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  1. Just one more game? You know...for old time sake
  2. I've actually been looking at the WE M4A1 for my first rifle. It seems quite nice and the price tag looks very reasonable. It also has good reviews, from what I've read anyway.
  3. I guess it's a matter of our personal likes. I think they look pretty neat. Thank you for the clarification. I appreciate this! o7 Sorry for the hi-jacking of the thread.
  4. To be honest, I think some two tones look pretty cool. However, I do have a question. What's stopping someone getting a two tone and respraying the coloured parts to a nice tan colour? Is that frowned upon at all? For example...
  5. This is exactly what I did, when I rolled up as a lone ranger. People will chat to you. I was fairly nervous too. But, do turn up earlier, it also helps you familiarize yourself with the folks running the event and your new surroundings (home?). That first day can be a bit overwhelming, but when you get into the game and your having fun in the field and working with your team it will all come together (it was the afternoon for me). Forgive yourself of any mistakes or lapses (dumb moments). People will laugh them off It's all just good honest fun! By the end of the day some guys were saying, "hold this, pull the trigger!" "How'd you like the kick?" "Have a look through the scope!" "You think you'll come back!?" "Nice try storming that shack like you're Rambo, shame it didn't work out, Lolz." I had a really good first experience. I'm sure you will too. ...roll on Saturday (2nd game day ) !!
  6. Do it, just go for it. At least try it. If you're going to turn up at a site on your lonesome, fear not. I did it and got chatting to the characters that were regulars. Everyone was very welcoming. I even met up with Fumps there. I went for very similar reasons, to get into a new hobby, to have something to look forward to, get outside and get some exercise, whilst having an excuse to blow my wage I would say at least go once to see if you like it. But, be prepared to start shopping the minute you walk back through the door after your first skirmish I've had one game day and have been counting the minutes to my second. Which is Saturday. It's simply so much fun. But, I wouldn't say that there are no dangers involved. Any active hobby/sport have dangers. So, one newbie to another. Book yourself in, get your hire gun and have fun! Let us know how your first time goes
  7. The update could be interesting. I'm still making my way to 30. Almost 25 now. Also starting to find the encounters more difficult in solo play. Really fun game! Would be nice to team up with some people around this level if possible. I'm on xb1.
  8. Thanks for the advice. Will do!
  9. That could have ended with a potential serious injury. It's sort of the old chaos theory. The mag should not have been inserted at all in the safe zone. This warrants that there is no danger whatsoever. What if he did switch the safety off? If the rules of the site were being followed properly, there would have been no fear at all of any probable dangers of some kid acting irresponsible. Yes, he should have not acted like that in any way. But, providing ammunition as an asset to that scenario is down to you, i'm afraid. It is your firearm and you should maintain complete responsibility for it at all times. However, luckily no-one was harmed. So, water under the bridge and a lesson to heed. Also, using your kit without your knowing is bang out of order!
  10. I just hit Level 10, but I have no Xbox live gold to get into the DZ. I'm considering buying just a month to give it a blast.Sounds like fun in there!
  11. Suzuki GSF 650 K6 Bandit. The Naked Version.
  12. I've not entered the Dark Zone yet, as I am still only level 7. Taking my time exploring places. Also, no Xbox Live Gold at the moment. It's either that or a Skirmish next weekend. I'm going with a skirmish
  13. Hey guys, Anyone playing The Division release? Been in it the past few days and it's grabbed me by the hoohahs. I don't usually have time for mmo style games, but this is...this is just pretty cool. What do you think? Be cool to maybe group with some fellow airsofters once I get my live gold back. Yep, I'm running solo at the moment. Oh yeah, on XB1 too.
  14. Welcome! I have only just had my first game day and believe me...if it grabs you by the hoohah's on that first run you're in trouble. I've thrown some money at face protection and clothing first before the guns and I'm waiting for the postie like a hungry dog. Seriously cannot wait to get to the next game. So, free up a day, and just go. Pay for the hire gear and I guarantee you go home with a big smile on your face. Airsoft is so much fun!!! Welcome to the money sink PS. Oh if you're somewhat down on exercise (i'm not saying you are), I pre warn you. It took me 5 days for my legs to return to a normal state. Literally, and I mean literally. Not in a loose sense.
  15. I'm pretty good with photoshop. But, as proffrink said. Illustrator could be a better suit. But, I don't have that. Send me a PM if you need it looking at!
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