states next week so may pick some mags up from evike.com There's also a holster on eBay from Israel that should fit the 18 with a torch and well priced along side the nuprol, might treat myself to both then I have options for woodland and cqb
  6. Very happily opened my pressie this morning and it's amazing best gf ever Can anyone tell me: *. Best all round gas to use ( looking at green gas) *. Best place to get a second mag standard 25 cap as not interested in 50 round mag. *. Best belt paddle release holster ( looking at nuprol on Amazon ) *. Best holster if I wanted it to fit pistol with torch fitted? *. What I need to service the pistol ? Lube etc and frequency *. And if I was going to upgrade what would best upgrades be and a reputable fitter near me, I'm considering red wolf in Gloucester. Thanks all Rob
  7. WRT deans connectors? do they make any difference? or is the small tamiya fine?
  8. Thanks buddy. i appreciate all your help. I'll defo order 2 of them and patrol base look like quite a good supplier?
  9. Thanks, yes its that one pictured but in two tone :-( at present. The battery is an 8.4v 2/3A 1100ma nimah nun chuck style split 3 and 4 cells. The connector is a square and a circle fitting. The 4 cell is 11.5cm and the 3 is 9cm long. Looks like 3-4 cm spare length wise on the 4 cell. Im thinking : VP Racing Battery 7.4v 2000mAh 20C LiPo Crane Stock Battery from patrol base is the best option. battery wise, not necessarily stockist.
  10. So before buying a decent lipo, can someone recommend a good seller where i can get a high quality batt and charger please. And just to confirm a 7.4 lipo is enough or should i go for e.g. a 9.6v like advertised on patrol base? And do i need to buy some glass fuses? if so what ampage? Cheers. sorry for all the questions but thankful for all the advice.
  11. Thanks sitting duck, i'll see if i can get a 9.6v lipo batt and charger to fit.
  12. Thanks guys, some very comprehensive advise thats much appreciated :-) I've heard putting a lipo battery in will shorten the life of the gearbox? Im thinking about (hoping it will fit) a VP racing 9.6v 1600ma battery. if i do, what rough life expectancy can i hope for? And is mosfet something i can purchase and install myself or do i need to send the gun away?
  13. Thanks guys, very useful. I've ordered some 0.2s and disposed of the other ones. Are there any idiots guides with info to adjusting the hop up, id like to play around with it with 0.2s and some 0.25's but don't want to go prodding where i shouldn't !
  14. Sorry, I forgot to add, can someone explain hop up as this version is the hop up one? Does this mean i can adjust something for performance?Sorry for being such a newb :-( Any advice greatly appreciated Thanks Rob
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